Sister Sent this from Qatar 18th November, 2019

A-salaam alaykum
My dear brother in Islam. Hope you are well. My request is please could you interpret my dream please.
I had a dream that I got a egg from Allah. I crack it myself (like you would normally) but it’s empty.
Many thanks for your time.
May Allah reward you & your family.


Walaikum salam

The dream is not only significant for you but majority of Muslims. Abdullah ibn Masood R.A. narrated ” Until we have understood 10 ayat from Rasool Allah s.a.a.w we would not move forward in Quran”
Now remember he was an Arab ( unto whom the Quran was directly revealed and his mother tongue was Arabic) while millions of Muslims ( non Arabs) worldwide read quran like a parrot for sawab (rewards only) not to understand in their own language and change their lives.
So even if you are an Arab it is incumbent on you to read it to understand and what better teacher than Allah Himself.
So the empty egg (here is Quran)is signifying that Allah wishes you to understand His word so He can perfect His mercy unto you.
Go in peace and if this interpretation helped you in return pray for my safety and that of my family and Rizk ( sustenance).

Sister’s Reply:  Thank you so much brother, I pray Allah blesses both you and your family.