Sister sent this dream

Assalamualikum Azam!
Saw a dream where in a house which is resided in from childhood but currently does not live there anymore. This house was meant to be inhabited with jinn.
Anyway in the dream I recites the final surahs of the quran from surah al maoon till surah naas and upon completing this recitation a wasp is killed (I have a fear of wasps).
What does this mean?
Walaikum Salam

This is Good dream as far as overcoming inhibitions and fear in life is concerned. Every time, you recite kalamaat of Allah from the Quran in the dream, it always auger well for the reciter in real life. 

There was some evil of the Jinn that was bothering you or had his eyes on you and you drove away that Jinn from bothering you again. Here in the dream wasp is synonymous to Jinn. But killing of wasp in dream doesn’t mean that you have killed the Jinn in reality. This particular jinn or its kind can and will come back if you are not close to Allah or not observing your regular prayers and dhikr. 

The Jinns’ can only harm human beings in three (3) cases:

# 1 When that human indulges in sinful acts looked down upon by Allah, he/she exposes himself to outside influences and powers

#2 When he/she invites such Shayteen of Jinn and humans through evil discourse among themselves and magic spells.

#3 When he/she is a disbeliever in Allah and his Rasul (saw)

So stay clean, observe you regular prayers and dhikr(remembrance), do not indulge in acts which are sinful in Allah’s sight and do not sit with people who can have evil influence on your mind ( so called friends and associates).