Place: My father’s house in Karachi, Pakistan.
The second of such sacred dream came to me when I was in 8th grade. The girl I use to adore and love, and she was supposed to adore me too but that didn’t turn out to true, got married. I was in 8th or 9th grade. Immature as such, I got so disheartened that I decided that staying in my room for a while would not be a bad idea. Since I didn’t want to go to any social gatherings, I adopted a life of solitude. I started praying and listening to a lot of Naats [Particular brand of music and singing having roots in India and Pakistan history and tradition. They all exemplify and honor one person, Mohammad (saw).] While listening, I would go into deep ecstasy and pleasure which would bring tears to my eyes and I would get overwhelmed. It was during one such night of listening and sending salutation on the prophet (saw) that I fell asleep.
I saw in my vivid dream that: I and someone else is playing around and joking in my room (it is someone I know but can’t remember face, name or voice). Suddenly, it occurs to me to read Quran. I get up and grab the Quran. The moment I did that I also say in Arabic “Aaudo –bil-Allah minash shaitan nir rajeemBismil-Allah- hey Rahman nir Raheem” {, I seek refuge in Allah from the satan, the outcast. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful}.
As soon as I say that I realize that the other guy, I was playing with, has gone dead quiet. Then suddenly the realization dawn on me that he is a Satan impersonate. Then I start to turn the pages of the Quran and the first thing I see is Hell, plain and visible. The picture in the Quran has come alive. I am now inside the picture. It seems like I am walking around the hell but it is not lighted. There are a couple of other people around it but I do not recognize them. The Hell is just very still and there is no fire in it. It’s like I have been taken on a tour similar to the last dream. Its shape is round and it has seven levels going deep down like layers upon layers. Then after that I turn another page of the Quran and I see a big courtyard from behind a tree. The picture again comes alive and I observe that at one end of the courtyard there is a stage set up on a higher level than the courtyard. From within the branches I see “the courtyard is full of Angels prostrating to a person standing forward and in the center of the stage. Divine intuition make me realize that it is Hazarat Mohammad (SAW) standing in the front. Around and behind him are others I could not recognize (could be his companions but I am not sure and do not want to misguide you in believing as such).The Prophet (saw) is at a distance so I could not read his facial features but indubitably it’s him on the stage. Then I look down and read the words in Quran, which has replaced the picture, in Urdu language:
Tum Mohammad Sallalaho Waliewasalam par salamati baigho, Allah aur Aus kay Hazroou farishtay tum par salamati baigai gay
““You send salutation on Mohammad (SAW), Allah and thousands of His angles will send salutation on you””

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
Plain and Simple: The Hell has been made to appear extinguished for me due to the salutations I am sending on the prophet and this is the key to avoiding hell.
Also, this time around I was more careful in remembering every word of it and told my mother about it. She was very happy and told me to keep it to myself as other people might feel jealous or envy me. I believe she had remembered how Prophet Jacob instructed his son Joseph in the Quran :
 “” He said , ” O my son! , relate not your dream to your brothers lest they arrange a plot against you. Surely, satan is to man an open enemy.”” (Quran Yousaf 12:5) One good thing has come out of this dream: whenever I am down under and feeling dejected or ominous in behavior I start sending salutation on the Prophet (saw) and lo and behold my problems start to vanish just under my feet. Also this dream has taught me to seek Allah’s refuge from Satan which I still do. How Allah and his Maliakas have sent salutation on me will become apparent later on in life.