Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) Grave in Medina, Saudi Arabia. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the prophet, his family, his companions and all momeneen and momeenats in this world, past , present and future Aameen.

Part of Author’s last visit to Medina and Mecca to perform Pilgrimage

Author visits natural gaysers at Yellowstone National Park,Montana and Wyoming USA 2005. It was an amazing sight to see. Once in a lifetime shot. Go see the wonders of gaysers shooting up in the sky from time to time, all by themselves without human interference.

“Which is it of the favors of your Lord will you deny ” (Quran Surah Ar-Rehman:16)

Author at the 8th Wonder of the World : The Grand Canyon, Arizona July 2006. No matter how many times one visits this 8 million old wonder created by Allah, one tends to go back. It’s just breathtaking. My first impression was shock and then awe.

“Which is it of the favors of your Lord will you deny.”Quran Surah Ar-Rehman:16”.

Author visits Zoological Garden to see the wild desert plants (Pheonix, Arizona 2005).

There were plants I saw which are found only in deserts like arizona, which in summer can get so hot that even under the shade of a tree you can get no respite. Despite this, there were trees which grow and live without water and create their own water reserve and animals drink from them. Amazing. SubhanAllah Wal HumduAllah.

Which is it of the favors of your Lord will you deny” (Quran:Suran Ar-Rehman)

Author’s last visit to Beautiful Alaska, USA July 2006. This is what the eyes should be used to observing and glorifying the One who has created such beauty. How unfortunate a soul is that do not thank his/her Lord for giving it the opportunity to observe such untouched beauty. I was literally holding my breath on the entire voyage. SUBANALLAH WALHUMDUALLAH

Surely in the Heavens and the Earth are signs for Believers (Koran 45:3)

Author visits Colorful Red Rock Canyon ,April 2006, near Los Vegas to observe the wonders of Red, Black, white and yellow streaks in mountians all in one place

“…..And among the mountains are streaks, white and red, of various hues and (others) intensely black” Al-Quran 35:27 SubhanAllah WalhumduAllah.

Dog Kennel close to Denali National Park, Alaska 2006

Despite widespread Muslim belief that dogs are dirty and filthy, they are mentioned in the Quran in more places than one. They should be loved not loathed. In Chapter 18 titled Kahf (cave) there is a story of young men who stood up to the whole city and declared their monotheism for God. God loved them. They use to love their dog and it would go everywhere with them. Please read between the lines of the following verses and determine for yourself if dog has ever been an issue for God.

Quran 18:13 ” We narrate unto you their story with truth . Surely they were young men who believed in their Lord and We increased them in guidance”

Quran 18: 18…………… and their dog stretching out his paws at the entrance (to the cave)

Quran 18:22……………..”(Some) will say they were three, their dog the fourth,and (some)say: Five, their dog the sixth, guessing at random; and (some)say: seven, their dog the eight. Say(O Mohammad): My Lord is best aware of their number…….”

Quran 5:4 ” They ask you what is made lawful for them. Say: good things are made lawful for you. And the beasts and birds of prey which you have trained as hounds are trained, you teach them which Allah taught you, so eat of that which they catch for you and mention Allah’s name unon it………”

Author takes a special tour of King William Sound all day ferry, Alaska to see Twenty six (26) glaciers. I would recommend anyone who has the wherewithal and health to take this trip before departing this world. Wouldn’t you like to know what you have been missing your whole life, huh !

Quran” Surely In the Heavens and the Earth there are signs for believers”

Author visits Aleska Resort, on his way to Seaward Island in South Alaska and wonder at the beauty from above.

Quran 3:191 ” such as remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, ( and say) : Our Lord! You have not created this in vain. Glory be to You! preserve us from the doom of Fire”

Author Visits Alaska Zoo to see the unique animals only found in Alaska

Quran 45:4 ” And in your creation, and all the beasts that HE scatter in the earth, are signs for people whose faith is sure”

Author visits Sea World Orlando, Florida, to see Dolphins in Action

Quran 6: 38 ” There is not an animal in the earth, nor a flying creature flying on two wings, but they are communities like unto you. We have neglected nothing in the book, then to their Lord they will be gathered”

Author visits Grand Canyon,Arizona, twice and still fails to comprehend the magnitute of the Great Divide and its various colors. Praise be to God.

Quran 2:116 ” And they say: Allah has taken unto Himself a son. Be He glorified! Nay, but whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth is His. All are subservient unto Him”

Balakot, Pakistan Earthquake 2005

It laid almost whole town to waste. Thousands perished, young, old ,men, women , children ( no exception).

Quran Surah Isra ayt # 58 ” There is not a township but We shall destroy it before the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishement. That is set forth in the Book (of Our decrees).

Quran Surah Surah Anfal ayat # 25 ” And guard yourself against chastisement which cannot fall exclusively on those of you who are wrong doers, and know that Allah is severe in punishement”

Quran Surah Anaam ayt #65 ” Say: He is able to send punishment upon you from above you or from beneath your feet……….”

Quran 15:16 ” And certainly in the heaven we have set mansions of the stars, and We have beautified it for beholders

Quran 15:17″ And We have guarded it against every accursed devil”

Quran 15:18″ Except him who steals a hearing, so there follow him a visible flame”

December, 28th. 2009. The Day Business District of Karachi, Pakistan Burned to the Ground.

This was a grim reminder from Allah to those who are multi-millionaires that they can become paupers overnight. We should look around us: there are our brothers, sisters, parents, friends, neighbors who need our help but never ask for it and we have the wherewithal to help them with but we hold back, afraid we will loose our precious wealth but when the hammer of God falls, it takes away everything and we sit down dejected, self-reproaching and can’t undo anything, even if we try.

Surah Al-Kahf vv 46 ” Wealth and Children are an ornament of the life of this world. But the good deed that endure is better in your Lord’s sight for reward, and better in respect of hope.”

Surah Qasas vv 77 ” And seek by means of what Allah has given you the abode of the hereafter, and do not neglect the portion of this world, and do good (to others) as Allah has done good to you, and do not seek to make mischief in the land, surely Allah love not the mischief-makers.”

Surah Nisa vv 37 ” Those who hoard their wealth and enjoin avarice on others and hide what Allah has given them of His grace; and We have prepared for the ingrates a disgraceful chastisement.”

Haiti’s Earthquake Kills an estimated 200000 in 60 seconds

Surah Al-Anaam vv 6 ” See they not how many generation We destroyed before them, whom We have established in the earth more firmly than we have established you, and We shed on them abdundant showers from the sky, and made the rivers flow beneath them. Yet We destroyed them for their sins, and created after them another generation.”

Surah Yunas vv. 13 ” We destroyed the generations before you when they did wrong; and their messangers came unto them with clear proofs but they would not believe. Thus do We requite those who sin.”

Surah TA-HA vv 20 ” Is it not a guidance for them (to know) how many generation We have destroyed before them amid whose dwellings they walk? Surely, therein are signs for men of understanding.”


As I would go on my morning walks through the wooded areas in Rhode Island, I would often stop in my tracks to listen to the whistled song of this tiny, little bird. Sounds like ((“Hey, sweetie!”)). You won’t believe what this particular chirping can do to soothe and relax your senses. SubhanAllah Wal HumduAllah.

Quran Surah Al-Anbiya vv 79 ” ……………….. and we subdued the hills and the birds to hymn (HIS)praise along with David; and WE were the doers (thereof).”

Surah Al-Isra vv 44 ” The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise HIM, and there is not a thing but hymn HIS praise; but you understand not their praise. Surely, HE is Forbearing, Forgiving.”

The man whispered “God, speak to me”
And a meadowlark sang. (Meadowlark is a song bird similar to chikadee)
But the man did not hear.

