Sister sent this dream

Assalamu alikum,
A dream was seen by a brother who who is going to the eid prayer with his mother (who resides with himself in same household in reality) and it is being held in the park not the masjid. Up till now his mother has never performed the eid prayer in the masjid/park since he was born as it is not compulsery to do so and as the brother and his mother live in a non muslim country and the eid prayer in their city does not take place in the park it occurs in mosques only. What does this mean
Another dream was seen by the same brother who recieves an eid card from a work colleague who works on the same floor as him. She is married and therefore he is receiving an eid card from a non mahram. What does this mean?
jazakallah for your response wasalaaam
Walakium Salam

Here is the interpretation to Dream #1  “yes it is not compulsory for a woman to pray in parks/halls/mosques and even in Baitul Allah in Mecca” But if they go of their own accord, with love of Allah in their heart, observing proper clothing, we should not stop them. So tell your brother that his mother wishes to go out to pray (EID of JUMA) in the mosque so let her do that. The park is very significant in the dream as it shows that his mother is not allowed to go out by her house folk to the park for reasons known only to them. She is very virtuous women and she wishes to relax and go out to the park and this argument has been playing on your brother’s mind a lot and that’s why he saw the Eid Prayer in Park. Tell him to allow her to go to the park often or take her along with him. She wants to relax and not be put to chains in the house (literally speaking)”.

Dream #2 is sexually oriented and comes under the category of “RUMBLING OF THE MIND” so I cannot give any interpretation. Sorry.