Sister sent this from Hong Kong 19th December 2019


May Allah reward you as you have previously interpreted my dreams and  they gave me a lot of hope. I am currently being forced to marry my cousin from Pakistan , I am not married yet but my parents are thinking about it . I previously did like a guy and my parents found out about it and I was isolated for a few months , when my dad went to Pakistan, he named me to my cousin without asking me when I was around 16 so basically I am engaged according to my family, now I am 19 and I am still stuck to my cousin. I am not seeing the guy I like anymore, he also had family problems and thought it was a big responsibility to talk to my parents as they are very strict.I am very sure that when my parents start planning marriage , they will not seek my consent just like they didn’t ask me when getting me engaged to my cousin therefore I always ask Allah to guide me and i had a few dream.

1st Dream
I had a dream that the angel of death and another angel came to me and I was very scared and I tried to hide and i hid under a table  and the angel of death came to me and he said to me that “you should ask your parents about marriage and they should ask you about marriage as well.”
2nd Dream
I had a dream that i was carrying a baby boy on my right arm and i was going upstairs with him and then i saw my brother and he was holding a baby girl , he handed her over to me and I held her on my left arm , I  went upstairs with them and i see a woman and a man sitting in chairs, i greeted the woman and said “asalamu alai kum” , how are you to her  and she replied “walai kum salam “back to me , she was the mother or a relative of the person I previously wanted to marry.
3rd dream
I saw that my uncle had come to my house and i was reciting the first few lines of surah baraqah and “rabana” verses


Walaikum Salam,

Now it has become very clear. Ok listen I will give you interpretation on the condition that you do not seek any interpretation  after this and that you implement the advise given wholeheartedly and immediately. Once my web page is fully constructed I will put up your dream and its interpretation.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I would have personally asked you to go along with your parents wishes for they know what is best for you and further it is apparent from your email that your former crush got cold feet anyway and came up with family problems and your father strictness issues. In short, he is happy to wash his hands off you and would not even think twice about you before marrying someone else. That is a fact.

Now since the angels were sent to you from Allah so I will go along with their instructions.All three dreams are connected so I will give you one interpretation. You would approach just once your parents and rely your wishes not to marry your cousin. Make them understand that you are not interested in someone you like or liked before. You could approach them
thus ” Dear Father/Mother my respect for you is undeniable; you know what is best for me since I was a child and you brought me up in best of ways one can imagine and I thus always pray for you what Allah has commanded believers
(Rabbir Hamhuma Kama Rabba Yani Sagheera)
رَّب ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا
“My Lord, have mercy upon them[my parents] as they brought me up [when I was] small.” Al-Quran (17:24) My only request to you is not to marry me to my cousin as I don’t find any compatibility with him. Maybe he and his parents are eager to get Citizenship and that could be one reason they agreed but I am not blaming them nor disrespecting them or you but father/mother I am not ready yet.When I am I will let you know In Sha Allah”

So next step in case they don’t agree is to approach your uncle
mentioned in dream #3 and rely the same message above ( so he can talk to your parents on your behalf).

In case that also doesn’t work then you will do two things:
#1 Read the last ayat in the shape of Dua in Surah Bakarah ( mentioned on top) for one week 3 times after every fard salah and concentrate on Allah being Moulana ( mentioned in this dua) – This is Arabic word meaning ” Helper, friend, One who assists, One who stands with you in dire straits”

#2 Now wait for 1 week for a dream to appear with new instructions; if that doesn’t materialize that mean you have done what Allah instructed and now that is all you can do. Now you will go along with your parents wishes to marry your cousin ( wholeheartedly and not with any rancor or hatred in your heart) for remember Allah reminds us in Quran ( here the
ayat is translated/given in my own words) ” that a thing we love, adore may not be good for us and a thing we hate, abhor may be good for us. Allah knows we know not.”

In sha Allah Allah will thus reward you with a baby boy.

End of Interpretation

*If this interpretation has helped you achieve peace, please pray for my rizk so I can take care of my family’s need and also pray for my magfarat)

Sister sent this from Islamabad, Pakistan 17th December 2019

Asalamu alai kum ,
I am writing to ask a question a dream  that I am very certain is from Allah as I remember them vividly and the came to me before fajr.I had a dream that my deceased grandmother kept my lost necklace with her and after her death , they were given to me. The necklace was gold and white in color and the gold parts had the name of Allah on them.The necklace was shiny as well. I took the necklace and was happy with it, it also had some of my lost rings attached to it and I put the
rings in my fingers and they fit but I could not take the rings out of it as the whole necklace would fall apart.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Walaikum Salam. Thank you for being in touch with me. My web page is undergoing construction right now so once it is fully functional, I will put up your dream and its interpretation so others can get inspiration from it.( hiding your name and city of-course unless you allow)

The message is given to you plainly “do not attach yourself or your purpose of life to the pomp and attractions of this world. You belong to Allah and to Him you will return. If you were to hold dearly what does not belong to you in this world but is given or shown to you as a test and neglect your duty to Allah it would be most displeasing to Allah and you might end up losing more than you can bargain for in the Hereafter” So the above message is given to you because you have a good heart.Allah wishes to save you not punish you but you must make amends before the inevitable (death) arrives suddenly.
May Allah save all Moumeeneen and Moumenaats from the fire of hell and make us enter Jannah. Aameen

* If the above interpretation has helped you, please pray for my rizk so I can take care of myself and my family and also for my magfarat in the Hereafter.

Sister’s Reply: I allow my dream to be put and JazakAllah khairun for my dream interpretation. Alhamdullilah I will take note of this.I will surely pray for you.


Sister Sent this from Qatar 18th November, 2019

A-salaam alaykum
My dear brother in Islam. Hope you are well. My request is please could you interpret my dream please.
I had a dream that I got a egg from Allah. I crack it myself (like you would normally) but it’s empty.
Many thanks for your time.
May Allah reward you & your family.


Walaikum salam

The dream is not only significant for you but majority of Muslims. Abdullah ibn Masood R.A. narrated ” Until we have understood 10 ayat from Rasool Allah s.a.a.w we would not move forward in Quran”
Now remember he was an Arab ( unto whom the Quran was directly revealed and his mother tongue was Arabic) while millions of Muslims ( non Arabs) worldwide read quran like a parrot for sawab (rewards only) not to understand in their own language and change their lives.
So even if you are an Arab it is incumbent on you to read it to understand and what better teacher than Allah Himself.
So the empty egg (here is Quran)is signifying that Allah wishes you to understand His word so He can perfect His mercy unto you.
Go in peace and if this interpretation helped you in return pray for my safety and that of my family and Rizk ( sustenance).

Sister’s Reply:  Thank you so much brother, I pray Allah blesses both you and your family.

Lady from Saudi Arabia sent me this 11th July 2019

On a very peaceful night, when I was sleeping I’m seeing malak al-maut in my dreams, I’ve been able to see it very clearly and nicely. It was wearing a very white shirt like Arabians. and it was so white where ever he was standing. I didn’t knew what I was doing. Nobody could tell me what’s happening. It suddenly showed up on a stage. That was flying too, Everyone started running and most of them hidden. I also ran towards my home with a person who was already there. I also took pictures from my phone. I quickly rushed to home and was about to show the pictures and vedios to my mom. Meanwhile I woke up.


This dream has significance for you alone. It shows couple of things for you. One is that no matter where you run death will follow you; so, while Allah has given you time in this world increase yourself in goodness. Secondly, your death will be that of a Muslima and it is hoped Allah will make you enter Jannah. In Sha Allah

Meanwhile, keep on praying for your magfarat and that of your family members. May Allah keep you all safe. Aameen ya Rab.


Lady from Qatar sent this on 8th. May, 2019

Slam .. i am from Qatar… Today is my first fast during pragancy…. I saw in dream big swans come to the tree… They are very beautiful and shine…. One of them are thirsty and i give them a water… And fina

What’s it’s mean… I saw the swan in dream frst time in my life ..But they drink water or not i don’t remembered.. but they are happy on the tree and eating something and then flying may be…

Is that good or bad dream..??


Walaikum Salaam.

Swans are beautiful creatures of Allah and as such the dream is good.👍🌹🌷

You are being advised to give out whatever you can afford to the poorest of your relatives, friends, neighbors and deserving needy people during Ramazan; these are those who do not beg of people. If you cannot afford, then do charity in the shape of forgiveness. Please do not hold back in case they have done something wrong to you in the past.

The immediate vanishing of the swans in the dream signifies the end of Ramazan and along with it the special mercy of Allah which He has reserved for those who do good deeds in Ramazan.

So make the most of it while the time lasts and earn Rabalaalameen’s favor and blessings.


Question from a Brother:

Hello. I had a dream last night about two men in black tuxedos that had just been givenawareness that they should leave a room for another for safety. So they ran to a room like one you’d find in a palace surrounded by many guards. It had dimmed lights and a big wooden door that opened from the middle. Inside the room were two of the most comfortable beds that existed. One of them was huge though and could fit so many people on it because of its size, and the other one was too small to sleep on. One man had an open book in his hands and the other a bag hanging from his shoulder. The man with the bag asked if he could trade his bed for the other man’s bed but the other man said no. Then, they both sat on the big bed and the man with the open book started reading my poetry. He read about something noble and majestic. Also above the huge room there was a tower with a loudspeaker like one you would call athaan from. Just by reading the poetry from the room at a normal voice. The loudspeaker sounded out my poetry outside of the palace-like house.

I was wondering if you could please tell me what this dream means. Thank you for your time. Message me back if you know please.

My Answer to the brother:

All i can decipher from what you have seen comes under the dreams which emanates from the ” Rumbling of the Mind” as described by Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. Here is the Hadith

According to Abu Hurara (RA), the prophet said “there are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which cause sadness is from satan, and the dreams from the ramblings of the mind”. (Source: Sahih Muslim vol. 4, pg. 1224, no. 5621; Sahih Bukhari vol.9, pg. no. 116)

For more on the definition of such dreams please read on my website

May you find peace and rest in your life brother

Best Regards


Sister asking for Interpretation:

I am a sister and i had a disturbing dream lately and my parents are not too happy with my bf, they do not want me to marry him because they think he is not going to look after me well.  I love him. ANyways the dream i had was about a woman’s womb, i cannot recall all of it but i could actually see inside the womb their was a child,the woman could have been around 5 months pregnant, then all of a sudden,a creature other than the baby starts eating the baby up, the creature was in the womb with the baby but i did not see it earlier, only after a little while did it appear,after it eats the baby it swims around in the womb, looking sated, the creature looked very much like a snake.
could you please decifer this for me?
i am very disturbed by this
around 6 weeks ago my mother dreamt of me giving birth.
thank you for helping me in this

My Reply:

OK it is not Islamic Dream at all but in an indirect way :

” it is a warning to you.” How? Human beings are very week in resolve they get carried away by emotions. Your mother is opposed to your marriage and you love you bf. Result is an implosion which is taking place inside you to rebel.Satan has promised Allah in the Quran that he will have share in the children of Adam. How do you think he can do it? he can insist on lust. Once you cross that boundary and transgress the limits of Allah, you will enter in the realm of Zina (adultry/fornication)and any child born out of zina, Satan will have share in that child.

” the creature in your dream is your not yet born child whose face resemble that of snake. He is Satan in disguise and this dream is been shown to you to let you know what type of child you will have if you go ahead with you decision and transgress the bounds of Allah & commit sin. Naturally a baby of a human would be human but would bring great grief to you in this world and hereafter.”

This in my humble opinion the interpretation of your dream.
Allah knows best. 


A sister asked this question:

what does my dream mean?

i was in a classroom in school and i find thick gold bracelet on the floor then i see a gold necklace and in the gold necklace is printed allah in arabic in the middle i then give the gold to the teacher and on his desk i see the teachers black sachel opened and in the bag are teachers school papers

My Answer is as follows:

Ok here it is:
Your dream has many connotations. You have been hurt  emotionally by someone. Someone you loved but did not get engaged or married to.
You have then closed a chapter in your mind but that keeps on coming back. Your dreams are also connected to your seeking Allah’s help and being close to Him. You have been praying regularly since your detachment from this gentleman.

“””By showing gold plated necklace with Allah written on it , You have been shown that Allah is with you if you are steadfast and persevere and move on with things . Your ex-love has a life and wife now , you will have someone else in your life soon and that will happen with Allah’s permission and that particular person will be as good as gold for you.
The teacher opening the bag and you seeing all those papers suggest that ” you should not give up study and that you can gain a lot of knowledge and will be able to achieve a status if you pursue with studies””””

This all is the interpretation in my humblest of opinion. Allah, however, knows best.

Best of regards, yours in prayers

A Brother asked about his dream like this :

Asalam wa alaikum brother,

long story short, In 2007 I met this islamic woman from Lebanon for marriage that i had great amount of feelings for.  Her brothers and mom loved me and were encouraging the situation.  She on the other hand was interested but at the same time she was being careful, she had her guards up, so she didn’t show too much emotion.  3 days after we began dating I began having dreams and my first dream involved her on the ground kneeling and looking back at me with her left arm extended and was asking for 8 cds, other dreams involved me shaking her moms hand and kissing her on the cheek (her mom is a muhajiba) the next dream different days I saw the same thing except this time her mom said I accept and there was wearing the hijab but I still kissed her on the cheeks.  During Ramadan i had dreams almost every single day and would perform istikhara before fajr prayer and isha and would see her in my dreams, before I go to bed I ask allah to show me who my wife is going to be.

MY answer to the brother’s dream:

This is what I inferred from your background leading up to the dream and the dreams itself
That particular lady is not meant for you.

Remember Allah mention in the Quran “””” It may be that you hate (despise, abhor) a thing ( women, travel, relocation, getting married, having children , living with parents, living without them, doing business and making no money, having job you don’t like etc etc etc) That is Kahirun (good, beneficial ) for you and it may happen you Hubuh ( love, like , adore ) a thing (person, women, situation etc etc etc) that is Sharr ( bad , evil will hurt you or give you grief) for you. Allah know ( what is good and bad for you) you know not”””

My brother time to move on. Keep daily prayers and look to only Allah for salvation in this world and hereafter


Sister sent this mail

As salaam alakum brother.

My name is—– and I live in birmingham Uk i am 20 years old. I came across your email address in your islamic dream interpretation site, Inshallah i am hoping you with the help of allah saw will be able to help me.
This moring i awoke from a dream.
It was that a girl i know a friend not a close friend, had died. I was in a room almost like a classroom when i was called i was wearing a black rope garment i was called by a man and he told me it was my time to die,he went back to the class i stood in the hallway where there was a mirror i looked at myself while repeating la ilaha ila la and other prays to allah sweating and heart beating waiting to die, it was then i awoke.

Inshallah brother i hope to hear from you
wa alakum salaam
Walaikum Salam
This dream is very good dream for you in two ways:
#1 This man could be an angel of Allah who came to inform you that it is your time to come back. This happens to only a select people. Age, sex, creed, location, dress or language is immaterial in the whole situation. Whoever is close to Allah or doing something which is very pleasing to Allah, Allah wishes to mitigate his/her  problems by calling him early so that he/she doesn’t commit sins in future and come back to him pure of heart and pure of soul. ( I do not know you but i can tell you are of a pure soul and your closeness to Allah could be spiritual which may not be known to even your closest relatives or you maybe avoiding major sins).
#2 Your watching the mirror (The mirror is reflecting on you and showing you where you stand at this moment in time) and reciting the Qalima has deferred your departure from this world otherwise you would have been gone while you were sleeping. Look around you, read the newspapers. How many people die while asleep. When the moment come, the angel do not give reprive but only to the most devoted slaves of Allah or those who ask Allah for respite. I have done that too or I would be dead in 2006 in USA while sleeping. This respite, however, has a price attached with it : “continue doing good and avoid major sins and increase in your goodness”.
This in my humblest of opinion the interpretation of your dreams.
Allah knows best. May Allah forgive all muslameen and musleemaat’s sins and make us enter the jannah pure of soul, pure of heart ( Qalbay Saleem) Aameen.
Best regards
Remember this your brother in prayers.


Brother sent this dream

i can only say that i had a experience 1991 ..remeber it like yesterday …i have only told a handful of people …in fact i wanted to find other people who had visions of the prophet when i saw your web site by chance …
in my dream i saw
” i saw a white light approaching ( i was inside an old house belonging to my maternal grandfather) it slowly entered through the door ( this light was neither bright to hurt your eyes nor dim unlike any other thing ) then all of a sudden i started reciting the durood , and wanted to do sajda , but some one told me not to , then the prophet slowly came forward and i took step back wards , i tried to see him and raise my head all i saw was the outline of a face/body in a sorta glow of radience then my head slowly came down by itself….i also recall trying to talk to him ( maybe in arabic, which i dont know) then i felt his hand was on my head ( in a blessing sort of a way) then he passed me and walked away i looked behind …then i woke up suddenly it was fajar time ..and i was a bit frightened and scared and tears were rolling down my face ..i do recall saying over and over again to myself u realize what have you seen…”
after so many years , apart from true dreams i have also realized that a vision of the prophet means A WHOLe LOT MORE …i mean i seriously do not consider worldly titels /people etc that much now ..but this change was not sudden but gradual with  time and age and experence
My Reply to Brother
Walaikum Saalaam
Ok here it is
You didnt actually see the prophet s.a.w. face and his posture clearly. This could only mean one thing. You have still not attained that status in the eyes of Allah where you can see his (rasul Allah’s) face clearly but inshallah you will if you keep on sending darood to him and keep on doing good deeds. But the good part of the dream has been your closeness to rasul Allah s.a.w. and you trying to talk to him ( but you do not remember what was said) and he putting his hand on your head. This is really good sign.
This means that Rasul Allah s.a.w is pleased with you.If Allah’s rasul is pleased with you, then you do not need to be frieghtened and sacred. This is a sure ticket to Jannah for you Inshallah.
Very few people have seen let alone come in his presence in a dream. Not even those who pray all their lives and remain devoted to islam or have become Aalimay Deen or have been accorded the status of Muftis have been granted this opportunity. You have been that chosen one. So be glad and happy.
You getting up and being scared after the dream is not a bad sign, it shows your humbleness to being in the presence of Rasul Allah s.a.w.
May Allah forgive all momeneen and momenaat and make us enter the Jannah alongside that of Rasul Allah S.A.W. Aameen Summah Aameen.

