Sister sent this dream

Asalaam brother Azam,
This morning i had dream, not sure as to  what time it was, it was a very short dream  it think, in my dream i saw a pendant it wasnt gold, it wasn t silver, it was gold plated pendent which said MASHALLAH IN ARABIC, it sort of look old old, it wasnt shiny.. what does this mean…
i look forward to hearing from you soon.
My Reply:
Walaikum Salam
Here is the interpretation which I have come up with the knowledge Allah has bestowed on me for this particular dream:
“””You saw a Pendant which is neither Gold nor Silver but gold plated. It is old but at the same time not shiny and written on it is Mashallah.”””
This Pendant is actually “YOURSELF”. You are neither extremely good looking nor bad looking. You are in between and you are a simple person by nature and a woman who preserve her chastity. This simplicity was acquired after a long time and has become a part of your nature. People are attracted towards you not because of your looks but because of your kind heartedness and simple nature. This is a message for you ” MashaAllah remain the way you are for the rest of your life, Allah’s blessing will be with you”
If this interpretation has helped you, please ask (DUA) pray for Hikmat and Magfarat and Jannah for me from Allah. Aameen
Wasalamualikum Warahmat Allah