So the man yelled “God speak to me!”
And the thunder rolled across the sky.
But the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said “God let me see you”
And a star shone brightly.
But the man did not notice.

And the man shouted “God show me… a miracle”
And a life was born.
But the man did not know.
So, the man cried out in despair.
“Touch me God and let me know that you are here!”
Whereupon God reached down and touched the man.
But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

Be Observant, Allah is speaking to you through all the animals, mountains, rivers, pasture, fruits and drink that HE has given you to savor or taste. Just don’t forget to thank your Lord for all the favors HE has bestowed on you.

This is at once unislamic and Western based propaganda.

Marriage is a sacred duty incumbent on all: parents , sons and daughters and the above picture and caption is an insult to our prophet saaw (maaz Allah) who has set example of marrying an older than him woman (hazrat khadija r.a.) and younger than him girl (hazrat ayesha r.a.) who were without any books or educated yet hold high lofty places in this world and hereafter as long as the heavens and earth remains.

We are, AlhumdulAllah, Muslims as such girls are married as soon as their parents find them suitable matches. Some are, unfortunately getting frustrated due to high demands of dowry (another unislamic hindu tradition). For all such Allah in Quran has exhorted patience until they find a way out from Allah.

Subhan Allah Wal HumdulAllah. Allah granted me a complete Umra in a dream on the night of 24th March 2014. “AlhumdulAllahay Ladi Fadal Lana Alayay Kathir min Ibadil Mumeneen”.- This is my prayer to Allah: My Lord like me, grant all my Muslim brothers and sisters umra and Hajj both in a dream or in reality. Ameen Ya Rabalaalameen. —– The photo is from actual Umra performed in 2011 Shabaan.

April 20, 2024 3:50 am


For a long time now, I have been contemplating writing about my True Islamic dreams which Allah had shown me since I was a child. This website is only an attempt to share my dreams with their respective interpretations with anyone here who is like-minded and might get inspired or would like to share similar experiences with me or the world. I have entitled them as sacred dreams. I will try to transliterate some Arabic and Urdu words for the benefit of western audience. So, here are some Arabic words that you must understand and know.


( Aul-Laah)The God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. This is actually an Arabic word meaning God or caretaker of the Heavens and the Earth and sustainer of all life therein. It is the same Elohim of the Old testament and the Persians and Pakistani call Him Khuda (ku-da). He neither has any shape, form nor does He resemble anything that He has created in the seven (7) Heavens or the Earth. SubhanAllah


( Koo-raan) (litreral meaning Lecture) The holy book which was revealed by Allah through Angel Jibraeel to the qulb of Mohammad (s.a.w) during his lifetime. Originally the revelations or Ayas (verses) were written on parchments by the companions of the prophet (s.a.a.w). After his death in the reign of third (3) Caliph of Islam Hazarat Usman r.z it was compiled in the form of a book which came to be known as Quran.


(Ma-laa-a-ka)Angel in English and Farishta in Persian and Urdu.


( Moo-hum-mud)The last prophet and messenger of Allah to mankind according to the Quranic belief. This is the cornor-stone on which the Muslim faith is formed.


(EEH-SA)Jesus Christ in English and Yasu Masi in Urdu. Muslims believe that he was sent as a prophet to the children of Israel and he performed tremendous miracles with Allah’s permission and was helped in this by Ruh-ul-Ameen.

Ruh-ul Ameen:

(rooh -aul -aa-meen)Arch angel Gabriel in English and Jibraeel in Arabic and Urdu. It is Muslims’ belief that he was instrumental in delivering the Wahi to the prophets of Allah and is the chief of all the angles whose strength and numbers is only known to Allah.


(wwh-hee) The deliverance of message by an angel to a prophet’s Qulb unknown to others around him.
Qulb: (Kk-aal-b) The inner most part of the heart.

Salal Allah Waalia Wasalam:

Short of which is (SAAW). This is a salutation-prefix must be added, every time the name of Mohammad is mentioned, which a Muslim seek from Allah to be bestowed on the last prophet of GOD, Muhammad.
PBUH: (Peace Be Upon Him) Prefix, similar to SAAW but is not exclusive to Mohammad. It must be used when mentioning the name of any prophet or messenger.

Bait-u-Allah or khaba:

(bait-oul-la) (kaa-baah)a huge rectangular stone structure within the premises of Haram believed by Muslims to be the House of God on this earth. All muslims, whereever they might be living, must turn their faces towards this Khaba not to worship it but to turn in unison towards it to show their solidarity and prove that there is but One God they worship.


(haa-rum)The Inviolable Place of Worship. This is the boundry wall inside which is located the Bait-u-Allah. Sometimes this term is loosly defined as the area outside the boundry wall as well entering which a person comes under certain Islamic obligations.


(shay-taan) Satan who belongs to the tribe of Jinn.


(Literal meaning : that which is hidden) Creatures who are made of smokeless fire by Allah before the birth of Adam(PBUH). According to Quran they can observe humans and we human cannot observe them plainly with our eyes. Some authentic traditions of Prophet s.a.w. and authentic events recorded by later generation have proven that Jinns can take human form when they come in touch with humans. Their real form, whatever that maybe, will only be visible to us only on the day of judgement.


(Saa-laah) Prayers in English and Namaz in Persian and Urdu. There are five (5) obligatory salah enjoined on a muslim daily.


(Zee-nah) an act looked down upon by Allah whereby a man indulges in sex with a woman outside the bounds of marriage. This act contains both fornication and adultery. Unfortunately the learned Christians and Jews have twisted this word to mean only adultery, whereby a married man cannot have sex with another married woman. On the other hand,they have allowed sex outside marriage for consenting adults also known as fornication. In Islam both fornication and adultery comes under Zina.


(Ree-bah) A act of taking interest from /on your capital or money which you give to an individual or an institution which is considered forbidden in Islam.

Allah has made it very clear to Momeneen in Quran, Surah Bakarah aya # 278/279 ” O you who believe! Observe your duty to Allah and give up what remains ( due to you) of Riba, if you are believers. But if you do not, then be warned of war from Allah and His messanger (s.a.w). And if you repent, then you shall have your capital (without Riba). Wrong not and you shall not be wronged.” Many interpretation of Riba has been given by different Islamic and non-islamic scholars for and against Riba. Some have named it Usuary and have allowed interest, thus falling into the trap of Shaytan. Call it Usuary or Interest, it is the same. Some justify taking interest in the contemporary times due to constraints of world economy. One school of islamic thought believes that all types of interest falls under the definition of Riba, be it money in bank deposited as savings or be it given to an individual at a higher rate of return. Author tends to agree with this school of thought. In urdu Riba is known as Soud (sood).

Hadeeth or Hadit:

(haa-dees)Sayings of the Prophet narrated by his his faithful companions and recorded by experts in compilation of such sayings.This term also includes saying of Prophet s.a.w.’s trusted companions.

Sunnah or Sunnat: (sunn- naah):

Arabic word meaning Tradition, Characteristic, Nature. This sunnah can be of Allah (as mentioned in the Quran on many places) of a King or any other individual. Mostly in Islamic terminology we use this term to define the character, traditions and nature of Rasul Allah (s.a.w.)


(Rah-sool) term used in arabic signifying a messanger of God both human and an Angel. In Persian and Urdu we use Paygambar(pah-ghum-ber) meaning rasool.


(Sche-rik) Arabic term meaning associating anyone or anything with or equal to Allah. The term as was used 1500 years ago in the times of our prophet (s.a.w) has taken on different connotations since then. At that time, the Kafirs (disbelievers in the monotheism of Allah) of Mecca use to consider Angels as daughters (God forbid) of Allah and believed that they would be the intercessors for them on Judgment day and also they have carved up different statutes in order to get access to Allah through them. In present day Shirk is different. Now Shirk is synonymous to excessive love of Money, Wife, Husband, Parents Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Children, Property, Business, Saving Bonds, Prize Bond etc etc. more than Allah. Anything that creates a mental picture of reliance in a person’s mind and that person starts to rely on that material or immaterial thing besides/instead of The One God, could be associating these as partners to Allah as these could be a cause of Shirk.


