Sister sent this dream

Salaam brother, 
#1 Dream: this morning i had a dream, this morning i think fajr time, i cant really remember much of it but all i can remember is having guests who i know and fairly good family friends in my house who brought seviyaan (vermicelli) and asian sweet dish, but we also had made some, i can remember seeing two full bowls of seviyaan i brough from the auntie (guest) and one home made and i was serving her them and family member/s… 
#2 Dream: i had another dream, i dont think it was combined at all, but i saw two dogs lazing around in the back alley, then..later staring and looking at me….in real life i am terified of dogs, when i see dogs i run a mile… but in this dream..the dogs wwere harmless just looking at me.. not statues..staring.
#3 Dream: weeks ago, not long ago…before in another dream i also remember serving rice pudding (kheer) to a friend and her mum who visited my house… what does this mean…
i look forward to hearing from you soon.
Walaikum Salam Wa Rahma Allah
Remember what I said on my website for dream interpretation. I only interpret islamic dreams. All three of your dreams fall under ” Rumbling of Mind ” catagory
I do not want to give my opinion or interpretation to which I don’t find Rasul Allah’s s.a.w example or islamic element. So in this case I won’t be able to help you out. But there are millions of other websites which might be willing to give out some interpretation. If there was any islamic factor, I would have interpreted. Sorry.