I am walking down a crowded road and suddenly see the two entry points to Baitul Mukkadas on my right. There are steps leading down. Something is written on top of the entry point ( either in Hebrew or Arabic) but I just go down and come to a huge courtyard. I suddenly feel very elated and keep on walking with the hope that once I am in the middle I will look back and see the DOME OF THE ROCK. Once I am in the middle I look back in amazement and see there are only arches standing with no DOME OF THE ROCK.

I sit down where I find some shade and inquire around:
“Where is the yellow dome?”
and I am told “the Israelis have removed it.
I ask “When was it built?”
Someone says “In 661AD”.

Now I pray two rakat Salah (prayers) 45 degrees to the East of the DOME in the direction of the MASJID UL HARAM. There are a couple of people with me offering Salah in the same direction.

As I am finishing up prayer and reciting darood (salutation to the prophet s.a.w) during the salah I start to cry and thank Allah from the heart for providing me with an opportunity in fulfillment of my oath to perform salah in Baitul Mukkadas.
After the prayer I get up to find shade to pray as it is very hot and the sun is shining with its full glory but couldn’t find shade and then I hear that Juma (Friday) Prayer is about to start and I rush to join the prayers in a courtyard within a boundary wall but find there are all Shia (a party which believes in Ali Razi Allah as the rightful Imam (leader) to succeed Muhammad s.a.w ) in the courtyard. They say Allah o Akbar to start the prayer and then standing up raise their hand towards the heaven to say dua and then say Salam on both sides of their shoulder to finish the Juma prayer. It takes only few minutes and the prayer is finished and I do not participate and wondering what type of salah is this and then come out of the courtyard. As I come out I can see that there are plain clothes Israeli security personnel all over Baitul Mukaddas and are obviously in control.

The rest of the dream is irrelevant and has nothing to do with Islam.


This dream has many implications:
Firstly, in 2008 when I went to perform Hajj, I stayed with 3 other Hajji from Pakistan in the same room and before performing Umra we decided the first look at Baitul Allah we will all pray that Allah grant us the permission to pray at Baitul Mukkadas and that’s what I did.

So Allah allowed me prayer at the First Kiblah of Islam but in the dream as it might not be possible in this lifetime. Subhan Allah WalhumduAllah.

Secondly, it was shown that the future holds very disturbing sign for Baitul Mukkadas and for Muslims. The upheaval that is about to descend or will descent at a certain time in future will divide them and lead to the non-Muslims (Israeli) holding sway over them. The Dome of the Rock will be removed by them (due to Muslims not being united as one). Also, the Shia will join forces with the Israeli one way or the other in future for being allowed to hold exclusive Jumma Prayers and abridging salah at will; for other reasons unknown. WalAllah ho Aalam. (Allah knows best; maybe this is something from aalamay gayb which I am not aware of at this moment in time)

Rasul Allah s.a.a.w has exhorted Muslims to hold fast to the book of Allah and seek guidance from it. It is alive and the only miracle of Rasul Allah s.a.w which to date has every solution present in it that can save Muslims from any turmoil ( fitnah) that might occur or is occurring right now; Only if they can ponder over it.

May Allah save all muslameen and musleemaat from the snare of the Shaytan, whether of the Jinn or humankind and do not let our enemies (especially Israelis and their allies in Ahmedies, Hindus and Christians to rule over us) Aameen Ya RubulAalameen.