Dream # 10 on Morning of Saturday 29th June 2013

AlhumduAllah I was blessed with this dream after a long gap of 7 years in which I was able to observe our Prophet s.a.w plainly.

The dream begins when huge crowd is welcoming Rasul Allah s.a.a.w amid much fun fare. I was also the one who shook his hand. Then I stand among the thousands who are watching and waiting to be taken to him to kiss his hand. He is sitting on a huge raised platform and the only access to him is through a make shift stairway. Each time two people are allowed to go up and kiss his hand and then exit from the stairway at other end. HE s.a.a.w is sitting (maybe) among his companions and family on the platform.

As I am standing there watching all this and thinking when my turn comes I see on the sky Pakistan Air force is doing different acrobats with their planes ( as a welcoming gesture to the prophet s.a.w) and also dropping huge balloons as a sign of welcome.

The next scene takes me to his (s.a.w) Hajuraat (private chambers) where he has retired after getting exhausted. As soon as I enter his chamber I see two things #1 There are people sitting around him ( maybe his companions or angels in the shape of humans-maybe his protectors) #2 He is reclining on the bed ( not lying down or sitting up). As I enter I present salaam “ Asalaumualikum Ya Rasul Allah” and he says “Walaikum Salam” and then asks “ Didn’t you already kiss the hand” I say “ Ya Rasul Allah I only shook your hand and now I want to kiss it” and he immediately brighten up and says “ Shabash” (well done), come” and he has smile on his beautiful and elegant face. I move forward and first kiss his right hand and then sit beside him on his bed. He is tired but I still say few words of praise for him and as was his transcendent nature he humbly says words like “no no I am but very simple man” and then I say “ No Rasul Allah, Allah’s blessings have been on you since you were a little child.” Thus ends our conversations as he has to go to his private bathroom. (conversation took place in URDU)


Then I wake up so fresh I remember I had no pain in my head or body and my soul felt like I have slept through a thousand nights and just woke up feeling elated and fresh llke Ashaabay KAAF.


Subhan Allah Wal HumduAllah—SubhanAllah for blessing me with such a beautiful sight and giving me opportunity among the select few Muslims in the world out of more than b illion Muslims to have been so blessed to kiss the prophet’s hand. AlhumduAllah for all the favors Allah has shown me and my parents.

Having said that the dream depicts the belief of a person and the reason for being shown what I have been was mainly due to three things #1 Currently after every prayer I send this salutation on Rasul s.a.w. and his family “ Allahhuma Salayala Muhammad Wa Ala Alay Muhammmad” ( this was long overdue and I was negligent enough to have forgotten since 2006) #2 Allah will bless me with the company of the Prophet s.a.w and his companions on the Day of Qiama #3 Rasul Allah s.a.w is pleased with me ( This has to do with my promise to Allah to bring about either an ayat or an authentic hadis in my presentations to audience-which I am doing very diligently from time to time).

Another important message given in this dream is about the role of Pakistan Air Force in any future conflict between believers and non believers and its success in safeguarding Islam ( this is part of ilmay gyab yet not unfolded….WalAllaho Aalam)

My prayers are “ May Allah bless every Muslim and Muslimaat the sight of Rasul Allah in the dream. Aameen Ya Rub” – Remember Shatan cannot take the shape of Rasul Allah s.a.w in the dreams. This has been promised to us by Rasul Allah s.a.a.w himself.