The dream again took place in September 2006. This dream is again very special because it’s the third time in my life I see our beloved Prophet Hazarat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) almost after 22 years. The only difference was : this time around I saw the Prophet within a room and so close to me that I could distinguished his(SAW) facial and body features very well.
This dream is also a long and vague dream until the last part of it which I could remember very clearly when I woke up. It goes something like this:
I am in my teens at my father’s friend’s house in PECHS playing with some kids. Suddenly I realize that I have to pray and there is a small room set aside especially for prayers. I enter that room and sit down in the back The room has two doors. One from which i have entered which is located on the left of where i am sitting down and one is directly infront in the right corner of the prayer room .As I sit down I observe that two men are standing in the middle of the room. One of them is an old man (approximate age between 60-70 years) using his wrists not his hands, hitting a man (approximate age between 35-45 years) person’s back so as to massage his body. As soon as the old man finishes the massage he steps aside and the person being massaged turns to face the old man and me.
And then I realize that the person who was being massaged was none other than Hazarat Mohammad  (SAW). Here is how I describe the prophet of Islam. Mind you before this dream I have not read about our prophet’s features anywhere. He is very handsom and beautiful of face and with long black shiny hairs going down to the back shoulder and then curling up a bit. His beard is jet black and is neither long nor short. He is not tall but medium height like 5′ 7″ to 5’10”. He has radiance about his face which is very pleasing to look at. His eyes are round and big. He is very white and extremely attractive. I have never in my life seen such a radiant, attractive and vibrant face on a men. He is neither bulky nor thin. At that moment, sitting in the room , I am thinking I want to kiss his face out of reverence and attraction.
Now, in the next instance, I see that the old man is crying and saying to the Prophet (SAW): “may my hands be broken that I have touched you”. In reply Prophet says ” don’t worry , I gave you the permission to do the massage”. All this conversation is actually not uttered but I could easily understand what is being said.
When all is this going on I am sitting in the mosque in the back and watching them. Then suddenly first the old man turns around and walks around me and exit the door at the right front of the room and then our beloved Prophet (SAW) walks around me and exit the same door.
As they are going around me and are within reaching distance of my hands, I touch their feet and as the prophet comes along, tears wells up in my eyes and I start to cry.

That’s when I woke up
Interpretation of the Dream:
The interpretation was a little difficult me to do as there were three things going on in my life at that time which could be linked to this dream. One of those things was that I was going to a Chinese massage place every week to have an upper body massage done. During and after the massage I would feel so very relaxed that that would get me going for the whole week. I would work the whole week and would repeat the excercise. Another thing that this dream could be linked to was that due to my busy schedule I was not sending salutation on the prophet (SAW) as much as I use to. The third part is tricky: I might have been doing something which I would not do under normal circumstances and that was not in norm with Islamic practice. To implement this dream I first gave up massage. Because I thought when my prophet has pain in his body why am i getting relaxed every week. I felt little embarrassed and ashmed. But after a few months I relaised that is not the case. I interpretation was linked to the last two things mentioned above. Now I am sending regular salutation on the propet and also I have completely given up that which was against the principles of Islam. I had very little choice in this regard. This was the most plausible explanation for the pain in the prophet body.Yet, he was kind enough to give me permission, given the circumstances, i was in to carry on. May Allah accept my repentence. Ameen.
PS: Before I close this dream I must recoomend the Book ” Mohammad, The Prophet of God” By Mohammad Haikal. Please read it. It is a biography of Our Prophet (SAW) , his life and times with proper references and proper bibliography. It was during the time i was reading this book that I saw this particular dream.