Evil that drove us away from our apartment

Brother sent this from Karachi 17th January 2020

I am a High Court of Sindh Senior Advocate This happened in 1997 when I moved to our rented apartment in the vicinity of Dalmia Cement Factory, Karachi with my wife and newly born baby girl.

The disturbing part which I did not realize was the closeness of cemetery to our apartment. Actually there was just a house in between the cemetery and out apartment.

To cut the long story short things started happening 3 months into out moving there. The battery of our TV remote would suddenly go dead. On opening the cap to change on several occasions I found the batteries were in their opposite compartments i.e. + ones in – and – ones in +

This continued for some time and then 5 months down the road, someone at night time would loosen the screw of our dish antenna on the roof and turn it around so that we couldn’t watch TV.  When I would go up to see there would be no one ( nor on the roof of our neighbor). I would then tighten the screws back. But we still couldn’t understand what was going on.

The crux which made us move out of the apartment happened in the 6th month of out stay:  One night at 3 am we heard loud hammer noise from roof like someone was banging it so hard it was unbelievable. Suddenly the light switching started going on and off in the entire apartment by themselves. We were so afraid, we came out of our apartment and on to the street. Then we inquired from out neighbor if he has heard the noises and he said he didn’t. We requested him to go on his roof and let us know if someone was on the roof. On his confirmation no one is there, I took my licensed revolver and went on my roof and saw that the dish antenna was all destroyed and in pieces with no one in sight. 

We left the apartment the next morning (packing rest of the night) and explained to our landlord the whole thing and asked him to pay the deposit back whenever he so desire. Although we had agreement for a year but he agreed on condition that we do not mention this to anyone else ( which I am doing so now).

The purpose to mention this is there are evil things we are not aware of and these things do lurk in areas which are either sacred or from where they have been driven away from. Be careful.

In the end thank you for your website of dream interpretation, especially your dreams I read and tell others in my family and colleagues to do so too and also all the Islamic terminologies mentioned have helped us get knowledge. Stay blessed.







Evil or Jinn Possession/Sleep Paralysis

This is a new section I am adding to my web page. Anyone who is familiar with evils and Jinns and believe that they exist as amply testified by Quran will understand what it means to read and believe in what I am about to present to you. Maybe some of you may already have gone through this experience but are afraid or unwilling to share these stories.  

Introduction to Evil Kinds

The word Jinn has been drived from the word Janine meaning that which is hidden in the womb of women (baby). Thus Jinn is a hidden entity.

The evil kinds of Jinns are known in Arabic as Khaboos.

Churail, Pichalperri, Bhoot, Ghost, etc. all belong to Jinn kind. The jinns are made of smokeless fire by Allah before the birth of Adam A.S., that’s why we cannot see them with our eyes when we are fully conscious and awake. But here is the trick. We can observe them in different human forms during the night in the state when we are neither fully sleep or fully awake. It’s like a slumber but actually going towards sleep.  In Arabic they call this kind of Jinn as Aljatoom. This particular creature has been observed by few lucky ones in WEST ( particularly North America) as well and they have named her as old hag. Different names in different cultures of the world. In Arabic, AlJathoom is a kind of kaboos (evil kind of Jinn), which is not a myth or fable, rather it is something real; mostly this descend on sleeping person and paralysis his/her body or is present in bathroom.. The purpose of this being is to KILL.  The state of sleep paralysis that western audience is aware of is actually possession that takes place during the dark of night. Muslims belief is that there are numerous evils that exist that we do not know about. Allah says in the Quran “and we have created that which you know not”.

This evil being descends in 4 instances on a person in order to paralyze and in some instances kill:

#1 where Allah’s name is not mentioned in the house or

#2 the house is unclean

#3 Person does stay away from Salah or does not recite the ayats mentioned by Rasul Allah s.a.a.w before going to sleep

#4 someone puts black magic spell on you.

My Own Experience

This is what started to happen to me when I was Karachi, Pakistan during the 1991 onwards. I would see myself being paralyzed completely. I could slightly open my eyes with all my senses intact. Nothing I could do would let me take control of my body and my body parts would not respond. But as soon as I would start to read Quranic ayats slowly the hold would be released and I would go free. At first I could not understand why this was happening but then one night I actually saw the perpetrator of my state of paralysis: An evil spirit, belonging to the tribe of Jinn. Very ugly, intensely black, bloodshot eyes, with face constantly in motion, wearing black rags for clothes, around 4’6″ tall or less slowing advancing towards me from the right corner of my room towards my bed. At first I was afraid “what the hell is this thing which has paralyzed me” but then I would start to recite any Quranic ayat and she would disappear slowly and my body would become active again and body parts would start to move. This kept of going from time to time. Even when I left for USA in 1998, guess what? She was there too. No borders, no visa, no citizenship requirement.

Anyway, when I started my prayers regularly and starting reciting Quran with understanding, Allah showed me a dream in which his angel appeared to me in the shape of beautiful man and promised me protection from any such evil in future. (Please read my dreams on first page relating to this). Since 2006 she has stopped coming and i can now sleep at ease. One thing I would recommend to you all: please keep one blub on when you go to sleep. This evil spirit tends to come in total darkness.

SubhanAllah. This way Allah has also explained the meaning of the verse which is widely read but few could understand. It is from Surah Falak

” wa min sharr gasikin atha wakub” meaning = (seek refuge in Allah) “from the evil of the darkness when it is intense” . It is the darkness when it is intense (mostly between the hours of 2am to 5am before fajr when most humans are sleeping and its very quiet) that a door to such evil spirits/jinns open and they come forth. But here again remember only those #1 Muslims who are away from Allah’s remembrance, are ingrates and indulges in forbidden lust and #2 disbelievers in Allah and His last messenger Mohammad s.a.a.w. are affected by such evils and sometimes we find people dead in their bed thinking they went through heart attack. Have we ever determined there could be something else too?

Here is the Wazifa (closest meaning in English: Religious Formula) to ward of evil being of any kind

Rasul Allah s,a,a,w gave name to two last Surahs of Quran SURAH-AL-FALAQ, AND SURAH-AL-NAS as Al-Mu’awwidhatayn ( meaning two protecting Surahs) later on he added SURAH-AL-IKHLAS and named them Al-Mu’awwidhat (meaning the three protecting ones)— Mother of the  believers Hazrat Aisha narrates that every time before going to bed Rasul Allah s.a.a.w  would read these three Surahs 3 times each into the palm of his hands and then would caress his whole body ( wherever he could reach with his hands) starting with his face, hair, shoulders and so forth and wherever he couldn’t reach I would do the same to him….Authentic Hadith by Muhaddis (the one who writes) Imam Muslim Rahmat Allah (May Allah’s mercy be upon him) and Ravi (narrator) being mother of the believer Hazratay Aisha Radi Allah Anha ( May Allah be pleased with her)

I hope my brothers and sisters you might have gone through a similar experience  or any other encounter with Jinn Kinds (only in first person basis). If you have, please contribute by filling out form in contact us section and click send. Wasalamualikum