Brother sent this dream

Salam dear brother ,
 9 APRIL 2009  AND JUST YESTERDAY I.E AUGUST 2.2009 , this one went like this:
           “In a  room , ( 2 other people i know from work  also  present as well) which is kinda haunted …I am trying to fight/excorcise the jinn/demon/evil spirit etc ..i am not scared looking upwards I see the chandelier ( not fancy ) and recite SURAH NAS/FALAQ/BISMILLAH/ +A OPENING VERSES OF ayat al KURSI …AT FIRST I am a bit scared overcome also have trouble speaking or reciting as if my mouth is closed …” 
April 9 2009:
      ” I am driving on a dark road the lights don’t open , I can barely see I am also scared of demons /budroohs etc as there is a graveyard on one side off the Road.I recite Surah Nas/Falaq /Ayat –ul-Kursi also say Allah o akbar , suddenly I reach where I want to be , I am not scared any more and wave something ( like a sword) or a weapon in the air joyfully etc
My Answer to Brother:
Walaikum Salam
You saw two dreams. First on April 9th 2009 and one on August 2, 2009.
OK lets deal with both of them at once because their matter and theme is the same: You have been scared in the past by something or someone which I do not know. It (that being) has encompassed your mental framework and your perspective to such an extent that you were able to see those dreams. In the west these type of dreams are labeled as “nightmares” but in Islamic terminology these are dreams in which Satan is trying to either scare you or trying to get better of you. They mostly occur to those slaves of Allah who are trying to ward of Satan or bad deeds. You have recited Surah Nas/Falak/Ayatal Kursi and you get relieved and the bad dreams ends peacefully. The reason is that these Sarah’s and ayahs are very powerful tools in the hand of a believer to ward off all kinds of devils who try to enter the dreams or sometimes when one is awake through guile and snare.
Rasul Allah s.a.w named last three surahs of quran Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falak and An-Nas as ” Mu’awwithhat ” (the protecting ones). Here is the Hadis brother. You must remember to do this before going to sleep.I do this and it keeps my dreams clean and gives me security. May Allah protect all Muslameen and Musleemat from the snare of the Satan. Aameen.
Hazrat Aisha Radi Allah ho Anha reported that ” When Rasul Allah s.a.w. went to bed, he would bring the palms of both hands together, and breath into them while reciting
Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falak and An-Nas. He would run with them whatever he could reach of his body, starting with the head, face, and the front part of his body. He would do this three times. When he was too ill, he asked me to do this for him”
Source of this authentic hadees (Iman Al Bukhari , Iman Muslim)
Wasalamualikum WaramaAllah

Sister sent this dream

Hello Mr Azam,
I checked out your website about islamic dreams and all i wanted to ask a question….i dreamt about my own wedding n i kept puttin make up on and i cudnt c it on my face can u intrepret that…i know weddings dont mean good often death..but i still wanna noe, and i have a friend who had an abortion and and she keeps dreaming about a kid the kids always crying and shes always just watching… helplessly…and this has happened like more then twice…i really wanna noe…looking forward for ur reply,
My Reply:
Thanks for your email. You know as I have mentioned on the website that I try my best, the knowledge that Allah has bestowed on me , to interpret Islamic Dreams. But to accept or reject it is unto the person who inquire or wants an interpretation.
Since your dream is not Islamic, I cannot interpret it but can only give you a general inference based on your dream itself. I assume you are single as you have not mentioned marriage.
#1 “you putting makeup on and couldn’t see it on your face” can either mean your wedding, if planned can be put off or you or your family might be having difficulty finding a bride for you or you might be in love with someone but that person may not be suitable for you. Actually there are number of possibilities.
#2 “your friend keep dreaming about a kid” well here again in my humble opinion the abortion has effected her to such a degree her mind is engrossed with the fact there could have been a child that was lost and this creates rumbling of the mind. In this state of mind, she sees the child. The child crying and she couldn’t do anything about it could mean that the child lost was not meant for her and she was not ready for it. There are things we do not know and understand but they are better for us. So she should stay steadfast and pray to Allah to give her another child and Inshallah, Allah will give her a better one.
Hopefully I answered your inquiry. Remember, these were inferences drawn from what you wrote not an accurate interpretation. Sorry that’s all I could come up with whatever you provided in the email.
Best regards

Sister sent this dream

i read ur stories and website of dream, masha’Allah, might Allah bless u for ur effort, i learnt some words from u like what is the meaning of riba, i read it in Qur’Ran, but do not understand it. I want to share u with my dream, its from Allah s.w.t. it was so BEAUTY

Salam, the dream took about 20th of July in the early morning. Anyway, back home in the UK after my hoilday in Africa, I was in my brothers’ room, i drew Allah’s name on the window and i was smiling and then i saw a man in Saudi Arabic white dress and a red/white cloth thingy on his head outside the window. I couldnt see his face very clearly, his eyes were white, no eye colour or anything. I was so scared, i yelled out to my big bro (his name is Mohammed), he was on bed, he saw what happened and then he brought me to mum’s room, actually we were running, i was under mum’s bed, i was sooooo scared… brothers were on the bed, mo used the knife i brought him from Turkey waved around to procect me anyway Allah wrote on my mum bed’s wood beside ‘Oh Maab That Man is a Prophet’ in a bright white colour, i relaxed bec i trust Allah always do, i stood up, Prophet I was telling u went through the window, very scared part anyway, he was signing, MASHAALLAH, he told me and my brothers very clearly, He told MO ‘Allah is so angry with you bec you are not prayer to him’ and to yousef (my little brother) ‘Stop fighting’ and finally, myself, ‘You are prefect but you need to wear Haijab bec something is going to bad happens to you in Mary hare’. (this is where i go to a boarding school for 6th form) I woke up so QUICKLY bec its soooo T R U E about my brothers… i saw the clock, it was 6 or 7 in the morning. I need you to help me about dreams topic in Islamic. I dont know which Prophet so I have a feel this is Prophet Mohammed well Allah knows the best. Peace

I want to learn the topic of dreams that Allah has send down, but ur website answer my question, u can explain me in a deep detail if u do not mind. Might Allah guide u, Ameen!
Walaikum Salam Wa Rahama Allah Wa Barakah
Here is what I gauged from your dream.
#1 Whenever you see a prophet, you will inshallah know him by face within the dream. It is always revealed to you. Especially when you see Prophet Mohammad you will definitely know (inside the dream itself you will come to know that it is him indeed). I am most certain you did not see prophet Mohammad s.a.w. for the reason I mentioned above and also because you said and I quote “” I dont know which Prophet so I feel this is Prophet Mohammed
“” . So as far as which prophet you saw, I am not sure about it. I have seen Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. and Prophet Isa (Jesus) P.B.U.H. and I knew instantly inside the dream which prophet I was in the presence of.

#2 The prophet of Allah can be a man or an angel resembling a man and dressed like one. Whoever he was, he brought a message for you and your family. This means that Allah knows that there is some good in you and your family. There is a chance of redemption. Only those who are to be guided are accorded a visit from a prophet.

# 3 So for the message to be deciphered correctly you must correct your ways accordingly. Your mother should offer regular prayer. You must insist in a polite way to her from time to time. Also pray yourself together with your brother. 5 times daily prayer is must on every Muslim living. As far as your brother is concerned, sit down with him and ask him “brother what is the bone of contention between us, why do we fight. Tell me brother what I am doing wrong that makes you upset, and I will amend my ways
” Trust me he will listen to you and give in to your request and correct himself. Lastly, you should start wearing hijab. A girl grows very fast and Allah has bestowed her with outward beauty that must be hidden from males’ eyes and only revealed to her husband, once she is married. So you must take caution as beside the eyes of human males there are eyes
 of male jinns which are also on the bosom of a girl when she is growing up. Allah has revealed that “Satan is an open enemy to you (mankind)” so we must take all precautions to avoid satan’s snare which he whispers in our hearts in the shape of lust.
Allah, however, knows best.

Sister sent this dream

Salaam brother,
yesterday morning about early hours (fajr time) i had a dream in which in my hand i had what seemed to be container in it was zam zam water, but i was giving it to a friend of mine, in my dream i walked to her house knocked on her door, she opened the door happily greeted me and then i gave her the zam zam water, but accidently she spilled it or maybe the container fell on the floor, but then,  she said can you get 10litres more for me? and said ok..i have known this friend along time..
what does this dream it good or bad..?
 not long ago i also had a dream which i was saying again and again..the 1st kalima, shadaah..there is no god but allah and prophet mohammed (s.a.w) is the messenger of allah.
i look forward to hear from you soon.
Asalamualikum Wa Rahamat Allah
Very nice dreams. Firstly, the one at fajr time is very auspicious as Allah in the Quran has vowed by ” the fajr” This is the time when malaikahs (angels) are circulating around the lower heaven. Islamic Dreams seen close to this time are considered authentic.
The one you saw yesterday morning, lets discuss it first.  It is a good dream in the sense that she is happy to see you and you are giving her zum zum water not an ordinary water. It means your friendship with her is strong and her dropping the water means that there will be ups and downs in your relationships with her but the best part of the dream is her positive attitude when she said ” can you get 10litres more for me? and you are saying OK
This will auger well for your friendship. This friendship will become stronger inshallah. Since you know her for long, the friendship will go from strength to strength but there will be hurdles. Mostly hurdles comes due to not understanding or respecting the wishes of your life partner or friend or a family member. Once you get to understand this part, the other person becomes indispensable to you.
The second dream , Alhumduallah, is a gift to you from Allah. Repeted recitation of this Kalaima Sahadah has been prescribed for you. Do it everyday as long as you live, as much as you can. It depends on your schedule at work and home. e.g. If you are a busy lady and gets exhausted after you reach home, then try to do at least 10 times after every fard prayer before going to bed do it 10 times. On the other hand, if you are free and a housewife, then do it as much as possible.
I will give you my example. I use to recite this rukyah ” Subhan Allahay wa Bayhamday he, Subhan Allah ul Azeem”. But in one of the dream I saw written in Gold this ” Subha Allah Wal HumduAllah” So instead of the previous one I started reciting this after every fard prayer 10 times. REMEMBER, When you are shown something in a dream to follow or recite, it is only meant for you not for others. So don’t go telling others do this and do that. If Allah wants to show someone something, He will alhumduallah guide them likewise but this particular kalima recitation is meant just for you. The benefits and rewards for you when you follow this will be immense and only Allah knows how much and to what extent.
This, in my humble opinion, are the interpretation to your dreams.
Allah , however, knows best.
If you are pleased with the interpretations, please ask Allah for my magfara and jannah.
Wasalamualikum wa Rahamat Allah wa Barakatahu

Sister saw this dream

Salaam Brother,
Thank you for your recent interpretation, i was pleaserd with it, may allah reserve you a place in paradise, inshallah.
this morning i had a dream around about the same, fajr time.. i cant remember much of it i think i was in school or maybe somebody house…im not sure, however what i do remember in detail is that along with other young children i was sat on the floor to study quran, a lady which i do not know.. someone faily old person with white complextion with white clothes, and shawl like normal asian old ladys,  hands me a quran or surah yasin to me, i hold it… but i say to thinkto myserlf and i feel shy to tell her that i am on my menses.. i cant touch them because i am on my monthly menses…but i think i do touch it… not sure..or i do i cant remember..
what does this mean, it was like either i was school or an academic enviroment, i dont see anybody else studying..but i also think they were wearing white.. also..could it be because i did someting wrong…for e.g listening to surah yasin when on menses which i did last week…i  mean i read surah yasin frequently and listen to it nearly every night in bed before going to bed..on my mp3 player.. remember reading a lot of surah yasin during ramadhan…i liker to read it..because it gives me sooo much peace…
before reading or studying quran i do try my upmost best that im  clean and in state of purity..
 I look forward to hearing from you soon..
My Reply:
Walaikum Salam
Mashallah, Fajr time Islamic dreams are always sacred . The dream interpretation is short and to the point.
You are a lady who is pure of heart and chaste so my recommendation to you is “always keep like that”. Whenever a Muslim men or women feels unclean in the presence of sacred things like Quran and Salah, he/she has been blessed by Allah. Allah says in Quran ” InnahAllah ha Yuhibul Mutatahareen”- Allah love those who keep themselves clean”
So when Allah love someone, all angels between the 7 heavens and the earth love him/her and all the prophets and muslameen and musleemat prayer in that person’s favor is accepted. So consider yourself one of those fortunate ones.
You came in the presence of the Quran and felt unclean for the reason you mentioned. So during that time when you are going through that period every month make sure you take extra care to be clean. I believe in the past you have not been and thus you saw all those people in the white robes. They could be angels who came to remind you that you should be careful before you touch and read Quran or Surah Yaseen. 
Surah Yaseen is powerful Surah. If you are accustomed to reciting it, keep it  up and inshallah you will see more of such dreams.
This in my humble opinion, the interpretation of your dream.
But Allah knows best.

Brother sent this dream

Dear Sir,

I am very haapy with the website you are providing for dreams.In the website you have said Jin’s can also show us dreams to put us in the wrong side. I have seen a dream and I am wondering whether the jin showed me that dream.Could you please tell me whether it is a true dream or a dream which the jin showed me.
Thank you

During the dream I thought it was the jin which was showing me the dream. But as I became suspicious the dream said, look how visually clear this dream is. I must be in a good place to see such a good dream.
I saw a dream, where I thought maybe it was the satan.But in the dream, the place I saw was  very visually clear . I saw a tree, dark green with red fruits.Red fruits I guess indicate jin.
I have seen few dream this clearly.Maybe 3 or 4.(When I was small in  dreams I would see things blunt and I can nt even remember those dreams).
In this dream things were so visualy clear that the dream said “as You are seeing this clearly, you must be seing some place good.”
In the dream I was put into a house on a tree. There I met a female.I thought she might be a jin. But there is a possibility that she was good too.
Since I thought she was a jin , I recited Al hamd and blew it to her.When I recited al Hamd , she did not try to escape or look nervous or try to stop me from reciting.I think When I finished reciting  the dream ended.So I did nt know whether she was evil or good.


Brother Asalamualikum

Your dream was very short and too the point. I did not write the whole letter you sent me because it was repetitive.

Here is the interpretation:

You saw in the dream that there was a woman on the tree and you went up that tree. So far so good. Now comes the question whether she was evil or good and you thought first in the dream she must be evil but when you recited the Al-Humd she did not go away or disappear. This could only mean she is (as proven from your letter she is alive and you know her) not evil or Jinn.

If you were to read my dream # 2 you would see that there was a boy in the room playing with me and suddenly I thought of reading the Quran in the dream and as soon as I touched the Quran I said  ” Aoudibillah and Bismillah ” and that boy turned dead silent and I knew at that moment inside the dream he was Shaytan. So in your case if she was evil jinn, she would have disappeared for good.

No evil or the worst of Jinn can withstand in front of the Qalimaat of Allah or ayah from the Quran. SubhanAllah. They will either give up or disappear and cannot threaten or destroy the person reciting the Qalimaat.

I might add in my humble opinion, it seems from your letter that you two go to the same institute and since you do not talk to her but have been thinking about her a lot, she appeared to you in the dream but weather she is the right woman for you for marriage or not, I cannot tell you. Only time will tell. Do recite Mu’awwithhat before going to bed. They will protect you from Evils of all kind in the dream and while you are sleeping, Inshallah. 

May Allah protect you brother and all Muslameen and Musleemat from the shar of Shaytan.


Sister sent this dream

Salaam brother, 
#1 Dream: this morning i had a dream, this morning i think fajr time, i cant really remember much of it but all i can remember is having guests who i know and fairly good family friends in my house who brought seviyaan (vermicelli) and asian sweet dish, but we also had made some, i can remember seeing two full bowls of seviyaan i brough from the auntie (guest) and one home made and i was serving her them and family member/s… 
#2 Dream: i had another dream, i dont think it was combined at all, but i saw two dogs lazing around in the back alley, then..later staring and looking at me….in real life i am terified of dogs, when i see dogs i run a mile… but in this dream..the dogs wwere harmless just looking at me.. not statues..staring.
#3 Dream: weeks ago, not long ago…before in another dream i also remember serving rice pudding (kheer) to a friend and her mum who visited my house… what does this mean…
i look forward to hearing from you soon.
Walaikum Salam Wa Rahma Allah
Remember what I said on my website for dream interpretation. I only interpret islamic dreams. All three of your dreams fall under ” Rumbling of Mind ” catagory
I do not want to give my opinion or interpretation to which I don’t find Rasul Allah’s s.a.w example or islamic element. So in this case I won’t be able to help you out. But there are millions of other websites which might be willing to give out some interpretation. If there was any islamic factor, I would have interpreted. Sorry.

Sister sent this dream

Asalaam brother Azam,
This morning i had dream, not sure as to  what time it was, it was a very short dream  it think, in my dream i saw a pendant it wasnt gold, it wasn t silver, it was gold plated pendent which said MASHALLAH IN ARABIC, it sort of look old old, it wasnt shiny.. what does this mean…
i look forward to hearing from you soon.
My Reply:
Walaikum Salam
Here is the interpretation which I have come up with the knowledge Allah has bestowed on me for this particular dream:
“””You saw a Pendant which is neither Gold nor Silver but gold plated. It is old but at the same time not shiny and written on it is Mashallah.”””
This Pendant is actually “YOURSELF”. You are neither extremely good looking nor bad looking. You are in between and you are a simple person by nature and a woman who preserve her chastity. This simplicity was acquired after a long time and has become a part of your nature. People are attracted towards you not because of your looks but because of your kind heartedness and simple nature. This is a message for you ” MashaAllah remain the way you are for the rest of your life, Allah’s blessing will be with you”
If this interpretation has helped you, please ask (DUA) pray for Hikmat and Magfarat and Jannah for me from Allah. Aameen
Wasalamualikum Warahmat Allah

Brother sent this dream

I am a brother who had this dream:
“” My sister is telling me in the dream that the prophet saw said to wash yourself,but I argue with my sister that i already took ablution,than i become emotional and said never mind i will take ablution again””.
Jazaka Allah for your help.
Brother Walaikum Salam

Your Dream is short, to the point, and contains both glad tidings and a warning to you. Here is why I say this :

 #1 For Rasul Allah s.a.w to appear to your sister in your dream and him (s.a.w) indirectly informing your sister to inform you to take ablution is a good sign. I believe it’s a blessing. A message from Rasul Allah s.a.w is very auspicious and full of meaning for the person it is meant and a glad tidings

 #2 Having said that, the bone of contention is your behavior in real life. Although you might be an honest and religious person but at the same time you are stubborn and do not change your views easily. Further you may not consider other people advise seriously for which you may have suffered morally , spiritually and  financially in the past but you are not the one who would admit his mistakes. The reason why Rasul Allah s.a.w appeared to your sister and not to you is ” you are not keeping yourself clean physically” 

You must take immediate action now that the message has been delivered to you indirectly. Be careful especially after urination. Don’t let any of it get unto your clothes that you wear for Salah (namaz).Take ablution often. Also try to relax and open up to other people’s suggestions and advise in real life.

Inshallah if you follow on this advise of Rasul Allah s.a.w,  may Allah bless you with the appearance ,in the dream ,of Rasul Allah SalalAllaho Walaiwasalam like HE has blessed me with his (s.a.w.) appearance in my dreams. Aameen.

If this interpretation has helped you brother pray for my magfarat and jannah.


Brother sent this dream

Assalamu alikum,

A dream was seen by (a brother who is unmarries) in which a muslim female work colleague who is currently married is present in the brothers section of the mosque in a jamia mosque. Although she is dressed well (islamic) she is sat at the front near the side away from the brothers slightly. Does this have a meaning?


Brother Walaikumsalam

I would have refused to interpret this dream if there was no mention of the mosque in it.

This dream calls for alarms. You brother is not married yet he sees this woman, who is married, and  is actually a colleague of your brother in an office, sitting in a mosque slightly ahead of your brother in the men’s section of the mosque.

This dream has some grave implications and I would give my humble interpretation with the knowledge Allah has bestowed on me:

Sometimes a woman can so dominate a man’s spirit and body that he sees nothing but her and is willing to go to any length to please her.

Your brother, if you ask him about her would tell you that ” she means nothing to me” but in reality he has been thinking about her a lot and is infatuated with her. You see brother, Dreams are a reflection of what one is going through in real life. It is no sin for a men to think about woman and vice versa but the thinking should necessarily lead to marriage in order to avoid committing sin. Since this woman is married and your brother has been thinking about her to such an extent that she even came in the mosque in his dream means that she could prove to be a cause of (SHIRK) for your brother.

Allah has warned your brother this way. Be careful and avoid getting involved with her. She might possess he mind and body in such a way that he might even ignore his regular Salah and give more attention and shower more love to her than it is due to Allah. Also, another warning which is hidden is that if this situation is allowed to get out of hand, satan will create such circumstances between these two that they might be carried away by emotions and commit ZINA in reality. (May Allah protect your brother and all muslameen and muslimaat from commiting this grave sin which is a Kabira (great) sin. Aameen)

This is my humble opinion the  interpretation to the dream your brother saw.

