Place: My father’s House in Karachi
Time unknown

The first of such dream came to me when I was 12 or 13. I was praying regularly and was
sending lots of salutation on Hazarat Mohammad (SAW). In the dream I saw:
I am inside Haram and I am walking around with The Prophet on the second floor around the perimeter. I see that Hazarat Mohammad (SAW) is taking me around a guided tour. He was indicating with gestures and then he stopped at a certain spot and with the lift of his finger he pointed towards the area close to the house of Allah. This particular area is between Bait-ul-Allah (House of God) and Maquam-e- Abraham. (Place of Abraham PBUH, actually a glass cube, inside which embossed in gold are the foot prints of Abraham PBUH)
When I looked in that direction I saw a servant or janitor sweeping the floor around the area where the sacred stone is resting. The whole of the Haram was completely empty except for the Prophet (saw), me, and the old janitor.

Then I woke up.

Interpretation of the Dream:
For a long time after that I was not sure about the implications or blessings of this dream. But slowly it dawned unto me that Allah will one day take me to His house for pilgrimage and I must carry on salutation on the prophet (saw) and that Allah has more in store for me. In 2007-08 I visited the Haram to perform pilgrimage and thus the dream came true. Let me also tell you about a miracle that happened at that time. After I have completed one of the umra(Minor Pilgrimage to Mecca) I went to the same 2nd floor of Haram, kept on going until I reached that same spot, same angle where the Prophet (saw) stopped and saw the same view which I saw in a dream many years ago. AlhumduAllah (All thanks to Allah). I offered two rakah salah at that spot to thank Allah.