Sister sent this letter

Asaalam a le qum Brother Azam,

The last two or three days ago i have had dreams which i think alhamdulillah i think mean something..or related to islamic


 very briefly as i cannot remember the full dream i see  myself either hanging a Allah frame or i see a Allah on the wall, i am pretty sure i was putting up the Allah frame.

Answer to 1st Dream:

The interpretation is that you are close to Allah and your trust in your Lord is on a higher side, to the extent that you are able to keep Him in your heart every time you get into difficulty. This is a sure sigh of faith and also when a person doesn’t associate anything or anyone equal to Allah, he/she is avoiding Shirk. Mashallah, keep up this spirit and Inshallah (Allah willing) more such dreams are one their way.


 however I saw a few days ago…which seems to be a bit confusing, is i was washing clothes, or maybe taking out my clothes from the washer, and as i was taking out my clothes, along with my clothes i take out what seemed to me a TAWEEZ..TO PUT AROUND THE ARM OR MAYBE NECK…


Answer to 2nd Dream:

This dream has two interpretations: One good and One bad. Which one would you like to hear first? J

Ok. Your dream is closely connected to the last part where you read the Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood. Ayat-ul-kursi is used for protection purposes from the jinn kind which Allah has created and they can do harm to human being. When you read this, the hurt that these Jinn’s intend either become apparent to you or they (jinns) escape from you. Darood on the Rasul Allah s.a.w means blessing of Allah will then descend on you as anyone who sends Darood on the Prophet s.a.w. is actually receiving Allah’s blessings as well.

This taweez could be a bad omen for you in the sense that someone is trying to hurt you physically or emotionally through various means: geebat (back stabbing), hasad (envy), bugz/keena (having hatred in their heart for you for no apparent reason), bhoutan (maligning your name or reputation) or doing jadu (black magic). There are a number of possibilities and this Allah has made known to you in your dream because you were reading Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood. This could be a warning to you to beware of people around you. Mostly, these days, the people who do these types of things are your close relatives.

Having said all this, the second interpretation, which can be considered good is that Allah is showing you that you should recite Ayat-ul-kursi and Darood excessively and these will be protecting you from all such evil talks and evil beings. You don’t necessarily have to wear any taweez (band) around your arm. These two will act as a band of protection if you read them everyday, Inshallah.

Hope these interpretations pleased you. Please pray for my Hikmah (knowledge) Rozgar (sustenance) Sehat (health) and Mugfara (forgiveness) from Allah Subahnaho Taala.