WalAllaho Aalam. Please remember me in your DUA (prayer)


Sister sent this dream

Assalamu alikum,
A dream was seen by a brother who who is going to the eid prayer with his mother (who resides with himself in same household in reality) and it is being held in the park not the masjid. Up till now his mother has never performed the eid prayer in the masjid/park since he was born as it is not compulsery to do so and as the brother and his mother live in a non muslim country and the eid prayer in their city does not take place in the park it occurs in mosques only. What does this mean
Another dream was seen by the same brother who recieves an eid card from a work colleague who works on the same floor as him. She is married and therefore he is receiving an eid card from a non mahram. What does this mean?
jazakallah for your response wasalaaam
Walakium Salam

Here is the interpretation to Dream #1  “yes it is not compulsory for a woman to pray in parks/halls/mosques and even in Baitul Allah in Mecca” But if they go of their own accord, with love of Allah in their heart, observing proper clothing, we should not stop them. So tell your brother that his mother wishes to go out to pray (EID of JUMA) in the mosque so let her do that. The park is very significant in the dream as it shows that his mother is not allowed to go out by her house folk to the park for reasons known only to them. She is very virtuous women and she wishes to relax and go out to the park and this argument has been playing on your brother’s mind a lot and that’s why he saw the Eid Prayer in Park. Tell him to allow her to go to the park often or take her along with him. She wants to relax and not be put to chains in the house (literally speaking)”.

Dream #2 is sexually oriented and comes under the category of “RUMBLING OF THE MIND” so I cannot give any interpretation. Sorry.


Sister sent this dream

Assalamualikum Azam!
Saw a dream where in a house which is resided in from childhood but currently does not live there anymore. This house was meant to be inhabited with jinn.
Anyway in the dream I recites the final surahs of the quran from surah al maoon till surah naas and upon completing this recitation a wasp is killed (I have a fear of wasps).
What does this mean?
Walaikum Salam

This is Good dream as far as overcoming inhibitions and fear in life is concerned. Every time, you recite kalamaat of Allah from the Quran in the dream, it always auger well for the reciter in real life. 

There was some evil of the Jinn that was bothering you or had his eyes on you and you drove away that Jinn from bothering you again. Here in the dream wasp is synonymous to Jinn. But killing of wasp in dream doesn’t mean that you have killed the Jinn in reality. This particular jinn or its kind can and will come back if you are not close to Allah or not observing your regular prayers and dhikr. 

The Jinns’ can only harm human beings in three (3) cases:

# 1 When that human indulges in sinful acts looked down upon by Allah, he/she exposes himself to outside influences and powers

#2 When he/she invites such Shayteen of Jinn and humans through evil discourse among themselves and magic spells.

#3 When he/she is a disbeliever in Allah and his Rasul (saw)

So stay clean, observe you regular prayers and dhikr(remembrance), do not indulge in acts which are sinful in Allah’s sight and do not sit with people who can have evil influence on your mind ( so called friends and associates).


Sister sent this dream

Respected Sir,

 I am quite worried these days as I have come to know about my husband’s immoral ways and have separated. I need help with these dreams.I am sorry for causing inconvenience with so many dreams. May ALLAH reward you in this life and after. Ameen.
Answers to your Dreams
Walaikum Salam and Aameen to your prayers.
Actually the center of your attention at this moment on your conscious and sub-conscious level is your husband . You have not forgotton him and that’s why you are seeing all these dreams. The dreams having element of Islam in them is because you are a very pious women and very closely connected to Islam, Quran and Allah.
Dream #1
     I saw a dream. I have quran in my hand. As I pass through my mother’s kitchen I come to know of a black dog that is hiding in the kitchen cupboard. I know that he is dead now. I decide to step out of the back door of the kitchen so that I can read quran sitting outside the kitchen door. I have decide I will recite surah baqarah and some more surats. Suddenly I see a big black dog sitting on the right. His back is towards me. Half of his body is in cage(head) and the other half (legs and arms) are out. He is stretching. I look at him closely and observe that there is not a single white hair on its body. While he is stretching, his leg (does not scratch) but just touches my right leg. I hold my quran tightly and run back inside the house and I warn my mom that the black dog in the kitchen cupboard is dead but dont go outside because there is a big black dog outside.
Answer to Dream # 1
Keep on reading Surah Bakarah it will protect you from evil influences. Holding the Quran tightly doesn’t mean literally. It means to read and understand and follow what Allah has revealed. So do that.
Dream #2
  My mom is saying to me in a dream that while we were taking ring off of your finger you felt sad but then later you felt happy. I start thinking why would I feel sad, I wanted to get rid of the ring. Then I reply that I also saw a dream about this ayat “Faja alahum ka asfimma kool”(surah feel: ayat no.5). A lady sitting next to me says “Oh your enemies have been destroyed”.
Answer Dream # 2
Your enemies have been destroyed. Now move forward not backward. Stop thinking about your past
Dream #3
  I have been told that some digging up of some religious things is taking place. I run to that place. Then I see a glass box in front of me. Inside is a gold sword. I ask someone who this sword belongs to. They tell me. There is some confusion in my mind but definitely  it was either Hazrat Umar’s or Hazrat Ali’s sword.
Answer Dream # 3
If you forget your past and move forward, Allah will grant you with good rewards in this world and hereafter otherwise your confusion will get worse. So stop thinking about your separation . What is done is done.
Dream #4
  A lady writes the following dua on a piece of paper and gives it to my mom to recite. It says “Subhanallah i wabihamdahi adada khalqahi warida nafsahi wazinata arshahi wa midada kalimatahi”. Then she says to my mom give me your lipstick so that I can investigate whether magic has been performed on it. My mom gives the lipstick to her.
Answer to Dream # 4
Hope you know what this dua means. If it is good for you then recite it, your fears of someone doing black magic will disaapear. I don’t find authentic tradition of Our prophet reciting this dua so I  would not recommend it to anyone, I would rather stick to Al-Muwadaat ( surah akhlas, falak and naas). But since this was shown to you in dream, then recite it but don’t tell others to recite it, it might backfire on them.
Hope all these interpretations helped


Brother sent this dream

Walam Shykh,
My name is ________
I hope u understand my english? i had dream two weeks ago
my dream story starts. me and my family we are on the picnic in front of a beach…when i see on the sky…in arabic language it was getting written alot of words with the clouds… but i cant read what it was writting about… becouse it was in arabic langauge but when i see a big pure white cloud was writtin on it laa ilaaha illallah mohammad raasul allah and i said to my mother look up on the sky what it is writing about…when my mother start reading all of them then she said oh my god  Allah is saying leave this place as soon as u can
and right away i start running from there…earthquake gets start a lot of lighting from the sky and i got kind of scared i woke up 6.oo in the morning and I prayed the fajir…i went back to sleep.
I am not really sure what it is about but it predicted something about future…because before this dream…an other dream came one night it was voice of a man told me these times are the end times…and i got scared i woke up right away and i started pray some tahajjud…shaykh Saab if u can help me with this dream because every Friday i get worry about maybe… judgement day get start. Thanks a lot.


Dear Brother,

First of all please call me ‘Brother Azam’. I don’t fancy words like shaykh, maulvi, mulla, aalim, mufti or haji. Just plain Brother Azam is enough. Thank you

As far as your dream is concerned, Kalima Shahada Laa illaaha ill Allah, Mohammad Rasul Allah is one of the most powerful rukya to ward off evil and at the same a symbol of peace, tranquility and harmony.

In your case, the Kalima appears in your dream as a premonition of what is to come. As Muslims, it is our belief that One Day we all have to stand up and face judgement based on our deeds that we performed while we were alive in this world and as a consequence of what we left behind (good or bad).

Since, every Friday you worry about the judgement day and its hardships, this is what is clouding your mind at your conscious and sub-conscious level. It is always good to think about life after death. The more we remember that DAY to come, the better our deeds will get in this world.

Allah is showing you that you should hold fast to the Kalima and follow the Quran and Authentic Sunnah of Rasul Allah s.a.w and he will save you and your mother from grievances in this world and also the hardships of the hereafter. Also, the voice you heard of a man earlier in dream was actually the voice of an “Angel of Allah”. It is with the permission of Allah that the Angel delivered this message to you. The implication behind this message is that “you must keep on doing good and inshallah Allah and His angels are with you in this world and hereafter”. Your mother being with you, exclusive of others, mean that in case of any calamity you and your mother will find safety inshallah.

Please avoid telling this dream to your brothers and sisters or relatives. Allah has said “ Inna Shaytana Addum, fatakhu Aadua” ( Satan is your enemy, so consider him your enemy.) He will not let any opportunity go by where he can sow a seed of discord between you and your siblings or relatives. Tell this dream to only very close friends of yours and also forbid your mother from revealing the content of the interpretation.

If this interpretation has helped you, please pray for my Magfara and Jannah.

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah

Sister sent this dream



Walaikum Salam Wa Rahama ALLAH wa Barakakah

This dream is not an Islamic one but do contain an element of satanic influence. This type of dream falls under 2nd category mentioned by Rasul Allah (s.a.w.) i.e. Dreams from Shaytan. Shaytan and his tribe of Jinns are out there.  Their main purpose is to sow fear and sadness in your heart and repulsion and hatred of Allah and his Rasul (s.a.w.). Allah has quoted the Jinns in the Quran in Surah Al- Jinn aya 11“And among us are righteous ones and among us are far from that. We are sects having different rules”. So there are jinns who are followers of Iblees (they could be both in humans and jinns). We, humans only know about jinnkind what Allah and His Rasul (s.a.w) has informed us about them.

A human is vulnerable when sleeping because our consciousness has left us with our soul for a short period of time and now we are not in control of our body and soul. Our soul is in the Dimension of Dreams and those whom Allah wishes to return, they live to tell about their dreams and those whom Allah choose to take, their soul never come back and they are found dead in the morning. (Please read newspapers from time to time they are full of people who died in their sleep). This has also been explained in Quran. Surah Az-Zumar Aya # 42 “ Allah takes the souls at the time of their death and those that die not during their sleep; then He withhold those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the other back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for people who reflect”.

Suffice for you to know is that you cannot be harmed if you are regular in saying ” Almuwaddat” ( the last three surahs: Surah Akhlas, Surah Falak, Surah Naas) Please blow them unto your whole body before going to bed as was done by Rasul Allah to ward of all evils. Tell your sister in law to do the same. Inshallah her dead brother in law will vanish from her dreams. 

May Allah protect you from all kind of Shayateen be it Jinnkind or mankind. Aameen wa Inshallah.

If this interpretation has helped you, please ask for my magfarah and Jannah on this auspicious day of Eid.


Brother sent this dream

Salam Brother Azam

I had a dream which is not a rubling of the mind.

i was stricken with a bad case of flu,and at that time i was praying my salah very spontaneously and started tahajjud.

my mother had taken care of me and then i begged Allah to make me well. i fell asleep and then i remember me standing in a very dark place and i was being shown qiyamah people were staring up transfixed in horror and there was this very bright light. then i woke up, sweating after that Allah had answers my dua and made me well.


Walaikum Salam

Here is the interpretation to your dream:

Mostly, during the time of distress, illness or trouble a human soul is very close to Allah as it associates nothing with Allah at this critical time of life. At other times, the situation is different.

You were sincerely praying to Allah to heal you. This  time of night between tahajjud and fajr is very auspicious as the angels are circulating the lowest heaven praising their Lord and listening to the pleading of humans being made to Allah. They are also imploring Allah to forgive all mumaneen and mumeenats in this world who are seeking forgiveness and mercy. Imploring Allah during this period is highly recommended.

This dream is very auspicious because your soul was taken to a journey and shown some of the gayab (hidden). It has a meaning for you: at this moment in time you’re associating with people ( friends/family members) who are not rightly guided or are among those whose intentions are not good for others. But here is the good news: That light you saw at the end and your recuperation from illness was actually a good omen and a mercy of Allah that will take you out of Dhaulumaat (darkness) and into noor (light) in this world and hereafter.

So keep up the good work with clean intentions, pray regularly and think positively. Try to disassociate yourself gracefully and peacefully from those who are around you. Respect them, but don’t follow their desires.

May Allah protect you from the (shar) of Shaytan and include you among His righteous slaves. Aameen

Waslaamualikum WarahamAllah

Sister sent this from Australia

I saw this dream on 8th of Muharram this year .I saw there was Hazrat Abbas’s Hazri at my Nani’s house and my mamu is reading something and i cannot see other people but there are lots of people and then i saw the feets of Hazrat Abbas ( Ibn Abbas radi Allah ho anha) n as he is standing there then i go to this feets and pray to Allah making Hazrat Abbas my wasila. Then after my prayers he goes away than next day some voice comes to give sadka and we give sadka of goat in the dream n then my eyes open around 6 or 6.30 in the morning.


Ok here it is. You saw Ibn Abbas r.z. because you have either been reading a lot about him or hold him in very high esteem.

Seeing a Sahabi or his Shabie/Aks (Profile, Glimpse or Shadow) is next to seeing Allah’s messenger, the most auspicious thing that one can see in a dream.

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas, was the son of the great uncle of Rasul Allah s.a.w called Hazrat Abbas r.z. and was one of the most learned companions of the Prophet and well respected by other companions of Rasul Allah s.a.w. He preserved on behalf of later generations of Muslims, the priceless words of the Messenger of God. It is said that he committed to memory about one thousand, six hundred and sixty sayings of the Prophet which are recorded and authenticated in the collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet would often draw Abdullah as a child close to him, pat him on the shoulder and pray: “O Lord, make him acquire a deep understanding of the religion of Islam and instruct him in the meaning and interpretation of things.”

So when Hazrat Abbas r.z. came to visit your nani’s place in the dream, it had deep implications. The fact that you were the only person who saw anything of him and most importantly his feet, and no one else in your family, means only one thing: Your status is higher than other family members in the eyes of Allah.

(Please don’t relate this interpretation to other family members, lest Shaytan sow a seed of discord among you).

Ok, now when you prayed at his feet, seeking Allah’s help and guidance at that time there was some bad omen that was hovering over your family and the goat you sacrificed in the dream has driven it away. It was actually the Angel of Death which has come to take someone away. So Allah has given reprieve to your family for the time being.

Now, here is the advice for you: without wasting time, you, not the family members, out of your own income must sacrifice a goat immediately and give its meat to the poor and then pray two (2) rakat Salatus Shukrana (thanks) to Allah for saving you from this grief by sending Hazrat Abbas r.z. to your rescue and please also do seek forgiveness of your sins and try not to repeat them. Inshallah your prayers will be accepted. If you cannot afford goat, then one time feeding of ten(10)needy people with the average of that which you feed your family or clothing of them. If still you cannot afford that, then three (3) days consecutive fasting would suffice.

If the interpretation has pleased you, do pray for my Hikmah (knowledge), Sehhat (Health)and Magfarah (forgiveness)

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah.  

Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Hi there,

My dad died in Sep-2007.

In first 5 to 6 months me my elder brother and our sister saw him in the dream. Later it stopped.


I will try to interpret them one by one. Hope this will help. I will try keeping them short.


Dream # 1

My biggest brother saw before almost 02 or 03 months from the death of our dad:

He is standing in a place very beautiful very vast field of green grass and far there is a beautiful hill on top of it there is huge castle. our dad is standing there. there is also so much pure light every where. (in the dream my brother also felt) that after that my brother is also with my dad.

Answer 1st Dream:

Mashallah, Allah has accorded a house in the Jannah to your father and later after your brother dies, he will join your father in there Inshallah

Dream # 2

One night before the heart attack of my dad my mother saw this dream (but my dad died after 03 days from heart attack. he survived got better cam home and then died on 03rd Ramadan):

my mom and my biggest brother is walking with my dad and after some time they see that our dad is left behind. there are snakes everywhere on the road.

Answer 2nd Dream

At that time you mother’s mind was clouded with the fact that your father was under black magic spell. She was thinking and believing this at her conscious and sub-conscious level and that is the reason why she saw what she did.

Dream # 3

One night before the heart attack my dad himself saw this dream:

In the morning he told my mother, “i dont know somebody has done some magic that i saw this kind of dream” that;

he says in the dream, “i am trying to eat food but everytime there is a black snake sitting in my food”.

Answer 3rd. Dream

This was a warning to your father that someone in the family or close associate doesn’t like to see him or his children in a successful state. Remember, there is nothing worst than envy (hasad) of the close ones. You don’t know them but you can feel them around. Please don’t go pointing fingers at them, instead if you can afford, give sadaka of goat or sheep every month and distribute among the poor seeking Allah’s protection for the entire family. Ishallah, their hasad will not work.

Dream # 4

I saw in 1st or 2nd month after his death:

my dad met me in the dream and said,”you cant know how much happy i am”.

Answer 4th Dream:

This is a good sign that he is in a blessed state of affairs after his death. Allah has been pleased with him.

Dream # 5

I saw in 2nd or 3rd month after his death:

“he is walking outside in the lawn area of our house. wearing black dress. walking like waiting for us. then i see he is sitting in our main sitting on my left on the sofa. there is also my mom, one of my sister, one of my dad’s closest friend. he is quite not talking. but i see some very small dot of red light in his eyes. i feel my mom is talking only. dream finishes.”

Answer 5th Dream

This dream falls under “Rumbling of Mind” category and I would not be able to interpret. Sorry

Dream# 6

My biggest brother saw after almost 06 month or more after the death of our dad:

“My brother is sitting in Masjid Nabawi (PBUH). he had never visited madinah at that time. (i ma working in Saudi Arabia and i know it very well) He explained exact location of Riyaz Al Jannah near the Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) and he is sitting close to Mimbar-eRasool (PBUH). he saw from the right side Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is coming with angels on his right & left. My brother explains that he saw very clearly the face of Prophet in so much details. When he cam close stairs opened in the floor and near Mimbar area. He started going down by the stairs and he said o angels “quitely dad of this person (my brother) is burried under these stairs”.

Answer 6th Dream:

Mashallah, a very auspicious dream for your brother. He must be of good heart and spirit to be accorded with this visit of Rasul Allah s.a.w. in his dream. To see Rasul Allah s,a,w, this close means your brother’s status is higher than the rest of your family members in the eyes of Allah and he will be in the company of the prophet s.a.w on the Day of Judgement.

Also, please tell him to perform pilgrimage and visit the tomb of the prophet s.a.w. , by going to the same spot close to the mimbar rasool which he saw in the dream (if he can find space) and pray two rakat Salatus Shukr to Allah for granting this dream to him. Please inform him to continue with the salutation he is sending on the blessed prophet s.a.w.

Equally blessed is the status of your father. I do not know him personally but he must be a good man and inshallah he will be in the company of the Rasul Allah s.a.w and sahabas on the Day of Judgement.

Personal Question:

Now i dont see him in the dreams. why ??


You don’t see him in the dreams anymore because you have been telling all these dreams to the wrong people. Maybe someone you shouldn’t be telling. Remember, there are people that don’t like you and your family to prosper here in this world and the hereafter. So naturally when they hear how blessed your brother and your father is they feel envy: “why are we not this blessed, although we pray five (5) times a day, keep all fasts, do charity and even perform the pilgrimage?” They won’t be telling you all this. All you see on their face is happiness but inside they envy and envy is a very dangerous thing. Allah has exhorted us in Surah Falak to seek “refuge in Allah from the envy of the envier”. So this is what we should be doing.

May Allah bless you and your family and may He protect all of you from the evil eye. Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen

If these interpretations have helped, please seek Hikma, Sehat and Forgiveness for me from Allah.

Wasalamualikum WarahamahAllah

Brother sent this dream

Brother Azam

i have worrying dream. I dreamt that one of relatives had died and a funeral was taking place.i was then escorted and someone pointed to my grave.


Asalamoalikum Brother,

This dream is being shown to you to make amends before a time come when you are not able to go back and change things around, meaning your death. You may have done some injustice to other human being in the matter of their property or reputation or otherwise, so this is the time you undo that; you may have some debt to pay, pay it now; you may have been rude or disobedient to your parents, be nice to them now; you may have been missing on your Abadah and obligations to ALLAH, fulfill them now.

You see brother in the final analysis, it is a matter between you and ALLAH but all I can tell you is ALLAH is Gafoor and Raheem that’s why HE showed you this dream because HE sees something good in you and HE wishes to save you from the hell fire.

