I am sitting on the table typing something on my laptop and maid and her daughter are cleaning the house. My wife comes to me all with Wadu (Ablution) and tells me that she is going to perform her Salah (Daily Prayer). I say ok.

As she leaves and the maid and her daughter disappear from sight, I hear the voice of Imam of Kaba Mahir Al Mukaily reading loud the salah on Radio and then he says “Asalamualikum Wa Rahat Allah, Assalamualikum Wa Rahmat Allah” to end the prayer. After that he immediately starts to recite Dua in his charismatic voice. During the dua he starts to cry profusely and is overwhelmed by his emotions and I start to cry too. As I am crying, I feel that my sins are leaving my body like water flowing into ocean. I immediately leave whatever I am doing on the table and go and sit besides the radio to get the blessing of the dua. At that time Imam Mahir is sobbing and he just sobs and cannot continue dua and I am crying but am mindful of the fact my wife and maid might walk in on me anytime. So I am afraid to sob openly.
That’s when I woke up.


An-Naml vv. 62 “ Or, Who answer the distressed one ( wronged one) when he cry unto Him and removes the evil and has made you inheritors of the earth? Is there any god besides Allah? Little do they reflect?” SadakAllah hul Azeem
Subhan Allah WalhumduAllah

How many times have I turned to Allah and have found Him to be ever relenting, ever merciful.
This is the same message that is reaffirmed in the dream for me. Never lose hope in the bounty of Allah, which encompasses everything and everyone, yet man do not realize this. He will be always there when everyone has left me. He will be my shepherd during the time of distress and affliction but I have to seek forgiveness from the core of my heart and only cry out to Him for my troubles in secret. His blessings are always with me.

He has promised all in Surah Hajj “ WalayunsurananAllaha Mai Yunsaru” Most certainly Allah will help those who help Allah” MaazAllah, God Forbid no one in the heavens and the earth can help Allah. What Allah is emphasizing is that those who help His needy slaves in time of trouble and those who help in the spread of His and His prophet’s message, there will be no doubt that Allah’s help and blessings is with them.
May Allah help out those Muslims who are in distress in the world and only cry out to Him and may he give them and those who are newly entering the fold of Islam the hikmat ( ability to differentiate between right and wrong) so their heart becomes a beacon of Noor ( shining light) Aameen Ya RubulAalameen.