( Caa-Firr) Most misunderstood term of Arabic for those who are non-Muslims and even those who are Muslims. Here is why:

When I conducted research on this word, I found the answers in Quran.

There are two meaning to it:

#1 When a person is presented with all proof/testimony and facts and his/her heart also gives evidence to it but he/she still turns away stubbornly and refuses to accept it, he/she is called a Kafir in Arabic.

#2 Another type of Kafir is exemplified through Surah Shuara vv.18-19 when Faroh was addressing Hazrat Musa (P.B.U.H)as a father addresses a son and said that ” we have raised you among us as our son and you have lived among us for many years and you did what you did but you have turned out to be a KAFIR” Here Faroh did not mean Kafir in the sense of disbelieve but in the sense of son being UNGRATEFUL to a father.

Hence, anyone who is ungrateful to Allah for whatever HE has provided or not provided for that person’s sustenance and curses his misfortune is committing Kufr and is also termed as a kafir. It doesn’t matter if he calls himself a Muslim or non-Muslim.


(Mos-lem or Muss-lim) Term associated with a person who submits himself/herself to Allah by following the teachings of Quran and Prophet (saw). These days the term is distorted to refer to anyone who accepts Islam as his/her religion without following or practicing Quranic and Prophetic teachings and without the performance of good deeds. This has given birth to the notion of salvation found in Christianity that no matter what you do if you take Jesus for son of God (may Allah forgive), you will be allowed entry to the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus will take upon himself all your sins. This practice, unfortunately has given birth to the notion in a country like Pakistan to many types of Shirks among them visiting many shrines and praying to the dead person directly to ameliorate their misery or get them access to Allah instead of asking/imploring Allah directly and alone.


(Moo-min) Higher grade accorded by Allah to a muslim who is stedfast, persevere under dire straits, employs his mental and spritual abilities to fight evil within and outside and tries to connect examples mentioned in the quran to his daily life activities and thereby shun that which is forbidden and accepts that which is beneficial for his/her character and moral development and whose life is spent in goodness and righteousness.


(Ha-za-rat) Mr. in English and Gaanaab in Urdu


Islamic Dreams: Preamble and Sources

Dream interpretation is mentioned in the Quran and the Prophet (saw) regularly practiced it himself and also interpreted the dreams of his companions. This website will attempt to explain my dreams as interpreted by me to the best of my knowledge and ability. The basic concept of Islamic dream interpretation has been taken up from Mohammad bin Sareen (an early Fiqh-jurisprudence and Hadeeth scholar. Period: 653-729CE). His famous book “Dreams and Interpretations” has helped me understand about Islamic dreams. All excerpts of his book are actually a compilation of Abu Hurara [Prophet (saw) trusted companion] who narrated from the Prophet himself.
Finally, the person who provided me the impetus in writing my dreams and their interpretation is Dr. Bilal Philips (A great scholar; lecturer of Arabic and Islamic studies at the American University in Dubai and Ajman University in Ajman, UAE.) His famous book “Dream Interpretation according to Quran and Sunnah” has helped me a lot in my interpretations. Although I have never met him but after reading his book, I saw an Islamic Dream which I will mention later on.
According to Abu Hurara (RA), the prophet said “there are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which cause sadness is from satan, and the dreams from the ramblings of the mind”. (Source: Sahih Muslim vol. 4, pg. 1224, no. 5621; Sahih Bukhari vol.9, pg. no. 116)

Rumblings of the Mind:

The way I look at it, I have seen ramblings of my mind shown in dreams. These dreams send a mixed signal to the mind and depict what you are going through at a particular time in your life. For example you are having a week of bad time with your wife, your children, your parents or your co-workers and boss has stressed you out at work. You have had a serious fight with your friend or someone on street etc. You have become obsessed with a women or men. Now in your exhaustive frame of mind you are bound to see these kinds of dreams and they are sometimes all jumbled up. The best way to differentiate between this type of dream and others mentioned by the Prophet (saw) is to remember that these dreams are short lived in your memory and they do not leave any lasting impression in your life.

Dreams from Satan:

I have had on many occasions seen dreams which are promiscuous(sexual) in orientation, someone dying at my hand, I am jumping from a height, someone very close to me dying or lying dead before me. Sometimes the satan will try to attack you indirectly through another human being or directly in the form of Jinn and their kinds. These types of dream can again be differentiated from others because there is no element of divinity in it. These dreams are devoid of any good tidings or the right direction in life. They only create disharmony in life and tend to make one sad and fearful. People in the west call them nightmares. My sincere advice is to not tell anyone about them but seek refuge in Allah from satan.

Dreams from Allah:

These type of dreams are at once divine in nature and their nature and interpretation will become clear to you with the passage of time and with the constructive development of your mental and physical attitude towards life in general and to the life in hereafter in particular. Some of these are so clear that they require no interpretation and I have been blessed to have witnessed the like of them. Some others require interpretation and the best person to interpret is the one who is shown such dreams by Allah. Now how will one judge if the person been shown the dream is the right person to interpret. In this regard the saying of Prophet (saw) is very clear. Abu Hurara (RA) reports that the prophet (saw) said: “Those of you with the truest dreams will be those who are most honest in speech” (Source: Sahih Muslim, vol 4, pg, 1224, no. 5621). Now it depends on the person who is listening to a dream been narrated to stop and think whether the person telling me such a dream is of good conduct, honest in his everyday dealings and and truthful in speech. If not then you can easily spot a liar.

The Million dollar question is:

Why is Allah showing such dreams to a person when all doors to prophethood are closed and there will be no more divine books or messengers coming after Mohammad(saw) ? Quran says “today I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor on you, and have chosen Islam as your religion” ( Chapter 5 verse 3)
There are basically three reasons (there might be more but I came up with these three:

Allah wishes to show favor to his slave:

If Allah is well pleased with His servant or a believer, He show believer His favor through a dream. This way a believer’s heart is at rest and he knows whatever he is doing, Allah is pleased with him. Allah is explicit in Quran about this “ It is not befitting for a human that Allah should speak to him except by way of inspiration(dreams), from behind a veil, or he sends a Rasool( an angel is the shape of a man) to reveal or declare what He wishes by His permission. Indeed, He is the Most High, Most Wise” (Quran, chapter 42 verse 51).

We must, however, keep three important factors in mind when expanding on this revelation otherwise the result could be devastating on a human mind; the mind loves to play tricks and the person being bestowed with such dream inspiration might delve in forbidden territories which create an intellectual vacuum. This vacuum is then filled by satan who unceasingly inspire that person to become what he dare not be in real life and thus rebel against his Lord; just like he made our father and mother Adam (PBUH) and Eve to eat of a forbidden tree, enticing them to become immortals .A human, weak in determination and unaware of Quranic teachings, might start considering himself to be or equal to a prophet. This has happened to people in the past. May Allah guide and protect the believers from all such satanic thoughts (Ameen). To eliminate this eventuality from our thoughts we must believe and remember that the direct route to inspire through Wahi, brought down by an Angelic Rasool to a Human Rasool ended with the demise of Mohammad (saw) in 570AD. Only way left is through dream inspiration. Later on you will see, one of my dreams consist of an Angel who spoke to me. Another thing mentioned in the above verse is that Allah speaks to human beings from behind the veil. Here again it is all Muslims’ belief that this refers to Prophet Moses (PBUH) when Allah spoke to him on Quay Toor (Mount Sinai) mentioned both in Old testament and Quran. Also Allah spoke to Mohammad (saw) behind the veil on the seventh heaven in his vision. Allah has left no doubt in the minds of his servants regarding this last issue. Allah says
“No vision (eye) can comprehend (see) Him, but He comprehend (see) all Vision (eye). He is the Subtle, The Aware.” (Quran Al-Anam verse 103).
Thus all created being be it humans, angels, jinns or any other creatures known and unknown created by the All Mighty cannot see him. Nor have they seen him in past, present or will they ever see him in future( no matter how high exalted they might be). No authetic hadess of Rasul Allah will claim that rasul Allah s.a.w saw Allah during his journey (miraj). In this regard Hazrat Aisha r.z., the mother of all believers is on record saying when asked by companion of Rasul Allah if he s.a.w has indeed seen Allah, she said “”How can anyone see Allah when he is Noor (light)?”” Thus, Only on the Day of Judgement, Allah will show himself to His devoted slaves, whom He wishes. (Allah humma jaalna min hum)May Allah allow and include us in those slaves-Ameen)

