This dream also took place at 54 Sutton Ave. RI, USA and it was during 2006. I do not remember the month.
Background to the dream is that I had given up almost all the big sins that Allah has forbidden a momin. I started praying as much as I can out of my busy schedule. There are five daily prayers prescribed by our Prophet (SAW) on every Muslim which I tried to complete but in case I missed any one of them, I would make sure I would not sleep until I have prayed ISHA prayer. I made sure I would recite the Quran like Sheikh Saad Al-Gamdi. I would understand the Quran and follow the good ways shown by Our Lord Allah. I guess Allah was so pleased that I saw in the dream I am walking in a wooded area with my mother and suddenly I see three angels in human forms wearing reddish dress descend from the heaven and walk towards us and suddenly they are in front of us. They inform us “we have come to take you; Allah has admitted you in Jannah (Paradise). I ask them “will there be any pain while you take our soul” and suddenly they vanish”

Then I woke up
Interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of this dream is not yet complete as it will happen near my death. But I surmised from this dream that the manner of my death has not been told me. It could be pleasant or unpleasant. Allah only knows. One thing that came out of this dream is that Allah has admitted us( me and my mother) in Jannah already. May this dream come true for me and every other Muslim, Ameen.