In the end all our salutations and blessings goes out to Rasul Allah s.a.w and Mursaleen and Sahabas and their families. May ALLAH protect all Muslameen and Muslimaat from the hell fire and forgive our sins and make us enter the Jannah.

Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen.

Sister from Kazakhstan

Assalamaluikum brother…

I just find out your web-site about true dreams. I was generally searching for any knowledge about true dreams. Because lately I’ve been through a lot of problems regarding my personal life, so i think i had this dream. I am writing to you maybe you can help me to find out the meaning and was is true from Allah or was it just my mind too worried for weeks about this matter. Please, i will be so grateful if you would read my dream attached to this e-mail. I appreciate your help and May Allah bless you.

Thank you in advanced,

Your sincerely Muslim sister


Walaikum Salam,

I am very sorry, but I have read your lengthy dream twice and fail to find any trace of Islam it in. First of all let me say from the onset, it may be a true dream for you but not an Islamic one. I will not be publishing it on my website for two reasons:

#1 It shows your infatuation for your boy friend and your love for him not for Allah.

#2 It falls under the rumbling of the mind category. But there may be other website that would interpret it for you. I only interpret True Islamic Dream.


Sister sent this dream

Asalamu aleikum wr wb brother.

I was in you website for a while ago, before that I was reading a thread you wrote named ”Evil/Jinn Possession in reality- Sleep Paralysis” I had experience the same many times, last time it was last night and I didnt knew what it could be before a sister told me that it could do anythin about my prayers. For a while a thought that was true cos all these started happening when a started bein kind a careless about my prayers, praying on the right time. Alhamdulillah that ALLAH have showed me the truth path again.

I hope you can tell me what those dreams mean inshallah ta’ala.. 

Asalamu aleikum wr wb.

Fi amanillah

Wa’billahi tawfiiq.


Walaikum Salam

Ok, here it is. All your dreams fall under the 2nd category of dreams mentioned by Rasul Allah s.a.w. (Dreams from Shaytan).

Death, destruction, killing, murder, sex, deprivation, dejection, sadness etc are all weapons of the Shaytan. Since he is of the Jinns you have been seeing a lot of them. He and his tribe are there till the end of this world. He has challenged Allah s.w.t and Allah has accepted the challenge in the Quran Al-hijr vv. 36-44:

“He said My Lord reprieve me till the day when they are raised”

“He said “then surely you are of those reprieved”

“Till the day of appointed time”

“He said My Lord because you have made me go astray, I will surely make path of error fair seeming unto them on earth, and will mislead them everyone”

“Except such of them as are your devoted slaves” (single minded slaves whose faith is sure and nothing in this world beguile them from the path of Allah; the shaytan cannot harm them; cannot influence them)

“He said this is the right way with me”

“Surely as regards my servants, you have no power over them except those who follow you of the deviators” (those who turn away from the right path)

“And surely hell is the promised place for all such” (shaytan and his tribe and humankind that follows him)

“It has seven gates; for every gate there will be a separate party of them”

All dreams you have seen have a fear factor dominant in them as they are being influenced by Shaytan and he is creating this disharmony in your life and distrust for Allah. Beware of him. Here is what you will do. Before going to bed read three times each of these ayahs into the palm of your hand, as was done by Rasul Allah s.a.w and then blow them all over your body: Surah Akhlas, Surah Nas and Surah Falak. Rasul Allah has given them a name “Al-Muwadaat” (the protecting ones) and rightly so. They will protect you from any bodily and spiritual harm from shaytan. Inshallah he and his tribe of jinn will disappear from your dreams. Also, please try to stay clean physically and mind you some of the people around you may not be good influence on your mind and this could be another reason for these dreams. Try to detach from them gracefull. Try Concentrating in your prayers.

Wasalamualikum Warahamallah

Sister sent this dream

Im 28 years old and i’ve just recently started to have sleep paralysis. Its been my 3rd time in a months where i’ve felt i’ve been paralysed and im unable to move any parts of my body or even speak until I read kalima/aytul kursi in my heart but unable to hear myslef. I can just flicker my eyes and thats about it. Today in my dream I heard my cousin brother calling me and laughing but when I tried to look towards the door I was unable to move but I read the kalima and Aytul Kursi and then slowly was able to move. I have noticed I get the sleep paralyse between 4am -8am. I always read Aytul Kursi and subhanallaha, Allhamdilillah and Alluhu akbar before I go to sleep and have never had and any problelms infact normally when I go to sleep I don’t wake up until the next morning. But recently I don’t know why i’ve started having sleep paralysis.

Can you please try explaining it to me from Islamic point of view.

Many thanks!


Walaikum Salam,

Sleep paralysis is a name given to a state of slumber and it has nothing to do with a dream. It is a state in which one finds himself/herself while between complete sleep and complete awareness. I have explained it in detail in one of my thread on Islamic Board. This state is being influenced by Shayteen(evil) of the Jinnkind. The perpetrator is a she Jinn. Before coming into view she will paralyze your whole body except maybe your eyes and you are still able to breath. Very few are able to observe her. I have been lucky or unlucky enough to have observed her. She stands just beside the bed. Short, jet black and horrific. She comes in total darkness. Please read Almuwaddat before going to bed and keep a bulb on in your room if you sleep alone and you will ultimately overcome sleep paralysis. If you sleep with siblings, parents or husband, chances are she will not paralyze you. Her purpose is to harm and ultimately kill you, but with the kalaamat of Allah, she will not come near you. In case you are paralyzed, read whatever you know of the Quran like you are doing now, this will release her hold and you will be able to move you hands and feet Inshallah.

Brother sent this dream


Its been shown to my mother in law in her dream:

She was sitting with other relatives and friends at home the time a women came wearing white dress and bring zam zam water and advice to drink and said “its only for you.”

I hope I can get a good interpretation for this.



Walaikum Salam

This is not going to be easy for you to read, but since you asked me for good interpretation, that’s what I am going to give you. Nothing held back. 

The interpretation has both good and bad significance for her. Abay Zum Zum is a body and soul purifier. It came to your mother in law from Allah’s House in Mecca and was brought to her by a lady clad in white. This lady signifies chastity and purity. The message she brought was not for others sitting with her but exclusively for your mother in law that means Allah wishes to save her. It implies “ if your mother in law stays away from all the slandering, rancor, backstabbing, and her negative thinking she will be purified. All her sins will be wiped clean” In another word, this is the message from Allah.

Forgive me brother but I speak the truth with the knowledge Allah has bestowed on me. I do not know your mother in law. Maybe, she is pious but that’s what this dream interpretation implies. Mostly, when women sit together, they are like loose canon and they don’t realize what they are saying and to whom they involve in their discussion. Once they start to malign someone unintentionally, it takes a turn for the worse. Tell her to keep her distance, gracefully, from the women and relatives she is accustomed to regular meeting with. If she doesn’t stop all this then warn her no matter if she is praying 5 times a day, keeping fast, performing hajj or giving charity, Allah’s warning is very severe as all this is most hateful in the sight of Allah:

Surah Al-Ahzab vv58 “Those who speak evil things of the believing men and believing women without their having earned (it), they are guilty indeed of the false accusations and manifest sin.”

Surah Noor vv 23 “Those who accuse virtuous (chaste), believing women, who are careless (unaware of the evil) are cursed in this world and the hereafter and they will have a grievous chastisement.

Wasalamualikum WarahaAllah

Sister sent this from Australia

Could you tell me what this dream would mean… I always see clouds forming into Surahs… and I am telling everyone that I told them only true god is one else.. I always see this. I see this dream ever since I was small I see the sky changes color and sometimes become pink and black and its sparkling. Its always similar but the last one I saw has an additional thing. There was an umbrella shaped golden color figure passing through the sky same time as Allah and Muhammad is written in clouds…. And there was many white jellyfish figures following the golden umbrella…this was the last one.



These dreams have been consistently occurring to you and they are beautiful. Allah looks at a person’s taqwa. Your level of taqwa ( fear of standing before Allah and avoidance of grievous sins forbidden by Allah) is on the higher side. Mashallah.

#1 Your seeing Clouds forming into Surahs implies that every time you get bogged down and feel disturbed, you should take recourse to Quran and you will find your answer to your problem which will end your worries. Inshallah.

#2 Your telling everyone that true god is Allah shows the level of Emaan (belief) which is very strong and at times it will be tested and further people will test your patience but you will not falter. Inshallah

#3 Your seeing umbrella shaped golden color figure passing through the sky same time as Allah and Muhammad is written in clouds…. And many white jellyfish figures following the golden umbrella implies that as you depart from the world one day you would have blessings of Allah and the protection of the angels. As the Elite angels that take your soul and ascend towards the seven heavens, the white jellyfish figures that are the angels of the heavens, will wish to accompany your soul on its journey.

But first in order for all this to happen you must do two things: Send as many salutation as you can on Muhammad s.a.w and secondly remember Allah’s favor unto you and your family. Combination of these two would get you to Jannah. Inshallah wa Aameen.


Brother sent this from USA

Dear Brother,

I pray that this email reaches you in a Good state of Iman and ‘Afiya.

I would like to share the following dream with you:

Occurred around mid 2001

I had a dream of Malcolm X. It was one of those dreams that left a print in my heart and I am sure it has a very important meaning otherwise it would not stick in my heart so strongly.  Whenever I recall it also gives me a kind of warm feeling and feeling of love for him.

The background setting was a kind of mosque with people trickling in and out.

I saw him in a very handsome state, shining, and full of spiritual light. He was wearing a suit.

It was a really beautiful sight that created joy in my heart.

I asked him, how is God?  how is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

He just smiled, as if he was saying to me “you funny questioner”.  But he was also responding as if to say “they are okay”.

Then I asked him, did you die a martyr?

Still smiling, he seemed to say, well there are different types of martyrs, I didnt die as the kind you are thinking.

I gave him a hug and could feel some comfort in doing that, and he gradually disappeared. I tried to hold on but couldn’t.


Asalamualikum Brother,


El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz popularly known as (Malcolm X) was a great human being, disliked by some for his outspokenness and loved by many for his courage. Allah guided him in the year 1964 when in truth he accepted the Islam as was preached by Mohammad s.a.w.


Rasul Allah says “—-Mai Yade Allah fala MudilaLaho, Wamai Yudil Fala Haida Laho” he whom ALLAH guides no one can misguide and him whom ALLAH misguides no one can guide. (Part of khubatul Hajah-Muslim/Bukhari etc)


Thus Allah guided him and showed him the light in the last days of his life before he was killed. SubahanAllah. Let us pray his soul find peace and harmony and Allah accord him jannah. Aameen.


Coming back to your dream, this dream shows two aspects. One is the state of Malik Shabazz after his death and second is state of your mind which is bordering on your inquisitive nature which is not pleasing to other people.


His very handsome state, shining, and full of spiritual light shows he is in good state in the Barzakh and he is of those favored. His wearing of a suit proves that clothes do not make a man dear or beloved to Allah. He can wear anything be it Arabic garb or American or English clothes or a piece of cloth around him like the Indonesian or Bangladeshi people do (as long as the Aurah is hidden), it is immaterial to Allah. Only Taqwa is the key to success in this world and the hereafter.


Your asking him questions and his reply shows that people are not amused by your questioning habits. You should ask the least amount of questions and listen more. Quran commands “Samanah wa Atanah” Listen and Obey. That’s what you should be doing. You will gain a lot of knowledge thus.


Yes, there are many types of martyrs. At least five have been described by Rasul Allah s.a.w. Rasul Allah has even said “Those who earnestly pray to Allah for martyrdom, they will be accorded the status of a martyr even if they die in their bed”. That is what Malik Shabazz is trying to imply.


In the end your embrace of him and not holding unto him shows that knowledge will escape you until you change your mental attitude towards life and change your habits mentioned above.


May Allah guide and forgive you and accord Jannah to you. In the end all praise to Allah and Salutation on the last and final prophet of Allah, Mohammad s.a.w. Aameen.


Wasalamualikum Warahamat Allah

Sister sent this letter

Asaalam a le qum Brother Azam,

The last two or three days ago i have had dreams which i think alhamdulillah i think mean something..or related to islamic


 very briefly as i cannot remember the full dream i see  myself either hanging a Allah frame or i see a Allah on the wall, i am pretty sure i was putting up the Allah frame.

Answer to 1st Dream:

The interpretation is that you are close to Allah and your trust in your Lord is on a higher side, to the extent that you are able to keep Him in your heart every time you get into difficulty. This is a sure sigh of faith and also when a person doesn’t associate anything or anyone equal to Allah, he/she is avoiding Shirk. Mashallah, keep up this spirit and Inshallah (Allah willing) more such dreams are one their way.


 however I saw a few days ago…which seems to be a bit confusing, is i was washing clothes, or maybe taking out my clothes from the washer, and as i was taking out my clothes, along with my clothes i take out what seemed to me a TAWEEZ..TO PUT AROUND THE ARM OR MAYBE NECK…


Answer to 2nd Dream:

This dream has two interpretations: One good and One bad. Which one would you like to hear first? J

Ok. Your dream is closely connected to the last part where you read the Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood. Ayat-ul-kursi is used for protection purposes from the jinn kind which Allah has created and they can do harm to human being. When you read this, the hurt that these Jinn’s intend either become apparent to you or they (jinns) escape from you. Darood on the Rasul Allah s.a.w means blessing of Allah will then descend on you as anyone who sends Darood on the Prophet s.a.w. is actually receiving Allah’s blessings as well.

This taweez could be a bad omen for you in the sense that someone is trying to hurt you physically or emotionally through various means: geebat (back stabbing), hasad (envy), bugz/keena (having hatred in their heart for you for no apparent reason), bhoutan (maligning your name or reputation) or doing jadu (black magic). There are a number of possibilities and this Allah has made known to you in your dream because you were reading Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood. This could be a warning to you to beware of people around you. Mostly, these days, the people who do these types of things are your close relatives.

Having said all this, the second interpretation, which can be considered good is that Allah is showing you that you should recite Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood excessively and these will be protecting you from all such evil talks and evil beings. You don’t necessarily have to wear any taweez (band) around your arm. These two will act as a band of protection if you read them everyday, Inshallah.

Hope these interpretations pleased you. Please pray for my Hikmah (knowledge) Rozgar (sustenance) Sehat (health) and Mugfara (forgiveness) from Allah Subahnaho Taala.


Brother sent this dream


i had a dream that i was walking when suddenly i saw someone dressed in a black cloak sat down. it suddenly came to my head that this was the angel of death. he said to me “change or i will come and take you” i then said “ok” at which time i walked away. i then came back to him and said “no i wont change” the person who i suspected to be the angel of death then chased me. i then noticed that others can see this person so i stopped and said “you can’t be the angel of death as others can see you” i then woke up. this dream has been troubling me for some days now please help me by giving me the interpretaion.jazakallah



The interpretation is not going to be easy for you to absorb. Most of the friends who write to me through this website want me to give them a good interpretation; one which will please them but it is not always pleasing as is in your case.

That man you saw in black cloak is indeed your death and he will keep on following you wherever you go. Don’t pretend for a moment you can escape the Angel of Death. He will come to you whether you live under 10000000 security guards. The only way to avoid him is to listen to his voice which is actually a message sent to you by Allah. You are doing things which are really displeasing to your Lord and He wishes to save you from hell fire. Allah chooses for His mercy whoever he wishes to. So for example a man or woman who had been doing wrong his/her entire life may be chosen for mercy and a man or woman who had been praying five times a day and performing Haj and keeping fast his entire life may be condemned because he may be doing things displeasing to the Lord.

Your refusal to give up your sins is a challenge to Allah. You may be forced by circumstances to do that wrong or sinful thing. For example you may be working in a government department and taking bribes to feed your wife and children; you may be involved in fraud, cheating or depriving the customer or people of their right; you may be committing sin if you have interest based bank account and getting paid a fixed amount every month or year and feeding your family with that money. This would fall under sood or Reba which is totally haram/forbidden in Islam; you may be doing a number of things which are falling under shirk, which you and your Lord know best. Please give them up. Your telling Angel of Death that everyone can see him and he cannot hurt you is because of your love for this world which you don’t intend to give up and you are only fooling yourself if you think others can save you. This dream is a warning to you. If you don’t change your ways the fire of hell is waiting for you at the end of your journey in this world.

May Allah save all momeneen and momeenat from the fire of hell and give us reprieve to correct our ways before we depart. Aameen. In the end, all salutations on the last prophet and messenger of Allah, Hazrat Mohammad Salallaho Waillahay Wasalam.

Waslamualikum Warahama Allah

Sister sent this from Saudi Arabia

AssalamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

I am extremely happy after reading your website. May Allah grant you the Highest status in Jannah,Ameen.Lately i saw dream whose intrepretation i am unable to find. Please help me and advice me. Since a very long time i am in search of a learned scholar who can help me with this. Inshallah,you will be my source of knowledge.

 (Those days i was not performing my prayers on time and was very sad about it)

I saw that the signs of day of judgement are happening,The Holy Kabah has been broken down. There is nothing except a square. There is no more a mosque,a plain land and a few people around the square including myself. I am waiting for the annoucement,sunrise is about to happen. We are waiting to see whether the sun will be rising from the east or the west. I am scared because if sun rises from the west. My time limit to ask for repentence will be over. And suddenly the annoucement is made that the sun has risen from the west. I fall down on my knees and cry hard very hard,i keep asking Allah for repentence. I cry so much that i feel my lungs are paining but i can stop crying. I am telling my sisters to ask for repentence even though now time is over. They act busy or talk about other matters and go away. I feel disheartened after hearing them. Then later i go to the place where Kabah belongs. I see that SubhanAllah the Holy Kabah has been built and is shining soo much that it has never shined ever so much before. I enter the Holy Kabah and i see Late King Fahd. He is so contented and peaceful. I feel he got what he wanted. SubhanAllah! I also see that he is incharge of the cloth to be put inside the kabah on the walls. He has some people under him who are following his orders. i help them from the corner to put the cloth on the wall. Now i am at peace,i come out of the Holy Kabah and i see the floor is white with red spots on it everywhere. Then i say to myself,Inshallah Allah will forgive me. I am having alot of hope. Its the Day of Judgement and the acocuntability time. I go and sit infront of the kabah on the right side,i see the sky(which is red like smoke and Allah is above that) I say to myself,Allah knows when will i meet Him,and inside my heart i am saying (Inshallah very soon).

My Reply

Walaikum Salam,

Thank you for your kind prayers and Ameen to them.

Firstly, as a precaution, please don’t go on asking for different opinions and interpretations from different scholars on this dream. Only thing you will get is return would be more confusion and ambiguity. Secondly, this is indeed a true dream and I would interpret it briefly to the best of the knowledge that is acquired and Allah had bestowed on me.

Allah says in Quran, Surah Nasr “——–Fa-sabbih bi-hamdi Rabbi-ka wa-staghfir-hu Inna-hu kana tawwaba.”(Then hymn the praises of thy Lord, and seek forgiveness of Him. Indeed! He is ever ready to show mercy.) The purpose of showing this dream to you was to remind you of this ayah. You have wronged yourself by neglecting your prayers but at the same time your heart is pure and remorseful and therefore your Lord has forgiven you. Seeing oneself with a king is always a blessed thing in the dream and you will attain the highest status on the Day of Judgment in the Jannah. You will be close to the house of Allah, Inshallah, on the Day of Qiama and all your wishes will come true.

The Kaba being removed from the surface is among the signs of Day of Judgment. I have seen a similar dream when I was neglecting my ibadah (worship of Allah). In the beginning you were shown the dark side that the judgment will soon arrive and you would be in trouble because of your neglect but sincere crying and your lungs giving way has turned the tide in your favor. So always repent and never lose hope. As long as we are human beings, we will continue to make mistakes and continue to be forgiven by our Lord if we sincerely ask for it.

