Here I would be adding my mother’s dream which falls under sacred dream. My interpretation is directly connected to Dream #3.This dream was narrated to me by her just before her death in 1992.
We use to have an old servant named NOORU who remained with my father for more than 40 years. My father use to take care of him financially and otherwise. When my father died in 1976, he was left with no other means to survive. He could not work regularly due to health reasons etc. So my mom told me once he came to her and said ” my daughter is getting married and I don’t know how to pay for her dowry and there is no one I can go to” and my mother told him ” why do you worry, your daughter is my daughter. I will take care of all your needs” and suddenly she saw there were tears in his eyes.
Time passed and after a couple of weeks , she saw this dream in which
she is walking down a path and see this very huge mansion whose height is reaching into heavens. There are zillions of little bulbs on the mansion which is beautifying the outlook of the mansion. As she is watching this mansion, her eyes wander for a moment and she sees a white bearded old man next to the gate of the mansion. She asks him ” whose mansion is this ?” and he answers ” it is your mansion”. Then she ask him “what about these little bulbs” and he answers ” These are not bulbs these are the tears of NOORU”
Please see Dream #3. For a long time after the death of my mother 1992 I have wondered what rank has Allah accorded her in the heaven. In 1996, my dream proved she is in a very high state of bliss and peace. May Allah also include me and all momin brothers and sisters after death in Jannatul Firdous ( highest pradise). Ameen