Allah wishes to raise the rank of his slave

Allah in the Quran calls Himself Rafi-ud-Darajat-(Raiser of Ranks of his slaves) (Surah 40:15). This is another way by which Allah shows His favor: that I am pleased with what you are doing( treating other human beings with kindness, eliminating your bad habits which are Add Imagedispleasing to Me, being kind to your parents, your neighbors, wayfarer, poor, your relatives, avoiding Zina, Riba, Alcohol etc). Through such dreams Allah makes a believer’s heart strong and sure in this life of this world and in the hereafter he will be accorded an unprecedented welcome according to his rank.

Allah wishes to show what’s in store for slave:

Another reason why Allah shows such dreams is to let the believer be joyous in the fact that what is in store for him is tremendous and will not waste away. But, here again, one must be careful. The dreams which shows bliss is only a glimpse of what is in store. (I will narrate one such dream later on). Quran says “No soul knows what delights of the eye are kept hidden for them, as a reward for their (good) deeds” (Surah 30:17)

Lastly in defense of my dreams I will quote the prophet here. Abu Hurara (RA) reports from the Prophet “Nothing is left of the prophethood except glad tidings.” The companions asked “what glad tidings O prophet of Allah.” And the prophet replied “good dreams”. (Source: Sahih Bukhari vol 9, p98, no.119).
In another narration from Anas ibn Maalik (RA) the prophet (saw) said “A good dream of a righteous person is one of forty-six parts of prophethood”. (Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol 9, p 94, no.112)

Keeping in mind the above mentioned facts let me start to write down my dreams. Before that I must mention this verse of the Quran “Who does more wrong then him who invents a lie against Allah” (Surah 11:18) and also the authentic saying of Prophet (SAW) quoted by Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) ” Indeed, the worst lie is that of a person who falsly claims to have a dream ” (Sahih Al-Bukhari vol. 9, p135, no.167).Therefore, this is an honest attempt by me to narrate here all the dreams as they occurred to me. The period of occurrence is around 30 years (Could be less or more). The dreams are so lucid that I could not detect any anomaly in them. In my zeal to describe them I might at times add or delete a few words here or there, but overall the message is as clear as if I have seen them just yesterday. My purpose of narration is to engender a chain-reaction from like-minded people who can email me their dreams which are true and Islamic in nature. I will try to add them to my website and interpret them. Any grammatical or spelling mistakes are unintentional. God Bless.

** Dream seen by my wife* Putting this up with her permission

August 2012 (Dream seen On the Night 21st of Ramadan 2012)

I saw in my dream it’s the night of Lailatul Qadar and that everyone, all those Muslims who are alive are on their roof top and I am as well with my mother and sister and maybe my husband who is behind me on the rooftop but I am not sure.

We are all waiting for 2 miracles to happen that night and everyone is looking up at the sky. The sky is all black and at 12’o clock strike, the doors to the heaven open up and the 2 angels in the shape of human being descend. One has a very huge beak and is bald and he settles on one of the roof top of the house in front of me, at a distance. He is very ugly looking and has wings. He then starts plucking people in his beak and then kills them by inserting their whole body in the earth, head first. The other angel is pleasant looking and he comes and sits beside me and has a huge book, which is so beautiful it cannot be described in words, in his hand where he is scribbling and reading. Everyone is afraid to approach him, including my mother and sister. But I feel very comfortable standing beside him.

So I ask him “What is this book that you are carrying?”

He says “This is the book of the deeds of humans, what they have done and where they will go”

So I ask him “Who is that with the big beak”

He says “He is the one who has come to take lives of people who were doing wrong”

My next question “Will I have a child?” and he smiles and beholds thousands upon thousands of tiny stars starts to descend in my lap and there are so many I am at once thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness. The stars also descend in the lap of the person who is behind me. I am at this moment not sure whether he is my husband or not. This keeps on going for 1 minute and then they go away.

I then ask him “Will my sister get married?” (she was 32 in 2012) On which he just smiles.

Then this is all over and both the angels leave.


The night of Power/Blessing only comes once a year and nobody knows which date it occurs but according to strong traditions dating back to our prophet s.a.w we have to look for it on 21st, 23rd 25th 27th or 29th of Ramadan. Good news is: It came looking for you and others on 21 of Ramadan.

The angel of death dare not come close to you since you are pure of heart but still it was shown to you as a warning so you always keep on the right track.

The angel of mercy was shown to you and blessed you with Allah’s blessings of a child to be born who will be the dear one of Allah. He is coming into this world as a result of

“ Qualimatay Minhum”-special word of Allah which is “ Kun Fayakoon”-be and it is. You must be wondering do such miracles happen even today. Yes, they do. Allah is Alive for all times to come and so are his Words. Allah wished to have your complete faith in Him. So when you have tried everything possible to conceive and had put your complete faith in him, a child was born inside. Remember, to raise him up in the tradition of our Prophet s.a.w.

The person who is behind you could be your husband (me) and may have good faith since he was also the beneficiary of the shining stars. So always respect your husband and seek his guidance throughout your live.

It is not written for your sister to get married soon. May Allah grant her mercy from His Presence next year. Aameen.

Let us all pray this Lailatul Qadar “ Our Lord forgive us and those who were before us of the momaneen (men/women) and do not put any rancor in our hearts for those who are believers(men/women). Our Lord, You are full of Kindness and Merciful” Aameen Ya RubalAalameen.

Wasalamualikum Wa Rahama Allah

What happened Next:

My son came into being through Allah’s word in October 2012  after some years of hardship and I am AlhumduAllah raising him up in the tradition of our prophet s.a.w. Also, my sister in law got married in 2017. SubhanAllah.


Dream #12 Seen in May 2012

I am sitting on the table typing something on my laptop and maid and her daughter are cleaning the house. My wife comes to me all with Wadu (Ablution) and tells me that she is going to perform her Salah (Daily Prayer). I say ok.

As she leaves and the maid and her daughter disappear from sight, I hear the voice of Imam of Kaba Mahir Al Mukaily reading loud the salah on Radio and then he says “Asalamualikum Wa Rahat Allah, Assalamualikum Wa Rahmat Allah” to end the prayer. After that he immediately starts to recite Dua in his charismatic voice. During the dua he starts to cry profusely and is overwhelmed by his emotions and I start to cry too. As I am crying, I feel that my sins are leaving my body like water flowing into ocean. I immediately leave whatever I am doing on the table and go and sit besides the radio to get the blessing of the dua. At that time Imam Mahir is sobbing and he just sobs and cannot continue dua and I am crying but am mindful of the fact my wife and maid might walk in on me anytime. So I am afraid to sob openly.
That’s when I woke up.


