Again this dream occurred in September 2006 at 54 Sutton. This dream took place in the morning hours of 29th after the fajr prayers.
The background of this dream is that Satan is troubling me and insisting on lust, fornication and lewdness while I am awake or sleeping. I am also upset but I do not want to displease Allah. Satan is becoming really troublesome for me. It is also the only time in my life when Satan (Jinn) has physically attacked me. I am lying down on my bed and neither fully sleep nor awake but in between. Next instance I see that I have an erection and there is huge hand coming from the ceiling and holding my private part in hand. It is whispering to me to commit fornication which I do not want to. I am trying to get rid of this hand with my tiny hand but no use. The hand that is stretching from the ceiling to my bed is too strong and too huge to detach. At this struggle goes on for a few second, I realize or say to that entity who is holding my private part “do whatever you will, I will not commit adultery”
The next instance I am fully asleep and transported to the back of my old house n Karachi where my father’s room used to be and I am sitting atop one of the big steel boxes that my mother used to store winter clothes in. I am facing a wall which overlooks the side lane in the back.
I am looking up at the sky and pleading to Allah to deliver me from the clutches of the satan. I am crying so much that I become overwhelmed with emotions. The weather is cloudy.
The next instance when I look down I see a young boy reclining on the wall. He is not wearing any shirt and naturally I get scared seeing some stranger on my wall without a shirt. Thinking where he came from, I get down from the steel box and push him off the wall and he fell over the wall. I mount the wall and look down to see him in the same position and smiling up to me. Then suddenly I recognize him from another dream and let him mount back on the wall. When he is stationed on the wall again, I ask him “who are you and why are you his here?” And he replies to me “ask Him whom you were praying to a while ago”. Then the whole situation becomes crystal clear to me that he is an Angel of Allah.
Then I invite him to follow me to my house and I start to walk and enter another home one block away. As I enter the house I see that he is already present and sitting down. I am surprised to see him already there and this time he is properly dressed. He looks very elegant.
I sit down opposite him and he informs me that he is here to tell me that my pleading against satan has been accepted by Allah.
Now I ask him two questions which are not related to my pleading to Allah.

First question “how many Mumins are there in the world?”
His answer “One million”
Second question “Am I one of them?”
His answer “Yes”

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream

It is quite clear from the dream that if you fight the evil, Allah’s help is not far away. It always comes sooner or later. Actually coming later has its plusses and positives. Allah tests us and makes us strong in resolve and also he is testing us so that He can increase our ranks in this world and in the hereafter. Satan is always an enemy to mankind and will remain so till the end. Allah will always be out friend and will remain so even after our end. The lessons learned were tremendous. I actually started to be more careful around people . Although I might have slipped from time to time after that dream but overall I kept up struggling and fighting my inner self to bring it in line with Allah and his prophet’s teachings. May Allah grant me help in the shape of angels to ward off evil.
The dream also brought in glad tidings from Allah in the shape of giving rest to my heart. Being informed that I have indeed entered the ranks of Momin is the greatest news anyone can ever give me. Out of so many Muslims (latest estimate gives the population of Muslims to be 1 ½ Billion or more) I indeed find myself very lucky to be among one of those 1 million momin in this world