** Dream seen by my wife* Putting this up with her permission

August 2012 (Dream seen On the Night 21st of Ramadan 2012)

I saw in my dream it’s the night of Lailatul Qadar and that everyone, all those Muslims who are alive are on their roof top and I am as well with my mother and sister and maybe my husband who is behind me on the rooftop but I am not sure.

We are all waiting for 2 miracles to happen that night and everyone is looking up at the sky. The sky is all black and at 12’o clock strike, the doors to the heaven open up and the 2 angels in the shape of human being descend. One has a very huge beak and is bald and he settles on one of the roof top of the house in front of me, at a distance. He is very ugly looking and has wings. He then starts plucking people in his beak and then kills them by inserting their whole body in the earth, head first. The other angel is pleasant looking and he comes and sits beside me and has a huge book, which is so beautiful it cannot be described in words, in his hand where he is scribbling and reading. Everyone is afraid to approach him, including my mother and sister. But I feel very comfortable standing beside him.

So I ask him “What is this book that you are carrying?”

He says “This is the book of the deeds of humans, what they have done and where they will go”

So I ask him “Who is that with the big beak”

He says “He is the one who has come to take lives of people who were doing wrong”

My next question “Will I have a child?” and he smiles and beholds thousands upon thousands of tiny stars starts to descend in my lap and there are so many I am at once thrilled and overwhelmed with happiness. The stars also descend in the lap of the person who is behind me. I am at this moment not sure whether he is my husband or not. This keeps on going for 1 minute and then they go away.

I then ask him “Will my sister get married?” (she was 32 in 2012) On which he just smiles.

Then this is all over and both the angels leave.


The night of Power/Blessing only comes once a year and nobody knows which date it occurs but according to strong traditions dating back to our prophet s.a.w we have to look for it on 21st, 23rd 25th 27th or 29th of Ramadan. Good news is: It came looking for you and others on 21 of Ramadan.

The angel of death dare not come close to you since you are pure of heart but still it was shown to you as a warning so you always keep on the right track.

The angel of mercy was shown to you and blessed you with Allah’s blessings of a child to be born who will be the dear one of Allah. He is coming into this world as a result of

“ Qualimatay Minhum”-special word of Allah which is “ Kun Fayakoon”-be and it is. You must be wondering do such miracles happen even today. Yes, they do. Allah is Alive for all times to come and so are his Words. Allah wished to have your complete faith in Him. So when you have tried everything possible to conceive and had put your complete faith in him, a child was born inside. Remember, to raise him up in the tradition of our Prophet s.a.w.

The person who is behind you could be your husband (me) and may have good faith since he was also the beneficiary of the shining stars. So always respect your husband and seek his guidance throughout your live.

It is not written for your sister to get married soon. May Allah grant her mercy from His Presence next year. Aameen.

Let us all pray this Lailatul Qadar “ Our Lord forgive us and those who were before us of the momaneen (men/women) and do not put any rancor in our hearts for those who are believers(men/women). Our Lord, You are full of Kindness and Merciful” Aameen Ya RubalAalameen.

Wasalamualikum Wa Rahama Allah

What happened Next:

My son came into being through Allah’s word in October 2012  after some years of hardship and I am AlhumduAllah raising him up in the tradition of our prophet s.a.w. Also, my sister in law got married in 2017. SubhanAllah.