An-Naml vv. 62 “ Or, Who answer the distressed one ( wronged one) when he cry unto Him and removes the evil and has made you inheritors of the earth? Is there any god besides Allah? Little do they reflect?” SadakAllah hul Azeem
Subhan Allah WalhumduAllah

How many times have I turned to Allah and have found Him to be ever relenting, ever merciful.
This is the same message that is reaffirmed in the dream for me. Never lose hope in the bounty of Allah, which encompasses everything and everyone, yet man do not realize this. He will be always there when everyone has left me. He will be my shepherd during the time of distress and affliction but I have to seek forgiveness from the core of my heart and only cry out to Him for my troubles in secret. His blessings are always with me.

He has promised all in Surah Hajj “ WalayunsurananAllaha Mai Yunsaru” Most certainly Allah will help those who help Allah” MaazAllah, God Forbid no one in the heavens and the earth can help Allah. What Allah is emphasizing is that those who help His needy slaves in time of trouble and those who help in the spread of His and His prophet’s message, there will be no doubt that Allah’s help and blessings is with them.
May Allah help out those Muslims who are in distress in the world and only cry out to Him and may he give them and those who are newly entering the fold of Islam the hikmat ( ability to differentiate between right and wrong) so their heart becomes a beacon of Noor ( shining light) Aameen Ya RubulAalameen.

Dream #11 Seen in May 2012

I am walking down a crowded road and suddenly see the two entry points to Baitul Mukkadas on my right. There are steps leading down. Something is written on top of the entry point ( either in Hebrew or Arabic) but I just go down and come to a huge courtyard. I suddenly feel very elated and keep on walking with the hope that once I am in the middle I will look back and see the DOME OF THE ROCK. Once I am in the middle I look back in amazement and see there are only arches standing with no DOME OF THE ROCK.

I sit down where I find some shade and inquire around:
“Where is the yellow dome?”
and I am told “the Israelis have removed it.
I ask “When was it built?”
Someone says “In 661AD”.

Now I pray two rakat Salah (prayers) 45 degrees to the East of the DOME in the direction of the MASJID UL HARAM. There are a couple of people with me offering Salah in the same direction.

As I am finishing up prayer and reciting darood (salutation to the prophet s.a.w) during the salah I start to cry and thank Allah from the heart for providing me with an opportunity in fulfillment of my oath to perform salah in Baitul Mukkadas.
After the prayer I get up to find shade to pray as it is very hot and the sun is shining with its full glory but couldn’t find shade and then I hear that Juma (Friday) Prayer is about to start and I rush to join the prayers in a courtyard within a boundary wall but find there are all Shia (a party which believes in Ali Razi Allah as the rightful Imam (leader) to succeed Muhammad s.a.w ) in the courtyard. They say Allah o Akbar to start the prayer and then standing up raise their hand towards the heaven to say dua and then say Salam on both sides of their shoulder to finish the Juma prayer. It takes only few minutes and the prayer is finished and I do not participate and wondering what type of salah is this and then come out of the courtyard. As I come out I can see that there are plain clothes Israeli security personnel all over Baitul Mukaddas and are obviously in control.

The rest of the dream is irrelevant and has nothing to do with Islam.


This dream has many implications:
Firstly, in 2008 when I went to perform Hajj, I stayed with 3 other Hajji from Pakistan in the same room and before performing Umra we decided the first look at Baitul Allah we will all pray that Allah grant us the permission to pray at Baitul Mukkadas and that’s what I did.

So Allah allowed me prayer at the First Kiblah of Islam but in the dream as it might not be possible in this lifetime. Subhan Allah WalhumduAllah.

Secondly, it was shown that the future holds very disturbing sign for Baitul Mukkadas and for Muslims. The upheaval that is about to descend or will descent at a certain time in future will divide them and lead to the non-Muslims (Israeli) holding sway over them. The Dome of the Rock will be removed by them (due to Muslims not being united as one). Also, the Shia will join forces with the Israeli one way or the other in future for being allowed to hold exclusive Jumma Prayers and abridging salah at will; for other reasons unknown. WalAllah ho Aalam. (Allah knows best; maybe this is something from aalamay gayb which I am not aware of at this moment in time)

Rasul Allah s.a.a.w has exhorted Muslims to hold fast to the book of Allah and seek guidance from it. It is alive and the only miracle of Rasul Allah s.a.w which to date has every solution present in it that can save Muslims from any turmoil ( fitnah) that might occur or is occurring right now; Only if they can ponder over it.

May Allah save all muslameen and musleemaat from the snare of the Shaytan, whether of the Jinn or humankind and do not let our enemies (especially Israelis and their allies in Ahmedies, Hindus and Christians to rule over us) Aameen Ya RubulAalameen.

Dream #10 Seen in 2013

AlhumduAllah I was blessed with this dream after a long gap of 7 years in which I was able to observe our Prophet s.a.w plainly.

The dream begins when huge crowd is welcoming Rasul Allah s.a.a.w amid much fun fare. I was also the one who shook his hand. Then I stand among the thousands who are watching and waiting to be taken to him to kiss his hand. He is sitting on a huge raised platform and the only access to him is through a make shift stairway. Each time two people are allowed to go up and kiss his hand and then exit from the stairway at other end. HE s.a.a.w is sitting (maybe) among his companions and family on the platform.

As I am standing there watching all this and thinking when my turn comes I see on the sky Pakistan Air force is doing different acrobats with their planes ( as a welcoming gesture to the prophet s.a.w) and also dropping huge balloons as a sign of welcome.

The next scene takes me to his (s.a.w) Hajuraat (private chambers) where he has retired after getting exhausted. As soon as I enter his chamber I see two things #1 There are people sitting around him ( maybe his companions or angels in the shape of humans-maybe his protectors) #2 He is reclining on the bed ( not lying down or sitting up). As I enter I present salaam “ Asalaumualikum Ya Rasul Allah” and he says “Walaikum Salam” and then asks “ Didn’t you already kiss the hand” I say “ Ya Rasul Allah I only shook your hand and now I want to kiss it” and he immediately brighten up and says “ Shabash” (well done), come” and he has smile on his beautiful and elegant face. I move forward and first kiss his right hand and then sit beside him on his bed. He is tired but I still say few words of praise for him and as was his transcendent nature he humbly says words like “no no I am but very simple man” and then I say “ No Rasul Allah, Allah’s blessings have been on you since you were a little child.” Thus ends our conversations as he has to go to his private bathroom. (conversation took place in URDU)


Then I wake up so fresh I remember I had no pain in my head or body and my soul felt like I have slept through a thousand nights and just woke up feeling elated and fresh llke Ashaabay KAAF.


Subhan Allah Wal HumduAllah—SubhanAllah for blessing me with such a beautiful sight and giving me opportunity among the select few Muslims in the world out of more than b illion Muslims to have been so blessed to kiss the prophet’s hand. AlhumduAllah for all the favors Allah has shown me and my parents.

Having said that the dream depicts the belief of a person and the reason for being shown what I have been was mainly due to three things #1 Currently after every prayer I send this salutation on Rasul s.a.w. and his family “ Allahhuma Salayala Muhammad Wa Ala Alay Muhammmad” ( this was long overdue and I was negligent enough to have forgotten since 2006) #2 Allah will bless me with the company of the Prophet s.a.w and his companions on the Day of Qiama #3 Rasul Allah s.a.w is pleased with me ( This has to do with my promise to Allah to bring about either an ayat or an authentic hadis in my presentations to audience-which I am doing very diligently from time to time).

Another important message given in this dream is about the role of Pakistan Air Force in any future conflict between believers and non believers and its success in safeguarding Islam ( this is part of ilmay gyab yet not unfolded….WalAllaho Aalam)

My prayers are “ May Allah bless every Muslim and Muslimaat the sight of Rasul Allah in the dream. Aameen Ya Rub” – Remember Shatan cannot take the shape of Rasul Allah s.a.w in the dreams. This has been promised to us by Rasul Allah s.a.a.w himself.

