Place of Dream : 54 Sutton Ave. Rhode Island , USA. Late 2006
Background to this dream. I had just finished reading the Bible entitled ” Gospel of Barnabas”( Barnabas was one of the 12 Disciples of Jesus (PBUH) and was instrumental in writing down everything the Great prophet (PBUH) has said during his adult lifetime) when this dream was granted me by the Almighty.
This dream took place at the end of 2006. I see my self with two other people walking by a road. These two are non- Muslims.
Soon we see a double carriage passing by and it stops in front of us. Instead of the carriage being drawn by horses, there is a man who is pulling both these carriages from the middle. In short, he is between these two carriages.
As soon as the double carriage stops, I inform my two companions that the first carriage in front carries the last and final prophet of Allah, Hazarat Mohammad (saw) and the last carriage carries Hazarat Isa (pbuh).-Jesus Christ Then I get very close to the last carriage so as to have a look inside this particular carriage and through a crystal clear glass window I see Hazarat Isa (pbuh). I see him at a distance of six inches or less. He is very white and has neither a beard nor mustache. Extremely good looking in his 30’s.
Then my other two companions start to ask the driver unnecessary questions and I get little frustrated and tell them to shut up. I instead ask this man a simple question:
“How can we find out respective prophets”?
He opens his arms wide and answers “come and embrace me”
Each of the two non-believers embraces the man then steps aside. Now it is my turn.
I step forward and embrace the person. As soon as I embrace him, my whole body goes into indescribable ecstasy. The next instance I see my self going through this man and stepping forward. I see a raised throne on which I see myself seated with some other people I do not recognize. Everyone is wearing a beautiful crown and there is a crown on my head too. This whole time I am feeling this ecstasy. It is so intense and so pleasurable that it cannot be described in simple words. It is like if someone was to inform you that you have been awarded a billion dollars. Another example which is not appropriate to give but to make my point clear I will simple state would be the time a man or a woman is in the process of ejaculation. Now multiply this by a 1000 times.
Anyway, after that I retrace my steps and get out of this man and that’s when I wake up. After waking up, my whole body is still going through that ecstasy. I get up and offer two raka salat-i- shukr.
Interpretation of the Dream:
Simply beautiful. Cannot be described but that Allah has accorded me another rank in Jannah. For what purpose I am accorded this I do not know. Inshallah this rank is higher than all the previous ones. The message in the dream is threefold. My faith in the finality of Prophot Mohammad (SAW) is confirmed. Secondly, I would be in the company of Prophet Mohammad and Prophet Eisa. Thirdly, I would get a high rank in Jannah with extreme pleasure mixed with it.
SubhanAllah, WalHumduAllah.