Only negative aspect that I could decipher is that both your sisters would not be of much help to you in times of trouble in this world or hereafter. It is better you don’t tell them about this or any other Islamic dreams. We really don’t know who is close to us among our relatives and friends. Precaution is, at times, our best friend. This is my sincere recommendation.

Stay blessed, chaste and keep up your prayers. May Allah’s blessing be upon you. Aameen YaRubulAalameen.

Wasalamualikum WaramaAllah

Brother sent this from USA


My name is Mohammed_______, originally David Macaulay. I converted to ISLAM, a little over a year ago. I need one of my dreams to be interpreted for me as I am now confused. It started when my girlfriend Zeba and I were arguing about me converting to ISLAM. I did not want to convert…we had a major argument…I was going to leave her the next day because I did not want this kind of pressure in my life.

 As I slept that night, I awoke at exactly 4am to find my body, room walls, ceiling and floor all covered with Arabic writing…. That was all that I needed and I converted. I felt the presence of Allah and I will never look back. Now after a year, I am still seeing the writing on the walls. Sometimes the writing is few and large in size…and sometimes the writing is small and there are lots of words.I do not know how to read Arabic as yet and I really need to know what it means.

Can you help me?

My Reply: 

Walaikum Salam,

This was actually in the state of semi consciousness that you saw what you did. It is a state between fully awake and fully asleep; a dream leading to semi consciousness at 4 in the morning.

This is the interpretation of your dream. Allah in Surah Bakarah says “ La Ikrah ha fid deen” There is no compulsion in religion” –meaning that to accept Islam no one should be forced or if you are already within the fold of Islam, you should not be forced or force someone to accept your way or a certain mathab( school of thought in Islam).

So this was the background to your dream. Your girl friend was forcing you and your heart was adamant that you have to decide on your own and you were seeking help from God; the help came in the shape of a dream because you are one of pure heart.

The Islamic writing on the wall and feeling the presence of Allah strongly suggests that you should now take a stock of your life; change is coming and so is a trail for you. Quran was revealed in Arabic but we can read it in any language we understand; however, to get the maximum benefit out of it recitation in Arabic is recommended. The impact on your heart will be profound and you will at once achieve peace. Allah wishes that you learn Arabic and then start reciting Quran in Arabic with understanding.

I have read Quran in English almost 5 times, but believe me once you know little Arabic you can understand the word of God. I recommend download of latest Quran reciter from the net. It has the heart throbbing recitation of all surahs by sheikh Saad Al Gumdi and three different English translations running side by side of different interpreters.

May you go in peace and Allah increases your knowledge and give you the furkan (the criteria to judge between the right and wrong). Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen.

Rememeber me in your prayers.

Wasalamualikum Warama Allah

Sister sent this from Amman, Jordan

Assalamu Alaykum Brother, I’ve recently discovered ur website, mashallah I’m speechless and all I want to do is ask you about more details on how the Prophets (as) looked, and acted, their posture EVERYTHINGGG, but I won’t bother u with silly obssesion, and ask you about why im having these dreams. 

I just had a dream last night that was terrifying and i looked it up, i dunno if its sleep paralysis or sumthin else, maybe it’s because i’ve been lazy in my prayers, and everything else. I was in dream, when all of a sudden i was back in my room, the window was opened even though i remembered closing it, it was cold, and trees were making scary sounds. i tried to get up n close the window but something grabbed my shoulder/arms and was on my chest that i was suffocatating, it felt real, like i was being attacked, i couldn’t move, then this wave of sleepyness came over me and i felt like letting myself drift away with this thing on top of me…then i felt hands (its felt real) i struggled to stay awake but i was drifting above like i was leaving my body..above was this hypnotizing swirl of colours like some type of portal leading to a strange colours of ..cant explain it sry, but then I thought to myself Allah(swt) is merciful, and then I finally was free. When I woke up, my chest hurt from being sat on and i was completely drained of energy. I prayed fajr to thank Allah (swt), but I never went back to sleep now dat im scared. I sleep on the same bed as my sister too, but Im still scared.
I had another nightmare, this time it was a dream, and then the thing got me, I was so suffocated I thought I was gunna die I could barely utter the words la illaha illalah, but that didn’t work, then I said to my self, “They are no stronger than me” then I pushed them off n was back in my bed with my chest hurting, awake. I noticed this Only happens when I sleep on my back and I don’t purposely do it. Also this brought up memories from my last dream n it wasn’t me saying “Allah’s merciful” that got it off was me saying along the lines of “Im stronger than this, don’t give up”…this is really freaking me I a target for the evil eye?, sihr? please no. I also hafta say dat I did do my athkar before I slept that night..I did it quickly but it was done. Please help me stop these nightmares.
My reply:
Walaikum Salam
Both your dreams have bad omens but these can be controlled and eventually get rid off.

Allah says in the Quran ” We have created that which you know not……”

You are being harassed by evil of the Jinn kind. Allah has created millions of variety of His creatures; some good to look at some not; some are very beautiful while some are extremely ugly and repugnant; some intend good to human beings some harm.

The one you are facing is at once evil and means harm. It is a creature 4 feet in height, intensely black, wearing black rags and with black countenance. It has the power to paralyze your entire body in sleep and no matter how strongly build you are, you will not be able to do anything but watch in horror as only your eyes can see while you are still breathing; Its purpose is to suffocate and kill you.
Very few have been able to observe it in plain view but Allah Subahnaho wa Talla has made me observe it many times and that is how I am able to describe it to you. By the way it is a she kind of the Jinn and she takes on human form.

Rasul Allah s.a.w has given us a potent weapon to ward of all such evils and he has named it  ” Al-muwaddaat ” meaning the protecting ones. These are the last three surah of the Quran –
Surah Akhlas, 
Surah Falak, and Surah Nas.

This is an Authentic Hadis of Rasul Allah s.a.w narrated by Aisha r.z.” Before going to bed, he would put both his hands together and in the palm of the hands he would read these surahs three times each and then starting with his face, hair, his shoulder and the rest of the body he would rub these palms and wherever he couldn’t reach I would use my hands and rub it on his back etc.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

So dear, this is a sure shot way of eliminating this evil. Also try leaving a light on at night time before going to sleep. This creature has a liking for complete darkess. Sleep on your side rather than the back. But you must have complete faith in your heart that after reading these surahs you will be under the protection of Allah and nothing will be able to harm you.Inshallah.

Keep up your prayers, keep chaste and persevere. May Allah ward off all evils from you and make you stand firm in your resolve. Aameen

Pray for my hikmat, health, sustenance and mugfarat from Allah


Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Assalamu Alaykum brother,

I have a query about dreams, many Muslims see dreams of their parents in Jannah, and they see many other miraculous things in their dreams as well. But recently I have come across some sites, and non-muslims claim to have similar experiences as well.  I will post one such dream that I have found :


I would like to know under which Islamic Classification would this particular dream go? It is a dream submitted by a non-muslim, and clearly they state that they met their parents in heaven. I look forward to an answer, Insha’allah.

Asslamu Alaykum, May Allah safeguard you from all harm.

My Reply:


There is nothing wrong in non-believers seeing good or pious dreams. Read carefully where the dream starts and ends, The man in the dream never says he is Jesus or never says in the dream he is God or son of. Neither he says he will take her or her mother to heaven. What she saw was a good dream neither she claims she saw Jesus in the dream. She just said that she saw the most handsome man standing there.

 Yes, there are good Muslims who will abide in Jannah khalaydeen a feeha and bad Muslims who will lie in hell forever. Likewise, there are good and bad Jews and Christians. They will be treated accordingly and you never know what is in store for them: punishment or forgiveness. Allah knows best.

Maybe the lady is a chaste one and dear to Allah. We do not know. Allah knows best

Do not forget what Allah says in Surah Bakarah ‘ — Innal lazi na aamanu wal lazi na hadou wan nasara was sabaeen man aamana bilAllah wal yumail akhara wa amala salaha, falahum agarahum min inda rabieay wala haufun alahim walhum yazanoon”

Hope I don’t have to translate the above and you, I assume, are an Arab and would be able to get the message of Allah and surmise it to the best of the knowledge Allah has bestowed on you.


Sister sent this from South Africa

(Name and contents are hidden on her request)

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,

You need to do 6 things. Two were told to you in the dream:
#1 Give sadakah of goat ( if you can afford) every month with the purpose of getting rid of evil. If you cannot afford, then feed the poor everyday or spare some money everyday with the purpose of sadakah. If you cannot afford even that, then fasting for 3 days with the purpose of seeking Allah’s help in warding off evil.

#2 Ayatual Kursi was prescribed to you in the dream. Recite that as much as you can everyday, 
but know the word to word meaning of it while you recite it.

#3, Read the interpretation on my website for the sister from Amman, Jordan. Follow it to the letter to ward of evil kinds of the Jinns.

#4 Stop backbiting and backstabbing anyone immediately, even your sister or her husband. ( your nani’s warning in the dream was for that; if you do not desist from it, severe punishment can be expected in the grave, unless Allah forgives)

#5 Try to be regular in prayers.

#6 Read this ayat from the Quran which is in the shape of dua three times after every prayer and you must know by heart the meaning of it while you are reading it :

 “Rabay najay nae minal quam muz zalameen” —- “Our Lord, Najayna–(save us, give us protection, help us, deliver us and rid us) of the people who are zalameen–” (fasik, fajir, zalim, wrongdoers, sinners, magicians etc.)

May Allah protect you and your family from shayateen and help you. Inshallah if you follow the above 6 to the letter, within a 
month you will be rid of all evils.  I will pray for you.

Wasalamualikum WarahamauAllah

Sister sent this from Mauritius

Salaam Brother,

I am so pleased that I have found someone who may be able to tell me the meaning of my dream. Since I have been a small child I have always had dreams and in myopinion these dreams have helped guide me in my life. For the past 2 years my husband and I have suffered extreme financial hardship. It is slowly getting better, but life is still a struggle. One night I fell asleep really worried about where life was taking me and I dreamt that I saw Mohammed (SAW) sitting on a horse. He was dressed in green and he had a black Arab scarf around his head. He was very young, maybe 13 because as yet he had no hair on his face. He looked directly at me and then he breaks into a smile, a very big smile. The vision ends and a voice in my head says do you know who that was, that was Mohammed (SAW). I am really sorry but I have remembered a few more details. I cannot be 100% sure, but I think that whilst he was looking at me his nose started to change. He was still smiling at me. I have never been sure of this aspect. Did I really see his nose change or not. But I felt it best to tell you this.

My Reply:


Your dream augurs well for you and your family. First of all, you are of those lucky ones among the muslims who have seen the prophet of Allah s.a.w. in a dream. There are millions among muslims , Aalims, muftis, wali ullahs and saints who have not been allowed a glimpse of rasul Allah (s.a.w) in their dreams. So your status is higher than the rest of your family members (please do not reveal the content of this dream or its interpretation to the rest of your family members like sisters, brothers, relatives etc. You are allowed to discuss it with your husband, father or mother).

Secondly, whenever you see rasul Allah s.a.w. in dream, never be in doubt about it. Abu Hurara r.z. reported that rasul Allah s.a.w said “Whoever has seen me in dream, has in fact seen me, for shaytan does not appear in my form.” (Sahih Muslim, vol.4, p.1225, no.5636 and p.1226, no 5638).

However, what shaytan can do is confuse a person after he/she has seen the true dream. Allah has given him the permission, till the day of resurrection, to beguile human being if he can, so he will try to do his best in this regard to compound the confusion; this is what happened in your case. The nose change is a trick of the shaytan; don’t worry.

What you saw was that rasul Allah s.a.w was on a horseback and in a very young state around 13. That mean a fresh breath of goodness is coming your way and his breaking into a smile means that the hardships you are having will be over soon but you have to preserver a bit longer and your perseverance is appreciated by Allah and his rasul s.a.w. You will definitely have your rewards in this world, and if not here, most certainly in the hereafter.

May Allah rid you and your husband of the financial hardship you are facing. Aameen Ya RabulAalameen.

Stay blessed and pray for increase in my knowledge, health and forgiveness from Allah.

Wassalamualikum Warahamaullah

Sister sent this from Nabraska, USA

I’ve had dreams in the past which have come true Mashallah by the grace of god. I’ve a couple of dreams I want to gain an interpretation of. The first is i’m wearing a long flowing white robe and my hair is open and i’m walking on this vast piece of land. It looks like the day of judgement and the sky is a murky red. The ground is dry, hard and cracked and a sandy yellow. I see people wearing eastern clothes, mostly men scattered around dead against bronze red walls. They have died from injuries like there’s been a war. The dead are muslim. And then i’m walking alongside the prophet s.a.w and he’s wearing the same white robe, he has black hair just past his shoulders, and a beard neither lengthy nor short. And he looks worried and distressed with his hands behind his back. And i’m looking at him whilst walking alongside. He’s looking around and then i cant remember much

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,

This dream has glad tidings and bad omen both. Glad tidings in the sense that you are walking with Rasul Allah s.a.w on the Day of Judgment and you are able to see his profile ( from the side) and able to see his beard and hair. That is a very good tiding for not only you but also for all those who are forever involved in this controversy that the beard should be short or long , hair should be trimmed or left to grow. Further, you will be saved on the Day of Judgment as you are with the prophet (s.a.w); you will be the guide to especially those who are directly or indirectly close to you (family and friend). I can vouchsafe that whatever you saw I saw in the dream: Medium beard and long hair going past shoulder curling up.

People wearing eastern clothes is deciphered to mean that Islam had at last triumphed but the dead being Muslims means only one thing that it will only happen after a period of lengthy war as foretold by the prophet in various Hades and at the advent of Gog and Magog.

The prophet showing dejection, worry and distress over the state of affair on the Day of Judgment is not a good sign. The Muslims being dead on the Day of Qiama is a sign something had gone utterly wrong and his (s.a.w) message of jihad was wrongly interpreted by the succeeding generation of Muslims. They have not only killed innocent human being but have fought and have destroyed themselves (Muslims) in the process.

Let us take a moment to pray that “ May Allah guide all human beings and especially Muslims and may increase them in their knowledge and give them guidance to determine right from wrong before making decision—AAMEEN, YA RUBULAALAMEEN.        

Wassalamualikum WarahamatAllah

PS: Please avoid having this dream interpreted again and again by various scholors; it will only create confusion and give satan an opportunity to sow a seed of discord and suspicion in your heart

Sister sent this from America

Asalaam alaykum wa Rahmatullah,
I went through your site  briefly and I want to thank you for helping us to make sense of our dreams.  Jazaakallah khayrun brother.  I am very troubled with some of the dreams I have had.  I pray Inshallah that you can enlighten me as to their interpretation:
Some background: I am what is called in the Quran a “hanging” woman, neither married nor divorced.  My husband mistreated me for several years and then left me with several verbal talaq (no witnesses).  We decided to hold off on the official talaq so that I can get citizenship of the country we live in of which he is a national. In this way I will less of a burden on him financially because I can get certain benefits as a citizen. I have one child by him and one from a previous marriage.
My most recent dream involves my husband bringing me something which I feel I have asked for.  Along with it he gives me a pair of white shoes which he says were a free gift for purchasing the first thing.  I feel happy and I try the right shoe and seeing it fits perfectly I take the shoes and say that I will surely use them well.
Another dream is my mother lying on my bed playing with a few months old baby which I feel is mine while i am standing near the bed watching them. Then my mother tells the baby “say Bismillah” and the baby then says “Bismillah”.  I feel happy that the baby said Allah’s name but not surprised that a small baby can even talk.
There are other dreams but I don’t want to make this too long.  Jazaakallah khayrun my brother in Islam.  May Allah reward you. Thank you.
My Reply:
Walaikum Salam

First one is ‘rumbling of the mind’ dream. I do not interpret such dreams.
This part consists of your estrangement from your hubby for which this quotation from the Quran will give solace to your heart . Allah exorts us in Surah Furqan Aya 20 ” ………….  and We have made some of you a trail for the others; will you bear patiently? And your Lord is ever Seeing.”
The meaning of the above aya is perfectly clear. Allah is All Seeing. He knows what you are going through right now. But he is testing you on one hand and your husband on the other. If you bear patiently, you will have your rewards in this world (maybe in the shape of Hikmat) or in the hearafter in the shape of immense pleasure.
I can only pray to Allah that if your current hubby is good for you and your coming child, may you two get together; if he is not, then may Allah find you a better husband for Allah is the Bestof Providers. 
Aameen Ya RubulAalameen

Second one is true Islamic dream. Following is a brief interpretation:

The baby, that you are planning to have or would be thinking to have with your current or another husband, would bring in lots of blessings for you and your family. He would be blessed one of Allah. Please make sure your mother should have a major hand in bringing up this child.

This was a brief interpretation of the dream.
Wasalamualikum WarahamatAllah 

Sister sent this from India


I’m sorry but I’ve been meaning to meet a Muslim Scholar to help me interpret my dreams but I haven’t managed to come across one yet. I came across your website, True Islam Dreams and I thought that perhaps you could help me interpret my dreams for me. I’ve been having these dreams of different animals for a long time,  a year ago I constantly had a dream about snakes but the animal dreams have disappeared for a few months and now, they’ve come back, this time it consist of dreams that included animals I have never seen or thought about before.

(Content of the Dreams hidden)

Do advise, I am really thankful for your time.

My Reply:

Your dreams have nothing to do with Islam. They are what Rasul Allah has described ” Rumbling of the mind” dreams. Since there are no fear in the dreams for you so satanic dreams can be ruled out.

These dreams are occuring to you because you have been preoccupied most of the time with animal thinking. A lady once told me she has been seeing lots of animal in the dreams; on inquiry she revealed she is obsessed with ‘ animal planet’.

Only solution for you is to preoccupy your mind with Islamic thoughts. Reading life story of the prophets, for example, will infuse good thought to your brain and you would one day be blessed with Islamic dreams or seeing a prophet p.b.u.h.

Try this and write to be after a month.


Sister sent this from Australia

Asalamu alaikum
1st Dream:

The first one was when i was around 11 or 12 location: at my house Australia
i had a dream that Allah is watching me and i am in a place the walls are all like glass everything is crystall clear Allah is there watching me behind a white curtain, there is an old man there around in his 50 or 60 s he has a beard hes two front teeth are gone and hes pulling me and kisssing me on the cheeks i am telling him to stop but he wont then i ask Allah, i say ya Allah help me from him tell him to stop it, then Allah says to him stop leave this girl alone. then i wake up.

My reply:

This was a very special dream indeed. Allah is watching us all the time but if he wants to speak to us it will be either through revelation or behind the veil. No one, even all the prophets, including Rasul Allah s.a.w and all the angles and jinns combined have ever seen ALLAH face to face and will not see HIM till the Day we are all raised. On that Day and only those who are specially selected or allowed or having Qalbay Saleem ( pious/ pure heart) be able to see HIM.
 The old man at first glance looks like a pervert but he is not. That is because he is being told by Allah to stop and this is happening in front of HIM. This person could be a pious being or one belonging to your family or family friend who is very pleased with what you are doing or he could be predicting that you will grow up to be a pious woman.

2nd Dream:
i am around 11 or 12
i am in this place it looks like a shop, prohet muhamad(saw) is there but he has his back turned around, and he was telling me to cover myself, my mum and one my aunties husband is there to my uanties huband is standing behind prohet muhamad(saw) but there is quit a distance between them, my mum is there she is putting a scarf around me, i have a clothing on which sort of looks like an abaya i ask the prohe(saw) to look at me but he says no you are still not ready when ever your ready i will look at you.



Simple interpretation for this dream is that Rasul Allah is not pleased with you since you tend not to cover yourself. The clothes you are wearing are not appropriate and they invite evil. Unless you change your ways and listen to your mother and cover up your body with proper clothing, you will incur the disapproval of Rasul Allah s.a.w. and ultimately ALLAH.