Dream #9 Seen in Feb 2010

I have been waiting for a long time, almost 4 years for Allah to show me a True Dream and Allah showed me on this day.

In the dream I am attending a wedding party and there are lots of people and I am sitting among them. As the time comes to leave, I get up and walk outside the wedding hall and towards the outer gate to exit. At the gate I see my deceased mother waving good byes to the guests and I embraced her out of love and reverence. Embracing her tightly, I feel ecstasy (thrill) runs through my whole body and I began to cry and pray aloud and the words that come out of my mouth are “Oh Allah make my mother more beautiful, more healthy in the life of this world and in the hereafter grant her paradise and also my father grant him the paradise; My Lord, forgive the sins of my brothers and sisters and their spouses and children Aameen Sumah Aameen” As I said Aameen Sumah Aameen My heart felt at ease and comfort.

That’s when I woke up.


Inshallah o Taala, Allah will accept my prayers in favor of my mother and father and they will be in the Jannah. Further, she will be like a queen on the Day of Judgement, her noor (light) will shine from her face and before her. I will be interceding for my family and my intercession for forgiveness for my siblings and their spouses and their children will be accepted inshallah by Allah Subahanaho Wa Taala.

I know this would happen because at the end of my dream I said Aameen Suma Aameen and my heart felt at ease like Allah has heard the prayers.

 “ Tabara kasmu Rabika Dhul Jalal Wal Akram”

Blessed be the name of your Lord, Mighty and Glorious

Surah Ar-Rehman Aya 78

My Mother’s Dream

Here I would be adding my mother’s dream which falls under sacred dream. My interpretation is directly connected to Dream #3.This dream was narrated to me by her just before her death in 1992.
We use to have an old servant named NOORU who remained with my father for more than 40 years. My father use to take care of him financially and otherwise. When my father died in 1976, he was left with no other means to survive. He could not work regularly due to health reasons etc. So my mom told me once he came to her and said ” my daughter is getting married and I don’t know how to pay for her dowry and there is no one I can go to” and my mother told him ” why do you worry, your daughter is my daughter. I will take care of all your needs” and suddenly she saw there were tears in his eyes.
Time passed and after a couple of weeks , she saw this dream in which
she is walking down a path and see this very huge mansion whose height is reaching into heavens. There are zillions of little bulbs on the mansion which is beautifying the outlook of the mansion. As she is watching this mansion, her eyes wander for a moment and she sees a white bearded old man next to the gate of the mansion. She asks him ” whose mansion is this ?” and he answers ” it is your mansion”. Then she ask him “what about these little bulbs” and he answers ” These are not bulbs these are the tears of NOORU”
Please see Dream #3. For a long time after the death of my mother 1992 I have wondered what rank has Allah accorded her in the heaven. In 1996, my dream proved she is in a very high state of bliss and peace. May Allah also include me and all momin brothers and sisters after death in Jannatul Firdous ( highest pradise). Ameen

Dream # 08

Place of Dream : 54 Sutton Ave. Rhode Island , USA. Late 2006
Background to this dream. I had just finished reading the Bible entitled ” Gospel of Barnabas”( Barnabas was one of the 12 Disciples of Jesus (PBUH) and was instrumental in writing down everything the Great prophet (PBUH) has said during his adult lifetime) when this dream was granted me by the Almighty.
This dream took place at the end of 2006. I see my self with two other people walking by a road. These two are non- Muslims.
Soon we see a double carriage passing by and it stops in front of us. Instead of the carriage being drawn by horses, there is a man who is pulling both these carriages from the middle. In short, he is between these two carriages.
As soon as the double carriage stops, I inform my two companions that the first carriage in front carries the last and final prophet of Allah, Hazarat Mohammad (saw) and the last carriage carries Hazarat Isa (pbuh).-Jesus Christ Then I get very close to the last carriage so as to have a look inside this particular carriage and through a crystal clear glass window I see Hazarat Isa (pbuh). I see him at a distance of six inches or less. He is very white and has neither a beard nor mustache. Extremely good looking in his 30’s.
Then my other two companions start to ask the driver unnecessary questions and I get little frustrated and tell them to shut up. I instead ask this man a simple question:
“How can we find out respective prophets”?
He opens his arms wide and answers “come and embrace me”
Each of the two non-believers embraces the man then steps aside. Now it is my turn.
I step forward and embrace the person. As soon as I embrace him, my whole body goes into indescribable ecstasy. The next instance I see my self going through this man and stepping forward. I see a raised throne on which I see myself seated with some other people I do not recognize. Everyone is wearing a beautiful crown and there is a crown on my head too. This whole time I am feeling this ecstasy. It is so intense and so pleasurable that it cannot be described in simple words. It is like if someone was to inform you that you have been awarded a billion dollars. Another example which is not appropriate to give but to make my point clear I will simple state would be the time a man or a woman is in the process of ejaculation. Now multiply this by a 1000 times.
Anyway, after that I retrace my steps and get out of this man and that’s when I wake up. After waking up, my whole body is still going through that ecstasy. I get up and offer two raka salat-i- shukr.
Interpretation of the Dream:
Simply beautiful. Cannot be described but that Allah has accorded me another rank in Jannah. For what purpose I am accorded this I do not know. Inshallah this rank is higher than all the previous ones. The message in the dream is threefold. My faith in the finality of Prophot Mohammad (SAW) is confirmed. Secondly, I would be in the company of Prophet Mohammad and Prophet Eisa. Thirdly, I would get a high rank in Jannah with extreme pleasure mixed with it.
SubhanAllah, WalHumduAllah.

Dream # 07

The dream again took place in September 2006. This dream is again very special because it’s the third time in my life I see our beloved Prophet Hazarat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) almost after 22 years. The only difference was : this time around I saw the Prophet within a room and so close to me that I could distinguished his(SAW) facial and body features very well.
This dream is also a long and vague dream until the last part of it which I could remember very clearly when I woke up. It goes something like this:
I am in my teens at my father’s friend’s house in PECHS playing with some kids. Suddenly I realize that I have to pray and there is a small room set aside especially for prayers. I enter that room and sit down in the back The room has two doors. One from which i have entered which is located on the left of where i am sitting down and one is directly infront in the right corner of the prayer room .As I sit down I observe that two men are standing in the middle of the room. One of them is an old man (approximate age between 60-70 years) using his wrists not his hands, hitting a man (approximate age between 35-45 years) person’s back so as to massage his body. As soon as the old man finishes the massage he steps aside and the person being massaged turns to face the old man and me.
And then I realize that the person who was being massaged was none other than Hazarat Mohammad  (SAW). Here is how I describe the prophet of Islam. Mind you before this dream I have not read about our prophet’s features anywhere. He is very handsom and beautiful of face and with long black shiny hairs going down to the back shoulder and then curling up a bit. His beard is jet black and is neither long nor short. He is not tall but medium height like 5′ 7″ to 5’10”. He has radiance about his face which is very pleasing to look at. His eyes are round and big. He is very white and extremely attractive. I have never in my life seen such a radiant, attractive and vibrant face on a men. He is neither bulky nor thin. At that moment, sitting in the room , I am thinking I want to kiss his face out of reverence and attraction.
Now, in the next instance, I see that the old man is crying and saying to the Prophet (SAW): “may my hands be broken that I have touched you”. In reply Prophet says ” don’t worry , I gave you the permission to do the massage”. All this conversation is actually not uttered but I could easily understand what is being said.
When all is this going on I am sitting in the mosque in the back and watching them. Then suddenly first the old man turns around and walks around me and exit the door at the right front of the room and then our beloved Prophet (SAW) walks around me and exit the same door.
As they are going around me and are within reaching distance of my hands, I touch their feet and as the prophet comes along, tears wells up in my eyes and I start to cry.

