Place of Dream: My father’s house in Karachi, Pakistan
Year: 1996 or 1997

I remember during this period I was preparing for CSS exams. These are exams for Civil Services of Pakistan held every year. I was reading and concentrating so much that I would sometimes forget to sleep all night. As a result of this exhaustive endeavor I was bound to get sick. I became sick with typhoid just two months before my exams. I lost all my concentration and became weak to the extent that I could not study anymore. This proved devastating. For a long time I was bed-ridden. My mother had died 4 years ago and I felt no on was taking good care of me. I was crying and praying to Allah for mercy and a way out of this misery. I refused to eat any anti-biotic, as I am allergic to almost all of them. During one of these bouts of sickness, I suddenly felt light-headed and went into a state of slumber. My head became very light and I felt relaxed. Then an amazing thing happened.
To call it a dream would neither be right nor wrong. This dream/slumber was very real like it is happening in real life. As soon as my eyes became heavy with sleep, I saw that my soul is leaving my body like I have died in reality. I could see my body lying down on the floor while my soul is being slowing rising up to heaven. This soul is suddenly over the North African Desert or rather just gliding through the desert and I could see the waters of the Mediterranean. The next stage of the dream takes me directly to Jannah (Paradise) and my soul is slowly descending into it. It looks so beautiful with every single corner of it made of gold and on four corners of the jannah I see while till in air that there are Hoors (Gorgeous maidens reserved for the believers by Allah for the hereafter) with the arms stretched out welcoming me.
As soon as I touch down I see a door on my left side open and both my father and my mother rush towards me to welcome me. As my parents are greeting me and I am greeting them in return, I hear loud voices coming from outside the jannah. It’s actually someone crying in severe pain. I walk over there and observe an Angle in the shape of a man bent over a grave, holding a nail and a hammer in his hand and driving the nail in the heart of a person in the grave repeatedly. I see some people watching the whole thing and I enquire and am told, “He was a wrong-doer”.
In the instance I realize that both my parents are here in the Jannah and I am here but where are the rest of my brothers. As soon as I say that I see out of nowhere two of my brothers (names withheld) materialize from nowhere and I go to greet them. But as soon as I do that, the color of jannah changes from gold to silver.

And then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
This dream is one of the glad tidings from the Al-Mighty to me. If I keep on the right track, avoiding grievous sins and abominations, InshaAllah (God willing) my end would be good. For that I have to remain steadfast and persevere. Further, this dream shows the end of my mother and father in a blissful state in Jannah (promised garden by Allah to the righteous). Ever since my mother and father died, I have wondered what has happened to them and Allah through His Grace and Mercy showed me their status.
I do not know the person shown in the grave being tortured. By showing him, Allah has given me an implicit warning that the wrongdoers end up in state of perpetual torment and I should avoid all such acts which are hateful in the sight of Allah.
My brothers entering in Jannah with the change in color from gold to silver could actually mean a number of things:Maybe there status is lower or higher than mine,  Maybe, their status would be raised or they will enter Jannah but would not be accorded the same status as me. Maybe, they need to work on their good deeds and correct themselves. Maybe, they will enter Jannah on my intercession on the day of resurrection InshaAllah.