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah

Sister sent this from United Arab Emirates

Dear brother,

kindly interpret the meaning of my dream. I am confused and a little worried. I did Isteqara lately and decided to marry,Alhamdulillah. I saw a dream today in the afternoon. I saw i was in mecca. I was telling my self ” I have to circumbulate around the kabah 7 times to do Tawaf. But the surroundings were different. Everything was soo white. Me and soo many other people were doing Tawaf but outside the Haram,on the entrance. We all were on thr right side doing Tawaf but i could not see the Kaabah(It seemed as if the Kabaah was moved from the centre to the entrance area. It is there but that part is not shown in my dream. My dream was more focused about me doing the Tawaf and the other people doing the same. I see my self,fully covered in abaya with just eyes visible. My father is there with me too but he is doing umra. I see him in Ihram. In reality i was deciding to purchase an abaya which will be more appropriate for Hijab. Alhamdulillah i saw myself wearing that kind of abaya. Alhamdulillah i know that my dream means good,everything was so white. But i am worried,why was i not shown the Holy Kabah.
Please advice me,

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

You were not shown the kaba because your mind has been preoccupied lately more with something or someone else than Allah. This particular dream was shown to you so as to remind you that you might be neglecting your ibadah or remembrance of Allah.The need is for you to do Istagfar and remember Allah much and inshallah Allah will show you an acceptable dream which will be pleasing Inshallah.

Happy Eid to you and family


Sister sent this from Jaddah, Saudi Arabia


I had a dream that me and my co-worker were going to my work-building, and as i entered there was many people there that I knew.
i walked up the stairs and entered a room filled with many relatives. it seemed like they were having a good time, clapping and celebrating- using anaseed or madeh.
I looked to where my mother and aunt were sitting and my grandma was sitting next to them. (my grandma passed away 10 yrs ago) I stared at my grandma and was surprised to see her there because she is dead. So i started talking to her (I cant remember what i was saying) and she wouldn’t speak back to me, she wouldn’t reply to me, i got frustrated and threw a piece of crumbled paper at her. later in the dream i seen her sitting and staring at me, but she wouldnt speak, I then looked at her and she was crying saying “Allahu Akbar” and I replied after her and said “Allahu Akbar” i wanted to speak to her badly in my dream but she would say a word to me, however she would speak to other people in the dream.
she looked so real in my dream, her physical features in her face was very details and real.

Does this dream have any meaning?

the night before i went to bed feeling very depressed I made thikr before i went to bed 100 times and asked Allah to take away pain in my heart.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

This dream is one of those dream which Rasul Allah has described ” Dreams from Shaytan” Every time you see dream which is sexual in orientation or you feel down and sad or dejected with life after seeing a dream or you are shown estrangement from one of your blood relatives or close friend, beware that shaytan has entered and corrupted the dream. This is what you should do when you get up:

1, Do not tell anyone about this dream.
2, Give Sadakah according to your Istitat( means or that you can afford)
3, Every time before going to sleep put the palm of your hands together and blow three times each Surah Akhlas, Surah Falak and Surah Nas in them and rub it all over your body as much of the body you can reach from head to feet. ( This was the authenticated way of our prophet s.a.w as described by the mother of the believers Aisha r.z)

Inshallah may Allah protect you from all Satanic dreams and may He shower his blessings on you. Aameen Ya RabulAalameen.


Sister sent this from Indonesia

Salam Alaykum,

My name is Aisha Ibrahim and this is the dream i had; hopefully, Allah will make you will be of great Assistance to me.

In my dream, I saw a very upright cousin of mine who came to me in some form of great hase and this is what he said:
“I have been sent to inform you Inshaallah that you will be the first of the last and the last of the first”

And having said this, he departed in great haste as though he was pressed for time. I then woke up.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

My Reply:

I would not have interpreted this dream if it had not been for the word “inshallah” in the dream.

If your mind is making you believe that this dream could imply that you could be a messenger of God, forget it. Do not even go there because Shaytan will try his best to beguile and misguide you.
Allah has sealed the path to messenger-ship with the passing away of Mohammad s.a.w. and also our prophet s.a.w has made sure people coming after him understand that no messenger or prophet will come after him s.a.w.

Now your cousin in the dream could be referring to anything from you being the first and last of the child in your family having an opportunity to stand out from your family by being pious or knowledgeable in the sight of Allah or the one who would be the guide to the rest of family or the one who would be the intercessor for the rest of the family on the Day of Judgment. There are a number of possibilities The dream is not very clear on that point as your cousin left in haste.

Wish I had more detail or background leading up to this dream.


Sister sent this from USA

Salaam Brother,
How are you, hope your are well..Thank you for your recent interpretations in the past, i was pleased with them.Alhamdulillah. May Allah reserve you a place in paradise, inshallah

In the last few days i have dreams of flying birds, small..some darks some light.. but today in particular…it was islamic..mashallah..had a dream also of two of which i did not take notice of ..andd the other..was a parrot..bright pink..and little green…i call this parrot this dream..i make the parrot recite..allah akbar..and the parrot copies…i then ask numerous of times ask the recite the kalima shaadat….tcopies.. then later..the bird starts flying…around and around in the was..happy….i then ask the parrot to come back..but i call it adam..adam…adam……something like that…in having problems also in my married life…alot of problems..are cropping up….is this realted…or this something..else..reading allah akbar..and kalima shaadat..a few times..what does this mean..?but in reality really adam is my 11yrd old nephews name..who is very close to me…is this connected…
My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Merely reciting Allah Akbar may not be enough as far as your nephew is concerned. What this dream signifies and implies is that you must teach your nephew ( who is very close to you) more than just a few words in Islam; the true gist of Islam revolves upon other significant activities like praying, helping people read and understand Quran, recitation of the Quran like the way it should be done, exhorting others to help someone in need, helping the needy and the poor, helping those of your family members ( financially or otherwise) who are in need but never ask for help.
Teach all this to your nephew and teach him well, for if you do not then you may lose him like the parrot that flew away; he could misconstrue Islam when he grows up and could turn out to be like the millions who call themselves ” non practicing Muslims”

May Allah bless you. If the interpretation pleases you, do pray for increase in my hikmat( knowledge), my sustenance and Mugfarat ( forgiveness) from Allah.


Sister sent this from Saudia

Assalam u alaikum bhai,

May Allah bless you for your efforts and kindness. I had some dreams a long time ago that I would like you to help me with by the GRACE of ALLAH.

1st.  Dream

I saw in my dream that I am sitting in a car type vehicle with the late scholar  Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik. He is driving it. ( I have never met him in real life. I saw this dream after his death). He is taking me through a very rough ride. There are many hurdles but he succeeds in overcoming them. He even succeeds in driving the vehicle over walls. Finally we reach the kaaba. He goes inside the kaaba. I go along. Then he hands me a sapara (book of the quran). I am thinking whether I should hold it or not as I am not in pure state (periods). During that i wake up.

Reply 1st. Dream

You will inshallah be in the company of great scholars in real life but you have to make sure that you are not going through periods or are clean from traces of blood when you indulge in religious activities especially  while you are performing prayers or holding Quran and reading from it.

Surah Bakara Aya no 222 “They ask you concerning menstruation. Say: they (menstruation) are a pollution so keep aloof from women during their menstrual discharge (do not have intercourse with them), and do not approach them (go near them) until they are clean. When they have cleaned themselves, go in them as Allah has commanded (this is a clear indication that only husband and wife can have carnal knowledge). Truly Allah love those who turn to Him and truly Allah love those who purify themselves (here it implies that those women who keep themselves clean before, during and after their menstrual course has run out, Allah love them). WAllaho Alam ( Allah knows best)

2nd Dream

I saw in a dream that I am in a masjid with a lot of people. We all are standing. I am quiet while others are continuously talking to each other. I look up at the sky and I see a hole. I realize that ALLAH is watching us. I keep thinking what is wrong with these people. Are they not scared. They are so casual. How can they even think of talking to each other at a moment like this. I am very fearful because due to that hole I keep feeling ALLAH is close and watching.

Reply 2nd Dream

There are very few people who realize all the time that Allah is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time).He is recording everything we say and do. Most people are either too busy with the worldly affairs that they forget the real purpose for being here or are selling their sole for money ( cheating people out of their hard earned money by lying and cheating, or committing immoral activity like there no repercussions in this world and the hereafter. You are one of those selected souls who is forever conscious of her surroundings and who wishes others to learn and understand what you are going through and observe. May Allah bless you and do not loose hope; keep on reminding those close to you of the presence of Allah near them and remind them of their of the Day of Judgment keep on asking them to observe their duty to Allah.

Surah Maryum Ayat 39 “ And warn them of the Day of Anguish (Regret) when the matter has been decided. Now they are in a state of carelessness and believe not.”

3rd Dream:

Answer to Dream 3 is the same as Dream 2.

If the above interpretations please you, please ask for increase in my knowledge, sustenance and forgiveness from Rabul Arash Azeem.   

Sister sent this from Delhi, India

Assalaam o Alaakum

I have been reading your website and wondered if you can help me. I have had many dreams that have left me happy at time even though i do not understand them and at others frightened. i will ask for interpretation in turn

Dream # 1

when i was very young i dreamt that i am climbing over a mountain it is very rocky, black and the stones are hot. I am barefooted, a lot of other people are also climbing people are saying that the gate of haven (janaati Darwaza) will be opening soon but only for a very short time.  My mother calls me from behind to stay with her or i will be trampled in the stampeed. i don’t listen i run up the rocky mountain side.  When i reach the top i see a giant door that reaches into the sky it has gigantic old style padlock the which is holding i giant chain used to keep the door locked . i put my hand out and the door opens, the lock n chain vanish/disappear.  Even though people are stampeeding to go through i am the first to enter and i enter with ease.  Since then 32 years on!! i know that there is a Janaati Darwaza in pak pataan(i do not know where that is).

Dream 2

1993 my father had gone back home for a short visit to the homeland, but he had not been in touch for a few weeks.  i dreamt i was walking home it was day time .  then all of a sudden the sky darkened i looked up and saw black clouds so dark it turned to night.  in the clouds i saw the face of my father.  this frightened me very much a woke up crying . was so scared i was sweating i knew my father was in danger.  i started praying for him, took out sadaqa immediately, and kept reciting the drood sharif begging allah to keep my father safe.  i fell asleep reciting drood.  then i had a second dream this was just before fajir time.  i see blue blue sky full of sunshine i look down and then see that i am looking across a desert.  I see a figure approaching. He is wearing white and holding a camel in his right hand.  i blink and see that the man is standing before me about a yard away.  i know that this the Prophet (PBUH).  his features a clear, he is fair of complection, very handsome, no beard, he is wearing white clothes and a beautifull green amama(turban), the Prophet (PBUH) speaks to me and say “i have come to get you”  i am very scared i wake up again and do not go back to sleep, i lay awake reciting darood sharif.

I will leave you with these two dreams i hope that you can interpret them for me. It is getting late so i will say khuda Hafiz.  i hope you will interpretation soon. Please do not post my name on the website.

Thank you . 


Walaikum Salam,

Please keep an open mind for what I am about to interpret, you may not like.

Reply Dream # 1:   You seem to be very close to your mother and she has a dominating personality which sometimes you abhor because she tries to impose her way and will on you. This dream is the result of all such tendencies which have been brewing up in your head.

You are a pious women and close to God and woman by nature independent. Sometimes it is better to listen to your heart especially in religious matters like in this instance which got you in the Jannah. You seem to be chaste as well for that inshallah you will be among those who will enter Jannah and will be among those who are Sabakoon ( the first or foremost to enter Jannah ) Inshallah o taala wa subahanallah.

Reply Dream # 2: Your recitation of Darood is being delivered to the prophet s.a.w by the angels. Alhamdulillah.

One thing is clear: you have indeed seen the prophet s.a.w in the dream because according to rasul Allah s.a.w “If anyone has seen me in a dream, he/she has indeed seen me for shaytan cannot come in my shape (or take shape)”. So rejoice in this knowledge and be happy.

Red, Green, Blue, White, brown turban is insignificant ; it means nothing in Islam. A person does not become pious by wearing any color turban. So do not be misguided in this regard. I saw Rasul Allah s.a.w in the dream 3 times and he wasn’t wearing any turban.

Now the hard part:  Your father will be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgment for whatever he has done in this world (good or bad) and you will be responsible for your affairs. Neither he can deliver you from Hell nor help you enter Jannah; the same goes for you. No amount of prayers, khatm quran,  sadaka , hajj , umra on your part or his part will take off his sins that he may have committed against another human being in this world
(Walallaho aalum). Only sincere repentance to Allah and undoing the wrong to the person who has been affected, will rid one of the sins.

Maybe you have seen and observed him, since your childhood, to be the most pious man in this world but there are inner secrets , something from the past which is catching up to him, only Allah knows what that could be . The dark face of your father in the dark clouds is a clear indication that something went wrong with your papa due to his affairs in this world. The second dream where you saw the prophet and he is calling you to take you away and you getting scared is an indication that “you want to cling to your family environment which may not be suitable for you.” Again I am supposing that maybe there is haram involved in your family’s income and you know about it but tend to ignore and look away. Rasul Allah is offering his hand to take you away from all this filth due to the fact you are a pious and chaste women.

Think about all the facts I have laid bare to you. Take stock of your life; decide your future course of action. But remember, whatever you do, keep on sending darood (salutation) on Rasul Allah s.a.w. He is your ticket to Jannah Inshallah.


Brother from Morocco

Salaam brother,

i need some help…about this dream.these dayz i been making dua to allah swt to give me some cash money so i could visit the hajj and i dreamed this lottary number that one shykh is standing beside the lottary box and one white man is standing other side of box and iam standing infront of the box and i have my ticket in my hand and im looking that this number came — and white man is anounced my name but as soon this number came the shykh got shoked and said to me how did u do this?its like he really wants to play too.and i woke up.cant describe the full background if u can help with ur knowlgde…and when i went to work i had this dream in my head that the lottary is haram so i forgot about it for awhile and the next day— in work place a guy was wearing a shirt on the back of his shirt it was writen — and iam feeling that allah swt showing me a code that i shouldnt give up this dream showing me that i have to play these numbers maybe allah swt helping me that by his permission everything could become haram and everything could become halal.please brother dont show this numbers to no one becouse i only trusted u…even if u can tell me just the meaning of these numbers — cuz the way i dreamed it cant be satanic dream or minding dream.thank u brother

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam Akhi,

Your dream is not Islamic but it was influenced by Shaytan. He wishes to mix the good with the evil and thus confuse and blind you from remembrance of Allah and wishes you to become a condemned soul forever.

Here is why I say this. You wish to perform hajj but are short of money. You are divided between evil (lottery) on one hand and good (performing hajj) on the other hand. In this confusion Shaytan has stepped into your dream and showed the better side of evil.

When Allah’s command has come and falsehood has vanished, there should be no doubt in your mind as to the purpose of your life on this earth.

 I will leave you with the clear ayat from Quran. May Allah bless you and show you the right path and may He provide you with the best means (halal) to perform Hajj, Aameen.

Surah Al Maeda ayat: 90-91 “O you who believe! Intoxicants and games of chance, (dedication) to stones and (divination) by arrows are an abomination- of satan’s handiwork; shun it so that you may prosper”

“satan’s plan is to excite hatred and enmity between you, by means of intoxicants and games of chance and hinder you from remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you then desist (abstain; give up)”

Sadakallaho Azeem.

Wasalamualikum wa rahmah Allah

Sister sent this from Malaysia

I am unmarried girl of age 29,struggling for marrieage,i saw a dream on friday after fajar namaz..i was in a home,a boy was selecting a girl for hismarrieg,,frirst he selected me then he rejected me and selected another girlwho was beside me…then i came out of tht house and standing on road,i was teling why i always get rejected..

Suddenly two women in black hijab came to me telling me let us go to rasool Allah SAW ..all your problems wiil b solved,he will give you something to read,i said how its possible to see him in this morden dayz,they say come and meet him,i said ok lets go…then i saw crowd of women in black hijab and men waitng for rasool SAW ..but these two women took me inside house,whn i  stepped in house the women said me to do hijab becouse i was in a salwar kameez,i covered till eyes with black scarf,,the house was made up of sand small,they made me stand beseide rasool SAW head down for respect..he was sitting on old wodden bench,i saw him wearing green colour traingle shape cap on head,hair till shoulder,,i was seeing through the black scarf and head was down i could not see him full face,only side i could see through scarf,,then all of a sudden everything vanished in glimpse..

Now everything is normal,no scarf,same dress again,house was different,people differnt normal people,,i saw a boy sitting front of me saying iam prophet SAW aged 24-25 ,,i said no you are not rasool SAW,because i alreadly saw him..he did not say anything again ,,i said him iam very poor,,he saw my haandbag and said no you are very rich…thats All i saw..then i got up and was haapy all my stress was relif,i was happy whole day,,,please intrepet this dream.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,
You must start wearing proper clothing right away: Abaya with scarf
thereby hiding your bosom, hair and sensitive parts. Wear a loose one
not a tight that is available these days in the market and which shows
all the curves inside.

Secondly, since you did not see Rasul Allah s.a.w face, I could not be
sure if that was him the 2nd time around as you were doubtful when the
boy claimed he was rasul Allah s.a.w. The first time around it was him
most certainly and you will be blessed inshallah but you have to wait.

Red, green, brown, black scarlet, pink turban or cap is immaterial and
insignificant; these things do not have any place in Islam. Green cap
or turban could be on your mind due to the fact someone in your family
is attached to this group that wears green turban or cap.

What you are going through is what any other girl is going through
right now in Pakistan. There are not good matches available right now.
Joblessness is rampant and therefore there are grooms available but
not to the liking of your parents or maybe, i suppose, your parents
are not rich or cannot afford dowry or maybe living in a locality
where good rishtas(matches) are not available or maybe there are other reasonsonly you are aware of . I am sorry but I am just guessing. For
whatever reason, this has put you in an inferiority complex and those
two women that came to take you to Rasul Allah s.a.w. were a sign
from Allah that a rishta (match) will come along inshallah. All you have to do is:

1, Be patient
2, Observe Taqwa;
3, Observe proper clothing
4, Keep chaste; control your urge for sex until Allah’s judgment come to pass ( just like Hazrat Marium Salamun Alayha; Mother of Isa a.s.)

May Allah keep you steadfast and may he fulfill your desire and
provide you with a groom who would love you and provide safety and
security to you, Aameen ya RubulAalameen.


Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

salam u alaykum my brother
can you interpret my dream:
In my dream ,, I  was in the mosque with my friends ,, then my christian friend came to mosque who is girl ,,, thenafter I saw two white things that runs beside me that are told to me they are rabbits ,two rabbits, one is mother and other rabbit is children but I think it is femae rabbit ,, thay are moving inside mosque ,, then I tried to catch the child rabbit  ,, but I avoid myself not to kill them just catching.

My Reply:

This is a very auspicious dream for you. The Christian lady friend entering into the mosque and along with her two rabbits entering the mosque means two things:

#1 You will be instrumental in converting/influencing/ bringing people of other religion to Islam and they will follow you to the mosque

#2 Angles will seek blessings for you from Allah Subahallah ho Taala, Inshallah.

Keep up the good work brother and try to make other people understand the better side of Islam i.e. peace and tranquility that can come in their lives by following the principles of Islam and in the footsteps of our prophet (s.a.w.)

May Allah help you in your efforts and reward you for it.

If this interpretation helped you, please seek from Allah increase in my knowledge, sustenance and forgiveness.


Brother sent this from Australia

Salam Alaykum

May Allah swt always fill you with knowledge and imaan. 