That’s when I woke up
Interpretation of the Dream:
The interpretation was a little difficult me to do as there were three things going on in my life at that time which could be linked to this dream. One of those things was that I was going to a Chinese massage place every week to have an upper body massage done. During and after the massage I would feel so very relaxed that that would get me going for the whole week. I would work the whole week and would repeat the excercise. Another thing that this dream could be linked to was that due to my busy schedule I was not sending salutation on the prophet (SAW) as much as I use to. The third part is tricky: I might have been doing something which I would not do under normal circumstances and that was not in norm with Islamic practice. To implement this dream I first gave up massage. Because I thought when my prophet has pain in his body why am i getting relaxed every week. I felt little embarrassed and ashmed. But after a few months I relaised that is not the case. I interpretation was linked to the last two things mentioned above. Now I am sending regular salutation on the propet and also I have completely given up that which was against the principles of Islam. I had very little choice in this regard. This was the most plausible explanation for the pain in the prophet body.Yet, he was kind enough to give me permission, given the circumstances, i was in to carry on. May Allah accept my repentence. Ameen.
PS: Before I close this dream I must recoomend the Book ” Mohammad, The Prophet of God” By Mohammad Haikal. Please read it. It is a biography of Our Prophet (SAW) , his life and times with proper references and proper bibliography. It was during the time i was reading this book that I saw this particular dream.

Dream # 06

Again this dream occurred in September 2006 at 54 Sutton. This dream took place in the morning hours of 29th after the fajr prayers.
The background of this dream is that Satan is troubling me and insisting on lust, fornication and lewdness while I am awake or sleeping. I am also upset but I do not want to displease Allah. Satan is becoming really troublesome for me. It is also the only time in my life when Satan (Jinn) has physically attacked me. I am lying down on my bed and neither fully sleep nor awake but in between. Next instance I see that I have an erection and there is huge hand coming from the ceiling and holding my private part in hand. It is whispering to me to commit fornication which I do not want to. I am trying to get rid of this hand with my tiny hand but no use. The hand that is stretching from the ceiling to my bed is too strong and too huge to detach. At this struggle goes on for a few second, I realize or say to that entity who is holding my private part “do whatever you will, I will not commit adultery”
The next instance I am fully asleep and transported to the back of my old house n Karachi where my father’s room used to be and I am sitting atop one of the big steel boxes that my mother used to store winter clothes in. I am facing a wall which overlooks the side lane in the back.
I am looking up at the sky and pleading to Allah to deliver me from the clutches of the satan. I am crying so much that I become overwhelmed with emotions. The weather is cloudy.
The next instance when I look down I see a young boy reclining on the wall. He is not wearing any shirt and naturally I get scared seeing some stranger on my wall without a shirt. Thinking where he came from, I get down from the steel box and push him off the wall and he fell over the wall. I mount the wall and look down to see him in the same position and smiling up to me. Then suddenly I recognize him from another dream and let him mount back on the wall. When he is stationed on the wall again, I ask him “who are you and why are you his here?” And he replies to me “ask Him whom you were praying to a while ago”. Then the whole situation becomes crystal clear to me that he is an Angel of Allah.
Then I invite him to follow me to my house and I start to walk and enter another home one block away. As I enter the house I see that he is already present and sitting down. I am surprised to see him already there and this time he is properly dressed. He looks very elegant.
I sit down opposite him and he informs me that he is here to tell me that my pleading against satan has been accepted by Allah.
Now I ask him two questions which are not related to my pleading to Allah.

First question “how many Mumins are there in the world?”
His answer “One million”
Second question “Am I one of them?”
His answer “Yes”

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream

It is quite clear from the dream that if you fight the evil, Allah’s help is not far away. It always comes sooner or later. Actually coming later has its plusses and positives. Allah tests us and makes us strong in resolve and also he is testing us so that He can increase our ranks in this world and in the hereafter. Satan is always an enemy to mankind and will remain so till the end. Allah will always be out friend and will remain so even after our end. The lessons learned were tremendous. I actually started to be more careful around people . Although I might have slipped from time to time after that dream but overall I kept up struggling and fighting my inner self to bring it in line with Allah and his prophet’s teachings. May Allah grant me help in the shape of angels to ward off evil.
The dream also brought in glad tidings from Allah in the shape of giving rest to my heart. Being informed that I have indeed entered the ranks of Momin is the greatest news anyone can ever give me. Out of so many Muslims (latest estimate gives the population of Muslims to be 1 ½ Billion or more) I indeed find myself very lucky to be among one of those 1 million momin in this world

Dream # 05

This dream also took place at 54 Sutton Ave. RI, USA and it was during 2006. I do not remember the month.
Background to the dream is that I had given up almost all the big sins that Allah has forbidden a momin. I started praying as much as I can out of my busy schedule. There are five daily prayers prescribed by our Prophet (SAW) on every Muslim which I tried to complete but in case I missed any one of them, I would make sure I would not sleep until I have prayed ISHA prayer. I made sure I would recite the Quran like Sheikh Saad Al-Gamdi. I would understand the Quran and follow the good ways shown by Our Lord Allah. I guess Allah was so pleased that I saw in the dream I am walking in a wooded area with my mother and suddenly I see three angels in human forms wearing reddish dress descend from the heaven and walk towards us and suddenly they are in front of us. They inform us “we have come to take you; Allah has admitted you in Jannah (Paradise). I ask them “will there be any pain while you take our soul” and suddenly they vanish”

Then I woke up
Interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of this dream is not yet complete as it will happen near my death. But I surmised from this dream that the manner of my death has not been told me. It could be pleasant or unpleasant. Allah only knows. One thing that came out of this dream is that Allah has admitted us( me and my mother) in Jannah already. May this dream come true for me and every other Muslim, Ameen.

Dream # 04

Dream number four is little vague but I do remember some part of it. This dream took place in September 2004 at 54 Sutton ave. in Rhode Island, USA
I see that I am traveling in a car with my mother and brothers towards Karachi international airport. I am going on a journey to perform hajj.
As soon as we reach the airport and were to collect my tickets, I am informed that I can’t get the tickets because I have not fulfilled certain requirements and until and unless I fulfill those ( it could be anything from valid visa or passport etc.), I cannot board the flight.
So I am running around the airport from one booth to another to go through the requirements before I miss the flight.
At last, after a long hectic endeavor, I get the final go ahead. I succumb to my emotions and fall down prostrate to thank Allah.
Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the dream:
The interpretation of the dream is just dawning on me. I went on a journey to perform Hajj 2008. It is an arduous journey. Very tiring and hectic and is to be performed by a Muslim only once in his/her lifetime and that only if they can afford it physically and financially. Actually, I had almost lost it. One day in 2006 suddenly during the middle of the night, I got up and I could not breathe and my heart was beating so fast and I could see that I am not going to survive and then I prayed to Allah. My prayer was something like this “O Allah, please grant me leave to perform Umra and hajj before taking my soul from my body. Let me not die here in a non-Muslim country where I know no one. Let me die either in Mecca, Medina (holy cities in Saudi Arabia) or Karachi (my home city in Pakistan) and forgive all my sins before death”.
I believe Allah has reprieved me till then. If I go on this journey and don’t make it back that would mean my job on this earth is over and if I do come back then that would signifies that I still have work to do here.
( I did come back, Alhumduallah).

