Dream number four is little vague but I do remember some part of it. This dream took place in September 2004 at 54 Sutton ave. in Rhode Island, USA
I see that I am traveling in a car with my mother and brothers towards Karachi international airport. I am going on a journey to perform hajj.
As soon as we reach the airport and were to collect my tickets, I am informed that I can’t get the tickets because I have not fulfilled certain requirements and until and unless I fulfill those ( it could be anything from valid visa or passport etc.), I cannot board the flight.
So I am running around the airport from one booth to another to go through the requirements before I miss the flight.
At last, after a long hectic endeavor, I get the final go ahead. I succumb to my emotions and fall down prostrate to thank Allah.
Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the dream:
The interpretation of the dream is just dawning on me. I went on a journey to perform Hajj 2008. It is an arduous journey. Very tiring and hectic and is to be performed by a Muslim only once in his/her lifetime and that only if they can afford it physically and financially. Actually, I had almost lost it. One day in 2006 suddenly during the middle of the night, I got up and I could not breathe and my heart was beating so fast and I could see that I am not going to survive and then I prayed to Allah. My prayer was something like this “O Allah, please grant me leave to perform Umra and hajj before taking my soul from my body. Let me not die here in a non-Muslim country where I know no one. Let me die either in Mecca, Medina (holy cities in Saudi Arabia) or Karachi (my home city in Pakistan) and forgive all my sins before death”.
I believe Allah has reprieved me till then. If I go on this journey and don’t make it back that would mean my job on this earth is over and if I do come back then that would signifies that I still have work to do here.
( I did come back, Alhumduallah).