(just background information, i am from sydney, so you can understand context, end of last year and this year I have been very well into my deen islam, praying, voluntary praying, fasting, speaking good, prohibiting evil, high faith, detachment from world, don’t listen to music, and have stopped watching hollywood movies) I am always fascinated with dreams, so whenever i have a dream I immediately search for a meaning. ( I try to get interpretations from Ibin sirin’s book, but meanings always differ)

May Allah swt guide you and reward you for your effort, ameen ya rab Al Alamin, and May Allah swt ALWAYS send you glad tidings in your dreams. 


Walaikum Salam.

Only three of your dreams (not mentioned here) are Islamic. Rests are what Rasul Allah s.a.w. has described as “Rumblings of the Mind”.

Your dream about prayers signifies you are deep into prayers and that is very auspicious sign. You are safeguarding your prayers meaning you try your best and there is nothing into your mind except Allah.

Your dream about the Yellow sun and another sun and stars sucking into it and you looking up in a pleasant manner signify your status on the Day of Judgement would be blissful and your transition from this world to the other would be trouble-free inshallah.

Your last dream about having a house in Jannah is a tricky one. Although Faroh’s wife prayed to her Lord but her Status is higher as she has been mentioned by Allah in the Quran and her sacrifice was much greater than most humans. She has definitely earned her house in Jannah. That is not your case yet.  This is what you must do: In your dream you see some familiar faces wearing immodest clothing which is apparently abhorrent to you yet you do nothing about it. This dream is shown to you to let you know that you will have a home in the Jannah but it will come at a cost; that cost is educating, guiding, advising those people who may be among your friends or family and involved in immoral activities which is hateful in your Lord’s sight. Allah is giving you an opportunity to prove that you are worth the house that is being planned out for you.

Hope you have taken a cue and follow it to its conclusion but mind you use skills and tact not coercion in recommending to others to change their ways.


Sister sent this from USA

Asalamu alaikum

in my dream i had a dream that i am fixing the length of my white  scarf and i am just about to wear it, then in my dream i ask a imam what this means the imam says your immidiately gona get mariied, but he says since there is no proposal for you the scarf isint green.

brother can you plz interpetates plz

jazakhullah khair.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

You are obviously obsessed with green things in life and you see a lot of people wearing green turban and caps ( belonging to a certain group; maybe some male members or friends are associated with this group). Let me assure you it means nothing. White, Red, Green, Brown , Black turban or color has no significance in Islam.

However you putting on a scarf means a lot; it signifies your chastity and purity which is dear to Allah. : If you planning on getting married or are of marriageable age may Allah fulfil your desire for the best groom

May Allah bless you and accord you Jannah, Aameen ya Rubulaalameen.


Sister sent this from England

AssalamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

I hope this message reaches you in good health. My name is _____ and I live in Engalnd. I have recently had this dream and remember it so well if you could interprit it for me InshAllah.
Myself, my brother, my mother and a family friend are driving in a car and going down a road where there are very big houses. I can see when looking back from the back car window that when we went  past certain houses, there was a very big wave that was rising over the houses. The water was clear and pure like ocean water, when I looked back the water has crashed over the houses and ended up in the road. But we went past it so it didnt hurt us. For some reason we drive back around and see the same house and the wave rising again, so I say to those in the car read Aytul Kursi. So we all begin to read it and my mums’ friend begins to read as well, but she reads very slowly. As we approach the house the wave dies down and does not fall upon us.

J’ZakAllah Khair.

My Reply:

Walaikum salam wa rahama Allah wa barakah 

Interpretation is not one that will bring a smile to your face:

Whoever was in that dream with you must read Ayatul kursi to delay the advent of Angel of Death ( Hazrat Izrael a.s.)who is knocking on your doors, for whatever reason; all of you can delay that omen by doing regular 10 times (wird) recitation of ayatul kursi after every Salah till one of you is accorded with a blessed dream from Allah. But make perfectly sure you know what every word of that ayat means whether in English, Urdu or whatever your mother tongue is. Reciting any aya of Quran without understanding is like reading a letter you just received from China in Chinese without knowing what it means.

Hope this interpretation helped. Take care of yourself and each other.


Sister sent this from South Africa


heyy  i had a dream that i was sitting at home and my sister all sudden pulls me from the hand and takes me to this place and its all cloudy and i said where r u taking me she goes come u deserve to go there and there are lots of cows in there and when my sister leaves me there i hear allah talking to me he screamed at me and said u dont pray u dont worship me u litsen to music u disobey ur mum why do u do that nd when my dream finished i quickly woke up nd started praying can u please tell me the meaning  🙂

My Reply: 


This dream needs no interpretation. But I will not bite my words here and lay it out for you.  

You better start praying, remember Allah much and the Day of Judgment, obey your mother and if you really love music too much and it’s not easy for you to give it up, then gradually try to replace the pop/rock with divine music or recitation of Holy Quran of famous Qaris’ of Islam e.g. Sheikh Saad Al Gamdi etc. and you will attain peace and solace.

A clear cut warning has been issued to you: Allah is cross with you and if you continue with your habits and don’t give up then be prepared to enter THE FIRE (Jahannum) when your soul depart from this world.

Good news is: Doors to repentance will remain open for everyone, even the most sinful, until we are alive and if we sincerely seek forgiveness from Allah. So take this opportunity to reflect and correct.

Allah says in Quran, Surah Nasr “——–Fa-sabbih bi-hamdi Rabbi-ka wa-staghfir-hu Inna-hu kana tawwaba.”(Then hymn the praises of thy Lord, and seek forgiveness of Him. Indeed! He is ever ready to show mercy.)


Sister sent this from India

Asssalam allaikum brother in islam,

I saw ur posts on”true islamic dreams “,forum and its really great that someone is doing such a nice and noble job of interpreting dreams, ur interpretations were mashhaallah very good . i am from india and m studying i hope m not putting an extra burden on u for helping me out with my dreams though it seems that ur plate is overloded with such requests and works, but please brother i really need ur help, if u can devote some of ur precious time for interpreting my dreams, it would be really very nice of u.,

(Her Dreams are not displayed)

My Reply to her Dreams and their Respective Interpretations:

Walaikum Salam

Dream # 1

It is an auspicious dream as you saw Musa (AS).You have been reading or hearing about him lately. You will definitely gain knowledge but it will be an uphill task since as you are difficult to please type of person and your arguments are not liked by many who accompany you.

You are as unyielding and strong willed person as Hazrat Musa ( AS ) was and there are some positive and negative aspect of such a temperament. It brings you close to Allah and knowledge but away from people because most people do not befriend such a person.

Dream #2

Things that come to you through intuition and perception from Allah should not be shared with your dad. Keep it to yourself next time around.

Dream # 3

This dream signifies your physical demand for sex which is taxing your brain. Either you control it by seeking help in Allah from Shaytan or maybe share this dream with your mom. If you mom is a sensible woman she will understand your need to get married. I have seen girls your age go stray; it’s not their fault, it’s the way their hormones are playing trick with them.

Dream # 4

You will be instrumental in influencing non-muslims toward Islam and that would be a plus for you in the hereafter, reward of which is only known to Allah.

Dream # 5

Your dad time has come. It’s not if but when the Angel of Death will come to take his soul.  

(Make sure you tell your mom to inform him to make repentance for the sins he has committed and to make his will and make an equitable distribution of wealth and property.) Do not forget the poor and the needy at the time of making of will.

Dream # 6

Every time, you see a new crescent moon pray to Allah like Rasul Allah s.a.w has done “Oh Allah make this rising new moon, a sign of peace and eeman ( belief) and long life and for Islam (strengthening of ). Aaamen ya rabulaalameen.

Dream # 7

Part a,    Shows your sexual urge is strong; please follow my advice from dream # 3

Part b,    Shows an important aspect of your personality (very much like mine): you tend to speak the truth, especially when it comes to religious ambiguities openly and without caring for the consequences and the people around you cannot digest it. Remember, you will make lots of enemies this way and you should beware. Seek Allah’s help as He is with you.

Dream # 8

Always seek Allah’s help from Shaytan, the outcast whenever you read this or any ayat of the Quran. This is especially meant for you because Shaytan is after you these days. Do not consider him to be a light enemy. He has his eyes on you. He will try to corrupt your dreams and try to come at you at your weakest link : Your Sexual Desire.

Dream # 9

Your family should keep on reciting this ayat.

Dream # 10

What is that certain prayer? Whatever it is, it’s good. If you remember it, recite it in abundance (that is only for you to do).

I know some of the interpretations are hard for you to digest but I thought I should let you know that not all the dreams are meant to please someone. Some dreams contain premonitions for the time ahead; some good or bad omen some very auspicious.

Hope you will continue to pray and seek refuge in Allah, do good to others and if you see someone misquoting Quran or Rasul Allah s.a.w do correct him/her but try to reason with them in a polite manner.

Wasalamualikum Wa Rahama Allah Wa Barakah

Sister sent this from Islamabad, Pakistan name is sana.and i m 17 year old. i m from islamabad.bhai please reed my mail and anwer me.because i have asked too many people to tell the meaning of my dream,but no one could answer me.i did an “istakhara”,,,simply that was for study.i saw that night that,my brother is offering prayer.the person,i m talking about is my brother,and in real he does not offer even nimaz-e-jumma.anyway then i saw that i m standing near him.and thare is a voice comes form anywhare.[in my dream i knew that this voice is “ALLAH”,S ALLAH says that ‘SANA’ have some patience for some will get that power,living,and,lifeless well be under your ll serve everyone.and suddenly,,i saw the fields and some electronic things..thay are all trembling.then ALLAH says..[and a girl comes on real that girl works on tv, she was looking very happy]”LOOK at that girl,she worked hard two years..and now she has her desire.then i aweked.the time was 4 am or something.i told the dream to my mother and sister.then i slept again.i finely had my istakhare,s dream.but when i slept again,,,ALLAH,s voice came again..”you will be for everyone……”this time..the dream was long to morning.i dont know whats that mean.please please please bhai tell me the true meaning of this dream.and reply me to tell that whare can i see your answer..please bhai i ll be very thankful if you answer me through will be easy for me to fine the answer.take care FEE AMAM ALLAH

My reply 


These dreams are being shown to you because you are chaste and are very devoted to Islam ; at the same time very confused and impatient individual; Allah wishes to guide you and in turn other people to be guided by you . He wishes you to remain steadfast and learn patience.

 Your dream has many implications within and I will try to unfold each in a sequence.

You seeing your brother who doesn’t even pray Jumah Prayer and you are standing beside him shows that you could prove to be a great influence on him in bringing him close to Allah and Islam. But for that you have to try and be patient as Allah has commanded you in the dream; not just tell him once or twice but by your example show him the light.

Living and Lifeless doesn’t mean that you will be given the power to raise the dead like Hazrat Isa A.S. It implies that you will, by your example of chastity and purity, following the faith, will be able to convince and influence people towards pure Islamic way. This will be the service required of you.

The example of the girl on TV was given to you just to let you know that you have to work harder than what you are doing right now. You may be a Hafiza or Learned in Quran and teaching of Prophet s.a.w but the big question is ‘are you delivering this message to Allah’s creation, starting with you family members, friends and so on and so forth’? This is what is meant by “you will be for everyone”. Once you have attained that status, a fountain of knowledge will flow from you and people will benefit from it.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Please stop asking different people for interpretation; Dreams will stop coming to you. There may be enemies within your close family members/friends whom you are not aware of and they cannot stand someone else seeing all the things you have been blessed with. So take my advice and seek forgiveness and refuge in Allah and stop asking for different interpretations to a dream.

Sister sent this from India

Asalaam brother

My this dream is strange today morning fajr time i had a dream that im standing in a village in pakistan which is my aunty,s village and she is there as well but her back was naked she had No kameez on at front of her and my face there is a big open earth with big massive water like a wave coming through i think it was clean next minute im painting my auntys back with cream colour paint as im covering her back shes bending down as im painting next minute her daughter——- comes and argues with me says shes my mum i want to paint her back but her daughter swears at me and her mum and fights with us i turn back and say to sadaf fear allah MARK MY WORDS AND TIME AND DATE YOU WILL NEVER SUCCED IN LIFE YOU WILL LOOSE UNLESS U ASK FOR FORGIVENESS she then swears at me.

brother this is my dream but in real life this lady who i call aunty is my mums friends who is very religiouse good women but has more faith in pheers then allah from my experience i know her for 2 years i have helped her through out her life and guided her right her daughter is so bad person u wont believe she beats her mum swears at her she doesnt pray or read she broke allahs frames and the prophets muhammads pbum s frame i stopped talking to her daughter for what she did my aunty has given her so much money in her young age that my aunty has spoilt her her daughter now cant live without money she is 16 yrs old i have adviced my aunty islamicaly to stop spoiling her daughter as she has messesd her life up but my aunty turns away from thr truth now today i told my aunty my dream and she has saw a similar dream which is as above

my aunty said she is naked and men are looking at her but she now wont tell me the rest because she said her pheers have said u shouldent tell your dreams to anyone plus your a fakhir thats what it means i dont agree brother because i might be young but alhumdulillah i have knoweldge of dreams and i do know that the prophet mumhammad pbum said dreams are from ALLAH AND BAD FROM THE SHAYTAN tell your dreams to people who understand and love you or who has a knowelgde as dreams are connection between ALLAH TALA and also sighns but my aunty said i wont do anything without my pheers permisstion but i would like u my brother give me what i saw is that some kind of sighn for me or my aunty mashallah my dreams have always been true i have recently sent u a email about my experience of dreams in the past.


My reply:

Walaikum Salam

There are things that we are not aware of and things which are in Gayb (Hidden) from us. I do not know your auntie. Maybe she is a pious woman and may Allah forgive me if I say something bad about her. This is just an interpretation to your dream that I will shortly elaborate.

Shirk (wrongly interpreted in India and Pakistan) is a very broad terminology. It does not merely means bowing down before a stone figure to worship. One kind of shirk involves being dependant on another human being more than Allah to solve one’s problems. Maybe your auntie is involved in this kind.

This is the short interpretation to your dream:

Your Aunty will be disgraced on the Day of Judgment for her shirk and bringing up a daughter who denigrates and insults Allah and the prophet s.a.w. Her daughter will get her share of the punishment.  To avoid all this, they will have to repent sincerely to Allah and seek proper guidance from Him in prayers and Quran before their eyes close in this world.

Piece of advice to your Aunty: Give up ‘Shirk’- going to the peers (fortune tellers etc.) and seek guidance from Quran.

Piece of advice to you: Give up backstabbing your auntie’s daughter; she will get her share in fire. If you continue backstabbing her, you will be facing grievous punishment in the GRAVE. Instead, guide her to the right way of Islam, in stages mind you, not all at once.

May Allah have mercy on you and your aunty and her daughter. AAMEEN


Sister sent this from USA

Asalaam brother,
You have a very nice site. GOD will bless you for your effort inshallah. I saw the following dreams.
1. Me and my friend (we both are religious and our trying our level best to please GOD) are are sitting on separate flying objects. I think they are mini air planes. But they are open so like a convertible so that we can see where we are. I notice they are going up and up and finally we realize that we are in space. We are just sitting the planes are going up themselves. I tell my friend we are so high, we are in space. Then the scene changes, now we both are sitting together in an air plane sort of vehicle and we are still very high is space. I have a book of duas in my hand. She is discussing a hadith with me. But in the middle of the hadith she starts discussing her husband and mother in law (in reality she is separated and cannot overcome her grief). I get irritated by this. I tell her that you said you want to do tableeg in future, how can you do tableeg if you can’t stop discussing them. She doesn’t understand and starts saying something when all of a sudden I hear thunder outside our plane. Then I say to her, see you are not listening to me but you surely understand this symbol (thunder). This is showing GOD’s anger. So just stop it. Then she realizes and stops discussing.
2. I saw in a dream that i am passing by an old woman. I realize suddenly iblees has taken her form. She is writing a seducing book. The moment i realize this I pass by her fastly because while writing the book she is also reading the words out loud. I don’t want those words to effect me.  I am wearing a uniform. Like a school uniform. Blue shirt white shalwar. I realize I also my old uniform shirt in my hand. Uncontrollably I am going back to that woman to give her my old shirt, but suddenly i come out of the trance and realize what i was about to do. I think to myself that my old shirt has my sweat on it and she might use it to do something wrong. The old woman (ibless) is irritated by my action and says give me your shirt. I keep saying no. She says “who do you think you are, you think you can make no mistake. In my heart I reply “I can make my mistakes but I am aware of ALLAH’s rehmat and maghfarat. She picks up a fork and comes towards me to attack me. I also pick up a fork and say go ahead attack me, but you know very well that the day you shed my blood, my blood will catch fire and destroy you. Then I wake up.
Please help me by interpreting these dreams.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam


This is your first step towards becoming Mumin from Muslim. Mumin is a higher grade Allah accords to those Muslims who strive in His way, who uses their intellectual capabilities to think, to contemplate or ponder over the Quran and then seek guidance from Allah and starts to implement Islam in their life. While doing this, Shaytan or Devil as you may call him, and his minions (of the jinns and humans) starts to sow a seed of suspicion, fear, rebellion, difficulty and hindrance in their way.

Your friend, as was shown to you in the dream and who maybe religious minded but devil may use her to distract you. Beware of her and any such friends. Do not debate Islam or teaching of it with them. Do not let them know what you are up to or they will use the devil’s best weapon: “Wasting of your precious time in chitchat and joking” anything to take your mind away from Islamic teaching until you have forgotten what you came to discuss and get involved in useless talks which leads nowhere. Mind you, this does not mean that you break up your relations with her. That would be against the teaching of Islam.

Another thing is that whenever you discuss a hadees with someone, do remember to authenticate it. This is another way you will waste your precious time over and come out with more confusion than you can handle.

The old women or devil incarnate was shown to you because it has an upper hand right now. You are in your infancy at the moment in learning Islam and becoming a Mumin. This is the time you are most vulnerable. But do not worry or give up. You do have an upper hand in the sense that Allah is with you and nothing can touch you physically. But devil will use other ways like your friends, TV, Radio, Shopping, and Internet chat etc. to distract you from Allah’s way. So please beware and be careful.

Surah Nisa vv. 76 “……………..So fight the minions of the devil. Surely! The devil’s strategy is ever weak.”

Surah Al-An’am vv. 68 “And when thou see those who meddle with Our revelations, withdraw from them until they meddle with another topic. And if the devil causes you to forget, sit not, after the remembrance, with the congregation of wrong-doers.”

Take care of yourself. May Allah protect you and guide you in your way to becoming a full Mumin. Aameen

Wasalamualikum WarahamAllah

Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Brother Aslamualikum

i dont know if your website is still runnning or not but i wanted you to help me wit two dreams.

1st dream: in my dream i see a big wall and there is alot of ropes comin from top of wall. people are rushing and trying to climbover to the other side. and they are using the ropes. mean while alot of people are climbing over wit ease and some of us get to the top and we are falling on our behind. at first it was not a big deal but when i saw people worrying, i realized it qiyama ( judgment day).

i kept trying to climb over but same results came my way. i pray to allah and said please take me back to earth for now i will start doing deeds, like praying and such. i kept pleading to allah and he finally answered my call. i woke up wit fear and sweat. it was fajr time indeed.

2nd dream: i believe it was after ramadan or maybe during.i cant recall. in my dream i went to this beautiful place masha’allah, every one was wearin white and the walls where white. and i saw couple of guys i know from mosque. and there is these doors kind of like ENTER AND EXIT doors. i knew right away it was the gates of jannah. some people are going thru these doors and going to other side but i just kept hanging around at the lobby. then i woke up. it was fajr time.

may allah increase your knowledge and make you a great scholar one day insha’allah. ameen

My Answer:

Walaikum Salam WarahamaAllah

Dream #1:

You have been negligent in your ibadah and prayers lately and it is taxing your mind. These thought have generated such feelings in your mind where you feel you need to repent to Allah.

This is what is shown to you in the dream. Right now your status is with those who are trying to climb over and enter Jannah and using the ropes but falling back due to negligence on their part; they are following their desire and that of the whims of the Shaytan and he has kept them busy in Mata ul Gurur (the life of this world and its captivation).