Dream # 03

Place of Dream: My father’s house in Karachi, Pakistan
Year: 1996 or 1997

I remember during this period I was preparing for CSS exams. These are exams for Civil Services of Pakistan held every year. I was reading and concentrating so much that I would sometimes forget to sleep all night. As a result of this exhaustive endeavor I was bound to get sick. I became sick with typhoid just two months before my exams. I lost all my concentration and became weak to the extent that I could not study anymore. This proved devastating. For a long time I was bed-ridden. My mother had died 4 years ago and I felt no on was taking good care of me. I was crying and praying to Allah for mercy and a way out of this misery. I refused to eat any anti-biotic, as I am allergic to almost all of them. During one of these bouts of sickness, I suddenly felt light-headed and went into a state of slumber. My head became very light and I felt relaxed. Then an amazing thing happened.
To call it a dream would neither be right nor wrong. This dream/slumber was very real like it is happening in real life. As soon as my eyes became heavy with sleep, I saw that my soul is leaving my body like I have died in reality. I could see my body lying down on the floor while my soul is being slowing rising up to heaven. This soul is suddenly over the North African Desert or rather just gliding through the desert and I could see the waters of the Mediterranean. The next stage of the dream takes me directly to Jannah (Paradise) and my soul is slowly descending into it. It looks so beautiful with every single corner of it made of gold and on four corners of the jannah I see while till in air that there are Hoors (Gorgeous maidens reserved for the believers by Allah for the hereafter) with the arms stretched out welcoming me.
As soon as I touch down I see a door on my left side open and both my father and my mother rush towards me to welcome me. As my parents are greeting me and I am greeting them in return, I hear loud voices coming from outside the jannah. It’s actually someone crying in severe pain. I walk over there and observe an Angle in the shape of a man bent over a grave, holding a nail and a hammer in his hand and driving the nail in the heart of a person in the grave repeatedly. I see some people watching the whole thing and I enquire and am told, “He was a wrong-doer”.
In the instance I realize that both my parents are here in the Jannah and I am here but where are the rest of my brothers. As soon as I say that I see out of nowhere two of my brothers (names withheld) materialize from nowhere and I go to greet them. But as soon as I do that, the color of jannah changes from gold to silver.

And then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
This dream is one of the glad tidings from the Al-Mighty to me. If I keep on the right track, avoiding grievous sins and abominations, InshaAllah (God willing) my end would be good. For that I have to remain steadfast and persevere. Further, this dream shows the end of my mother and father in a blissful state in Jannah (promised garden by Allah to the righteous). Ever since my mother and father died, I have wondered what has happened to them and Allah through His Grace and Mercy showed me their status.
I do not know the person shown in the grave being tortured. By showing him, Allah has given me an implicit warning that the wrongdoers end up in state of perpetual torment and I should avoid all such acts which are hateful in the sight of Allah.
My brothers entering in Jannah with the change in color from gold to silver could actually mean a number of things:Maybe there status is lower or higher than mine,  Maybe, their status would be raised or they will enter Jannah but would not be accorded the same status as me. Maybe, they need to work on their good deeds and correct themselves. Maybe, they will enter Jannah on my intercession on the day of resurrection InshaAllah.

Dream # 02

Place: My father’s house in Karachi, Pakistan.
The second of such sacred dream came to me when I was in 8th grade. The girl I use to adore and love, and she was supposed to adore me too but that didn’t turn out to true, got married. I was in 8th or 9th grade. Immature as such, I got so disheartened that I decided that staying in my room for a while would not be a bad idea. Since I didn’t want to go to any social gatherings, I adopted a life of solitude. I started praying and listening to a lot of Naats [Particular brand of music and singing having roots in India and Pakistan history and tradition. They all exemplify and honor one person, Mohammad (saw).] While listening, I would go into deep ecstasy and pleasure which would bring tears to my eyes and I would get overwhelmed. It was during one such night of listening and sending salutation on the prophet (saw) that I fell asleep.
I saw in my vivid dream that: I and someone else is playing around and joking in my room (it is someone I know but can’t remember face, name or voice). Suddenly, it occurs to me to read Quran. I get up and grab the Quran. The moment I did that I also say in Arabic “Aaudo –bil-Allah minash shaitan nir rajeemBismil-Allah- hey Rahman nir Raheem” {, I seek refuge in Allah from the satan, the outcast. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful}.
As soon as I say that I realize that the other guy, I was playing with, has gone dead quiet. Then suddenly the realization dawn on me that he is a Satan impersonate. Then I start to turn the pages of the Quran and the first thing I see is Hell, plain and visible. The picture in the Quran has come alive. I am now inside the picture. It seems like I am walking around the hell but it is not lighted. There are a couple of other people around it but I do not recognize them. The Hell is just very still and there is no fire in it. It’s like I have been taken on a tour similar to the last dream. Its shape is round and it has seven levels going deep down like layers upon layers. Then after that I turn another page of the Quran and I see a big courtyard from behind a tree. The picture again comes alive and I observe that at one end of the courtyard there is a stage set up on a higher level than the courtyard. From within the branches I see “the courtyard is full of Angels prostrating to a person standing forward and in the center of the stage. Divine intuition make me realize that it is Hazarat Mohammad (SAW) standing in the front. Around and behind him are others I could not recognize (could be his companions but I am not sure and do not want to misguide you in believing as such).The Prophet (saw) is at a distance so I could not read his facial features but indubitably it’s him on the stage. Then I look down and read the words in Quran, which has replaced the picture, in Urdu language:
Tum Mohammad Sallalaho Waliewasalam par salamati baigho, Allah aur Aus kay Hazroou farishtay tum par salamati baigai gay
““You send salutation on Mohammad (SAW), Allah and thousands of His angles will send salutation on you””

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
Plain and Simple: The Hell has been made to appear extinguished for me due to the salutations I am sending on the prophet and this is the key to avoiding hell.
Also, this time around I was more careful in remembering every word of it and told my mother about it. She was very happy and told me to keep it to myself as other people might feel jealous or envy me. I believe she had remembered how Prophet Jacob instructed his son Joseph in the Quran :
 “” He said , ” O my son! , relate not your dream to your brothers lest they arrange a plot against you. Surely, satan is to man an open enemy.”” (Quran Yousaf 12:5) One good thing has come out of this dream: whenever I am down under and feeling dejected or ominous in behavior I start sending salutation on the Prophet (saw) and lo and behold my problems start to vanish just under my feet. Also this dream has taught me to seek Allah’s refuge from Satan which I still do. How Allah and his Maliakas have sent salutation on me will become apparent later on in life.

Dream # 01

Place: My father’s House in Karachi
Time unknown

The first of such dream came to me when I was 12 or 13. I was praying regularly and was
sending lots of salutation on Hazarat Mohammad (SAW). In the dream I saw:
I am inside Haram and I am walking around with The Prophet on the second floor around the perimeter. I see that Hazarat Mohammad (SAW) is taking me around a guided tour. He was indicating with gestures and then he stopped at a certain spot and with the lift of his finger he pointed towards the area close to the house of Allah. This particular area is between Bait-ul-Allah (House of God) and Maquam-e- Abraham. (Place of Abraham PBUH, actually a glass cube, inside which embossed in gold are the foot prints of Abraham PBUH)
When I looked in that direction I saw a servant or janitor sweeping the floor around the area where the sacred stone is resting. The whole of the Haram was completely empty except for the Prophet (saw), me, and the old janitor.

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
For a long time after that I was not sure about the implications or blessings of this dream. But slowly it dawned unto me that Allah will one day take me to His house for pilgrimage and I must carry on salutation on the prophet (saw) and that Allah has more in store for me. In 2007-08 I visited the Haram to perform pilgrimage and thus the dream came true. Let me also tell you about a miracle that happened at that time. After I have completed one of the umra(Minor Pilgrimage to Mecca) I went to the same 2nd floor of Haram, kept on going until I reached that same spot, same angle where the Prophet (saw) stopped and saw the same view which I saw in a dream many years ago. AlhumduAllah (All thanks to Allah). I offered two rakah salah at that spot to thank Allah.
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