Sister sent this from Islamabad, Pakistan 17th December 2019

Asalamu alai kum ,
I am writing to ask a question a dream  that I am very certain is from Allah as I remember them vividly and the came to me before fajr.I had a dream that my deceased grandmother kept my lost necklace with her and after her death , they were given to me. The necklace was gold and white in color and the gold parts had the name of Allah on them.The necklace was shiny as well. I took the necklace and was happy with it, it also had some of my lost rings attached to it and I put the
rings in my fingers and they fit but I could not take the rings out of it as the whole necklace would fall apart.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Walaikum Salam. Thank you for being in touch with me. My web page is undergoing construction right now so once it is fully functional, I will put up your dream and its interpretation so others can get inspiration from it.( hiding your name and city of-course unless you allow)

The message is given to you plainly “do not attach yourself or your purpose of life to the pomp and attractions of this world. You belong to Allah and to Him you will return. If you were to hold dearly what does not belong to you in this world but is given or shown to you as a test and neglect your duty to Allah it would be most displeasing to Allah and you might end up losing more than you can bargain for in the Hereafter” So the above message is given to you because you have a good heart.Allah wishes to save you not punish you but you must make amends before the inevitable (death) arrives suddenly.
May Allah save all Moumeeneen and Moumenaats from the fire of hell and make us enter Jannah. Aameen

* If the above interpretation has helped you, please pray for my rizk so I can take care of myself and my family and also for my magfarat in the Hereafter.

Sister’s Reply: I allow my dream to be put and JazakAllah khairun for my dream interpretation. Alhamdullilah I will take note of this.I will surely pray for you.