Sister sent this from Hong Kong 19th December 2019


May Allah reward you as you have previously interpreted my dreams and  they gave me a lot of hope. I am currently being forced to marry my cousin from Pakistan , I am not married yet but my parents are thinking about it . I previously did like a guy and my parents found out about it and I was isolated for a few months , when my dad went to Pakistan, he named me to my cousin without asking me when I was around 16 so basically I am engaged according to my family, now I am 19 and I am still stuck to my cousin. I am not seeing the guy I like anymore, he also had family problems and thought it was a big responsibility to talk to my parents as they are very strict.I am very sure that when my parents start planning marriage , they will not seek my consent just like they didn’t ask me when getting me engaged to my cousin therefore I always ask Allah to guide me and i had a few dream.

1st Dream
I had a dream that the angel of death and another angel came to me and I was very scared and I tried to hide and i hid under a table  and the angel of death came to me and he said to me that “you should ask your parents about marriage and they should ask you about marriage as well.”
2nd Dream
I had a dream that i was carrying a baby boy on my right arm and i was going upstairs with him and then i saw my brother and he was holding a baby girl , he handed her over to me and I held her on my left arm , I  went upstairs with them and i see a woman and a man sitting in chairs, i greeted the woman and said “asalamu alai kum” , how are you to her  and she replied “walai kum salam “back to me , she was the mother or a relative of the person I previously wanted to marry.
3rd dream
I saw that my uncle had come to my house and i was reciting the first few lines of surah baraqah and “rabana” verses


Walaikum Salam,

Now it has become very clear. Ok listen I will give you interpretation on the condition that you do not seek any interpretation  after this and that you implement the advise given wholeheartedly and immediately. Once my web page is fully constructed I will put up your dream and its interpretation.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I would have personally asked you to go along with your parents wishes for they know what is best for you and further it is apparent from your email that your former crush got cold feet anyway and came up with family problems and your father strictness issues. In short, he is happy to wash his hands off you and would not even think twice about you before marrying someone else. That is a fact.

Now since the angels were sent to you from Allah so I will go along with their instructions.All three dreams are connected so I will give you one interpretation. You would approach just once your parents and rely your wishes not to marry your cousin. Make them understand that you are not interested in someone you like or liked before. You could approach them
thus ” Dear Father/Mother my respect for you is undeniable; you know what is best for me since I was a child and you brought me up in best of ways one can imagine and I thus always pray for you what Allah has commanded believers
(Rabbir Hamhuma Kama Rabba Yani Sagheera)
رَّب ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا
“My Lord, have mercy upon them[my parents] as they brought me up [when I was] small.” Al-Quran (17:24) My only request to you is not to marry me to my cousin as I don’t find any compatibility with him. Maybe he and his parents are eager to get Citizenship and that could be one reason they agreed but I am not blaming them nor disrespecting them or you but father/mother I am not ready yet.When I am I will let you know In Sha Allah”

So next step in case they don’t agree is to approach your uncle
mentioned in dream #3 and rely the same message above ( so he can talk to your parents on your behalf).

In case that also doesn’t work then you will do two things:
#1 Read the last ayat in the shape of Dua in Surah Bakarah ( mentioned on top) for one week 3 times after every fard salah and concentrate on Allah being Moulana ( mentioned in this dua) – This is Arabic word meaning ” Helper, friend, One who assists, One who stands with you in dire straits”

#2 Now wait for 1 week for a dream to appear with new instructions; if that doesn’t materialize that mean you have done what Allah instructed and now that is all you can do. Now you will go along with your parents wishes to marry your cousin ( wholeheartedly and not with any rancor or hatred in your heart) for remember Allah reminds us in Quran ( here the
ayat is translated/given in my own words) ” that a thing we love, adore may not be good for us and a thing we hate, abhor may be good for us. Allah knows we know not.”

In sha Allah Allah will thus reward you with a baby boy.

End of Interpretation

*If this interpretation has helped you achieve peace, please pray for my rizk so I can take care of my family’s need and also pray for my magfarat)