Lady from Qatar sent this on 8th. May, 2019

Slam .. i am from Qatar… Today is my first fast during pragancy…. I saw in dream big swans come to the tree… They are very beautiful and shine…. One of them are thirsty and i give them a water… And fina

What’s it’s mean… I saw the swan in dream frst time in my life ..But they drink water or not i don’t remembered.. but they are happy on the tree and eating something and then flying may be…

Is that good or bad dream..??


Walaikum Salaam.

Swans are beautiful creatures of Allah and as such the dream is good.👍🌹🌷

You are being advised to give out whatever you can afford to the poorest of your relatives, friends, neighbors and deserving needy people during Ramazan; these are those who do not beg of people. If you cannot afford, then do charity in the shape of forgiveness. Please do not hold back in case they have done something wrong to you in the past.

The immediate vanishing of the swans in the dream signifies the end of Ramazan and along with it the special mercy of Allah which He has reserved for those who do good deeds in Ramazan.

So make the most of it while the time lasts and earn Rabalaalameen’s favor and blessings.