Sister sent this mail

As salaam alakum brother.

My name is—– and I live in birmingham Uk i am 20 years old. I came across your email address in your islamic dream interpretation site, Inshallah i am hoping you with the help of allah saw will be able to help me.
This moring i awoke from a dream.
It was that a girl i know a friend not a close friend, had died. I was in a room almost like a classroom when i was called i was wearing a black rope garment i was called by a man and he told me it was my time to die,he went back to the class i stood in the hallway where there was a mirror i looked at myself while repeating la ilaha ila la and other prays to allah sweating and heart beating waiting to die, it was then i awoke.

Inshallah brother i hope to hear from you
wa alakum salaam
Walaikum Salam
This dream is very good dream for you in two ways:
#1 This man could be an angel of Allah who came to inform you that it is your time to come back. This happens to only a select people. Age, sex, creed, location, dress or language is immaterial in the whole situation. Whoever is close to Allah or doing something which is very pleasing to Allah, Allah wishes to mitigate his/her  problems by calling him early so that he/she doesn’t commit sins in future and come back to him pure of heart and pure of soul. ( I do not know you but i can tell you are of a pure soul and your closeness to Allah could be spiritual which may not be known to even your closest relatives or you maybe avoiding major sins).
#2 Your watching the mirror (The mirror is reflecting on you and showing you where you stand at this moment in time) and reciting the Qalima has deferred your departure from this world otherwise you would have been gone while you were sleeping. Look around you, read the newspapers. How many people die while asleep. When the moment come, the angel do not give reprive but only to the most devoted slaves of Allah or those who ask Allah for respite. I have done that too or I would be dead in 2006 in USA while sleeping. This respite, however, has a price attached with it : “continue doing good and avoid major sins and increase in your goodness”.
This in my humblest of opinion the interpretation of your dreams.
Allah knows best. May Allah forgive all muslameen and musleemaat’s sins and make us enter the jannah pure of soul, pure of heart ( Qalbay Saleem) Aameen.
Best regards
Remember this your brother in prayers.