Lady from Saudi Arabia sent me this 11th July 2019

On a very peaceful night, when I was sleeping I’m seeing malak al-maut in my dreams, I’ve been able to see it very clearly and nicely. It was wearing a very white shirt like Arabians. and it was so white where ever he was standing. I didn’t knew what I was doing. Nobody could tell me what’s happening. It suddenly showed up on a stage. That was flying too, Everyone started running and most of them hidden. I also ran towards my home with a person who was already there. I also took pictures from my phone. I quickly rushed to home and was about to show the pictures and vedios to my mom. Meanwhile I woke up.


This dream has significance for you alone. It shows couple of things for you. One is that no matter where you run death will follow you; so, while Allah has given you time in this world increase yourself in goodness. Secondly, your death will be that of a Muslima and it is hoped Allah will make you enter Jannah. In Sha Allah

Meanwhile, keep on praying for your magfarat and that of your family members. May Allah keep you all safe. Aameen ya Rab.