Eventually you will get your status back and Allah will bless you and forgive you but you need to sincerely repent to Allah for that.

Dream # 2 Interpretation is the same as the first one.


Brother from Nigeria sent this in December, 2010


i’ve recently been going downhill with my emaan,its gotten so bad that i have started to miss prayers and i have become really lazy,i hate it 🙁 before i was trying my up-most,praying, reading Quran etc,but its just crashed

sigh….last night i had a strange dream,i have forgotten most of it but what i do remember was that at the end of the dream,i was at the the door of Jannah,and i had this certain feeling it was and also prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was next to me but i could only see a white thobe and a bit of his shoulder and that his wives were on the other side of him.the doors opened and i could see green and a kind of sunset haze (i think it was just nuur) and we all entered together.

Brother May the one who created me and you and everything and every creation bless you with a good insight into the dream



Walaikum Salam Brother,

What you are going through I have gone through 100’s of times in my life. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything and I skip my prayers and am not steadfast; I get short tempered and disinterested; don’t feel like praying or reading and understanding Quran but rather watching TV, browsing the net, eating and sleeping etc. Well there is good news for you and millions of others like you and I: Congratulation on being a HUMAN BEING.

Our prophet (s.a.w) once told a sahabi (ra) that ” Oh Abduallah…………… your eyes have right over you, your body has a right over you, your wife has a right over you …………….” ( mutafaka ala hadis). What he was telling him was not to be excessive in the religion or it will surely overburden him. There are muslims in this world who are very pious and Allah has blessed them with knowledge and Hikmah but what they do not understand is that ” our ruh/spirit is trapped inside our body which is made up of soil and water as explained by Allah in the Quran in detail and it requires proper rest.

The truth is: our body can only take so much of anything. It gets tired and since our spirit/soul is part of our body it also follow suit. Sometimes, for apparent reasons, our mind starts sending signals to the body to rest since it has not rested enough to refresh the spirit. In west they call it “sleeplessness” or “insomnia”. Under such conditions we cannot concentrate on prayers or any Ibadah rather we feel like sitting, lying down ,eating or sleeping until we have recuperated enough.

To give you a small example when I went on Haj to Mecca ( Pilgrimage) for two days I couldn’t sleep due to the fact that the other Alhaaj staying with me in the room were very noisy and continuously coming in and out of the room the whole night. As such when I went to BaitAllah to pray I could not concentrate on prayers and was falling sleep throughout the fajr salah facing the Kaba and  standing before Allah and just wanted to give up prayer and fall asleep. (May Allah forgive me). So the next day the concerned person changed my room and I rested properly and got refreshed.

Your dream is a very nice one. Do not worry so much. Allah has shown you the abode of hereafter and has blessed you with the company of our blessed prophet s.a.w. Just take it easy, sleep well and the green and nur that was shown to you was an indication that you require little bit of green in your life i.e. go out and visit mountain side and lakes and glorify the One who has blessed you with the eyes that you can behold the beautiful wonders and inshallah He will rid you of the stress and you will be able to pray with a new vitality.


Sister sent this from Germany

Salam brother,

 I discussed your site with a friend of mine. She cannot mails her dreams as she does not have internet at her house. She needs help with these two dreams. May ALLAH help you in understanding and interpreting these dreams.

According to her:

  1. I am standing in an unknown place with my cousin (male). There is destruction everywhere. Buildings have fallen. It is as if there was an earthquake here and it has destroyed everything. Not a single building is standing. Suddenly we see a door. The door is open and there is light (nur) coming out of it. The door is not attached to a room. It is a door opening from like another world. There is a lot of light in that door. We suddenly go towards that door. My cousin says hurry up pray while the door is open. We start praying. After we finish praying the door closes. I say “see this is a sign that our prayers have been accepted.”
  2. I saw seven years ago (when i was single) that I am holding a baby. the baby is hazrat eesa (alahi salam). There are people sitting next to me. I tell them look this is hazrat eesa. They want to hold him too. But the moment I try to hand over the baby to them. The baby starts crying. The baby does not want to leave me.
  3. I saw in a dream while i was pregnant with my first child that I am pregnant and i am with my parents. We are at an unknown place . There is a lot of hurdles and broken land that we are trying to overcome and pass. My father is leading us. Finally when we overcome these hurdles, we come to a very beautiful place. There are tall white buildings. I have never seens such tall white buildings. I say in my heart “ALLAH i am such a sinful person even then you have brought me to such a beautiful place. Then i see a man standing there. HE is of old age. white beard. He says ALLAH likes your efforts and you keep trying no matter what.

Please help her in interpreting these dreams. ALLAH bless you.


My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Here are the interpretations:

Dream One: That dream meant that it was time for her to pray and seek forgiveness before the door to repentance closes ( death)

Dream Two: She needs to study the bible ( tell her to find the Barnabas version). There is something there which she needs to learn and hold unto. It will help her in her quest to get close to Allah. Thus do this dream interprets.

Dream Three: Good dream. It shows she is on the right tract. Maybe along the way she will need help of her parents and elders in learning the right ways of Islam and Quran but most certainly she will have to travel rest of the way alone. Allah is very pleased with her because she has humbleness in her which is very dear to Allah. Keep up the good work and continue to be like this. Remember, always be repentant and you will enter Jannah Inshallah.


Sister sent this in January 2011

Aslaam olaykum brother

 i have recently visited your page on true islamic dreams, i found it very interesting and alahmdulilah that you have this ability to interpretate islamic dreams may allah succeed you in whatever you do.

first of all i wanted your help to interpretate a dream that my husband had couple of days ago we have been very disturbed since that day.

my husband alamudulilah reads his nimaz along side his work, he had a dream that he was distributing meat to the poor and also he saw that he was also trying to chop the bone of the meat,i too have been have having disturbing dreams lately that i am pregnant and i lose the baby son i have by sudden death this is a dream that i had i give sadakah every day by putting  few pennies in  jar, we have got two children boy and girl and i also take a sadakah out for them too plz can you spare a few minutes to describe what this dream must mean .

thankoyu nad jazakallah.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

The interpretation is to the point. Yours and your husband’s disturbing dreams are linked together. You never know who has put the evil eye on you both; it could be one of your relatives or so called friend or could be a random visitor to your home. WalAllahho Alam.

Your troubles and misfortunes/mishaps will inshallah wither away.

Tell your husband to sacrifice a goat or sheep (whatever he can afford) every month for next three months with the intention of distributing the meat to the poor, but he must put the knife to slaughter the goat himself and then he has to distribute the meat to the needy or if you reside in the west then to the food kitchens and to the homeless. It would be better if he gets a professional butcher and while the butcher is chopping the meat, your husband can also do his part a little. Hope you got my point. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Muslim or non-Muslim he is giving the meat to. He can even give it to the animals or birds if they are hungry.

You must sacrifice with the intention in both your hearts of pleasing only Allah and getting rid of troubles and evil eye.

Please make sure the sacrificial animal is free of all faults and not handicapped in any way or form.

Do tell him to recite this short ayah which is in the form of dua from the Quran before every sacrifice, loudly if possible: Surah Baqara Ayah 127 “ ………. Rabana Takabal Mina Innaka Antas Samiul Aleem” —Our Lord accept from us (this effort, this duty, this sacrifice, this charity) for surely you are The Hearer, The Knower.

May Allah bless you both with love and may he accept your prayers on my behalf.


Sister sent this from USA

Assallam o laikum Brother,My dream –

I was in my Mother’s home (my Mum has passed away and I pray Allah swt grants both my parents Junnat Fardous, Ameen).

I was facing her lounge window (East) and suddenly I became aware of a Holiness so powerful that it could burn me with it’s purity.  I understood this was Allah swt’s presence.  I had to take one step back because His purity would burn me, it was SO PURE!  I realised in this dream that to be near Allah swt and Junnat Firdous, we have to be in a state of absolute purity, and on earth no matter how hard we strive, we easily slip into impurity, through thought, talk, action.  I realised that we have to strive to maintain purity in absolutely everything, the big things and the small things. 

Please can you add your interpretation?

Thank you, Wassallam.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Here is the  interpretation:

Keep your thoughts pure and also your chastity save. Hide yourself from the promiscuous eyes of men and women (both can be luscious). If you are not married, shaytan will be after you goading you to expose yourself before others or if you are already married, he might try out other tricks. His one big task which he has promised as a challange and Allah has accepted is to make those who walk aright, stray from Allah’s path by stimulating their illegal sexual desires.

Allah loves those who have a care for cleanliness, protect their chastity and you seem to be the who keeps chaste. Continue doing so to receive Allah blessing in the shape of Jannatul Firdaus.

May Allah accord you Jannat. Aameen ya RubulAaalameen


My Reply: (Sister’s Dreams are not mentioned here on her personal request )

Walaikum Salam

Both the dreams hold much good for you. Allah has not turned his face away from you despite what you went through and did.

Actually we are the created one and not the Creator. Our Creator has designed us in such a way that we set our own destiny and lay the path to either our development or destruction. This is the power and respect that we hold over many other creatures Allah has created in the heavens and the earth. We can never comprehend or understand the way our Lord works and what good He holds for us in this world and the hereafter.

First, let’s get the meaning of Kafir out of the way. Kafir is an arabic word meaning two things:

#1 The one who is presented with the proofs and beholds the truth yet turns his/her face away and does contrary to it.

 #2 The one on whom Allah has bestowed all His favors yet he/she is an ingrate and never thanks Allah nor is satisfied with what he/she has.

Now ask yourself in which category you fall in and then start working for your correction. I am certain you will be able to correct yourself because the dreams signifies Allah is with you, Whatever way you have turned, the dreams are saying ” there is a silver lining in the dark clouds”

Here are the brief interpretations:

Dream#1   You saw Allah speaking to you. This is a very good indicator that His mercy is upon you. Surah Bakarah Ayah 105 ” Allah chooses for His Mercy whom He wills”  But at the same time you cannot hear what He is saying means that the connection is weak between you and your Lord; mind you not on His part but on yours. In order to understand what He is saying you have to read and understand Quran. Remember, when you do that, Satan will become your worst enemy ( maybe right now he is your friend as you are away from Allah) This is how the dream interprets.

Dream#2 It is immaterial what phase of life or religion you were going through when you saw this dream but the dream holds much good for you.

It shows that you are a person of pure heart and Allah wishes to save you. He has been sending some good people towards you to guide you to the right path but you seem to be lost in transition. You have to make up your mind what you wish to achieve in your life; where you like to go; people you meet and bad company you may have to give up; relation that you may have severed have to be re-established; seek the way to please and approach your Lord for He is forever present with you and always willing to forgive and have mercy on you.

Hope these two interpretations will help you in your life. Please pray for me from your heart for I may have guided you today so Allah has mercy on me and my family.


Sister sent this from Bangladesh

Assalamualaikum, my name is basmah. My fathers cousin proposed for his son 5 Years back and my parents said yes but i was very young at that time so they told them to wait. It has been 5years and they have been waiting. my fiance is very nice mashallah and i love and respect him alot and so does he and i really want to do this. my fiances parents got an istikhara done and it was good. my dadi did an istikhara for me and she had a dream that she is cooking kheer (rice pudding). i read the istikhara duah and slept and i had a dream that Allah is telling my dadi that she should proceed with the wedding and the boy is good for me and she should get me married and that he might get married again later but maybe not but i should marry him and the voice was very clear . what does this mean? pls reply soon
My Reply:
Here is the interpretation:
#1 Marry. Proceed with the wedding
#2 Boy is good (this is to mitigate yours and your elders’ concerns about the boy)
#3 Whatever the outcome of your marriage with him, you should proceed along and marry him because Allah has chosen him. If you do not do so, the next boy or man in your life would not be good, although he may seem like it to you and your family)

Sister sent this from USA

assalamualaykum brother
for a couple of weeks i have been at my wits end arguing with my cousin that all duas need to be aske irectly to Allah swt,A ND NOT EVEN HOLY PROPHET PBUH)
WE HAD some arguments where I aske her to read holy quranand then read hadith an we both asked Allah for guiance.I prayed to Allah “put love of holy prophet in my i saw a dream that my passportpicture is torn from the head potion slightly an d i need a new pic ,so i proceed to get mypic clicke.but before i coul sit down for my pic to be taken ,they asked me to get up and then sat holy prophet muhamma in white turban an white dress and his photo was to be clicked.i can t remeber his whole face but i remember his one eye and cheek.I dont know the color of his eyes but from what i remeber its turquoise…….In the name of Allah ,kindly help me in intepreting this dream

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

It is very difficult to read and understand your English. Do me a favor, next time, take your time to correct common grammatical patterns in your writing and avoid using slang. Thank you.

As far as asking for anything from anyone is concerned, you are absolutely right. Read the following ayahs from the Quran and spread the word:

Quran –: ” I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he cries to Me.” Surah2, ayah no 186

“Those to whom you pray beside Him, do not own even white spot on date-stone” — 35: 13;

“They cannot hear your prayer- cannot grant it – on Day of Resurrection, they’d disown you” — 35: 14;

No one should be prayed to, asked for help and can grant you anything except the One who created you. Muslims’ read this ayah in every prayer daily yet do not ponder over its meaning:

Surah Fahtiah ayah 5 ” eeya ka nahbadou, wa eeyaka nastaeen” meaning that ” You (Allah) alone we worship and will continue to do so in future, You ( Allah) alone we ask for help and will continue doing so in future”. ——In Arabic, present and past tenses are joined together.

Now, remember tell your friend this just once. If she doesn’t believe, leave her alone. Allah will guide her in His own way. Your job is to correct your own faith and follow a straight path laid by Hazrat Ibrahaim a,s. and Rasul Allah s.a.w.

OK, back to your dream. As you said you had prayed to Allah to put love of Rasul Allah s,a,w in your heart and Allah heard your prayer and that’s why this dream was grated to you. It is a blessing for any person to see our prophet s.a.w. in the dream. Do not ever doubt that you have seen him or not. The best thing for you to do now is to continue sending him salutations though Allah. I highly recommend using Darooday abraheemi. But if that is lengthy, then use the short version ” Allaha huma Sallaay Allah Muhammad wa baarak Wasalam”  10 times after every fard ( obligatory) prayer. You will inshallah have the love of Rasul Allah in your heart and may Allah grant you with many more dreams in which Rasul Allah s.a.w  guide you with love and compassion. Aameen ya Rabulaalameen.


Brother send this from India

Dear brother in Islam,

dream:1)Take my salam. Recently I had a dream where I saw an unknown women died and I agreed to pay all the expense for her funeral.And I was feeling so good to pay her expense though in my dream it didn’t seem like an obligatory act upon me.For your information the women died in my dream was very poor.

dream:2)In another dream I saw a person whom I killed out of revenge.After killing I was very much afraid of convicted in murder case.Though I didn’t get arrested.

dream:3)I was riding in a strongly made vehicle and the vehicle was bigger in size.It was going so fast that sometime I got afraid of a collusion.Though I was not worried about myself because I was feeling safe inside it rather I got worried about other vehicles on the road.

Please brother put some light on this three dream.salam. 

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Last two dreams are what Rasul Allah has described as “Rumbling of the mind dreams” I do not interpret such dreams.

First one is a good one; it will come under the ambit of Islamic dreams as you are helping the poor. That’s what required of you. Help out the needy. Maybe someone in your family or neighborhood is needy and requires assistance and you are able to help them but the womenfolk in your house are against charity. You determine the path yourself and do not let others dictate it for you. Allah is close to those who love the poor and needy. May Allah show you much better dreams heralding His mercy. Aameen


Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

published due to confidentiality purposes but his reply is shown in the end)

My Reply:

First Dream:  Help others, feed the hungry and trust Allah blindly to grant you the wish, however impossible; never be in doubt that you have heard His Voice.

Second Dream: You will be in the company of the prophet s.a.w and the sahabas on the Day of Judgment. Just keep on reciting and understanding the Quran and implement it in your life.


PS: Don’t share these dreams with anyone or you will stop seeing Islamic dreams. There are people who may envy you for seeing such blessed dreams.

Brother’s Reply:

Thanks very much my brother.may allah bless u and ur family in every matter of life.i cant tell u how much i needed words like these u told me. Thanks again.fee aman allah

Dreams sent by Sisters & Brothers and their Interpretations:

Sister sent this from England March 2011

Assalam Walaikam

i was wondering if you could interpret an islamic dream i had a few days back? it would help me a lot,

Although it was a very short dream it got me thinking. My uncle passed away almost 2 years ago, he was a practicing Muslim and I always found him a very good role model.  He is obviously close to my heart and I do miss him, but whatever is   Allah swt’s will. 🙂

Anyway I had a dream a few days back where he came in my dream and he was of good character but he said something to me that has really creeped me out, he said in Feb 2016 everything will change which will make it very hard to be a good muslim. I think he also said something about how hell will be hard to escape?

It seems he was trying to warn me and telling me to be a better muslim now?

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

If he was a good Muslim like you said he was and close to God and you always found him truthful, then you should not doubt his words he spoke to you in the dream.

Look around you: do you find truthfulness in majority of Muslims today? People call themselves Muslims (meaning the one who is submissive to the will of Allah and saying of Quran) and you find them praying five times a day, fasting 30 days a year, performing hajj and paying zakat and charity yet if they are tested with temptation of sex, money and property they will be the first one to turn around and put the ayah of the Quran behind them, knowing well that Allah is watching them and He has prepared Fire for all such people who break His rules.

Today, majority of Muslims are caught in a vicious cycle of deceiving none other than themselves. They believe that 5 times daily prayers will save them no matter how bad they are; they believe Rasul Allah s.a.w will intercede for them even if they have committed murder, rape and inequities throughout their lives. Our prophet ( May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, his companions and his family) will indeed intercede for the Muslims who may have been committing sins unknowingly but correcting themselves throughout their lives or those who have been seeking repentance from Allah after sin.  

This is just like the belief of the Christians that Jesus will intercede for them and take them to the Kingdom of Heaven if they (God forbid) believe that he is the only begotten son of God. Jesus, they claim will take all their sins on his head and get them through to Jannah. How wrong all these Christians and Muslims are will become apparent on the Day of Judgment when God will ask them to bring their Proof.

The time 2016 has already started dear. This is just a warning which was being delivered to you through your pious uncle and you must spread this word around. For you personally it will be a difficult task. The coming years could prove to be a test of your nerves in pursuing Islamic way of life; maybe due to the fact your family ways are not coinciding with your way of thinking or the person you marry or is already married to do not conform to your way of Islamic thinking. Anything you say to change the life of a person will go down as a good deed for you. At the same time, don’t be disappointed by those who may ridicule your dream. Always trust Allah and do good.


My Reply: (Sister has requested that her name and dream may be kept confidential)


First Dream:


No dream interpretation is required. Allah has been merciful towards you and drew a picture for you through the lens of a young lady who has lost her child yet she is confident in Allah that He will find the child for her and if the child is lost, He will provide another one.


The message is clear for you: rely on Allah completely, not half heartedly. Allah says in Quran “Oh you who believe, enter into the silmay (religion, faith, submission) completely…….”


Second Dream:


The child in your dream could be the one you have lost through dnc/abortion/still birth etc. Or he could be the one Allah will bless you later on in this life. Anyway, he has been preoccupying your thoughts together with the fear of hereafter when you saw this dream.


The dream interprets as such: you will be saved on the Day of Judgment Inshallah, together with the one who is

very dear to you (son). For this to become reality, have faith in your heart till the time of your death that there is no other god, helper, facilitator, cherisher, sustainer other than the One God. Never lose this hope; your survivor is dependent on this belief.


May Allah save you from the vagaries and hardships of the Day of Judgment. Aameen


PS: Please remember to seek my forgiveness and Jannah from Allah.

I will put more of my dreams as and when they occur……………………………

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Wasalmualikum Wa Rahama Uallah