Sister sent this dream

Respected Sir,

 I am quite worried these days as I have come to know about my husband’s immoral ways and have separated. I need help with these dreams.I am sorry for causing inconvenience with so many dreams. May ALLAH reward you in this life and after. Ameen.
Answers to your Dreams
Walaikum Salam and Aameen to your prayers.
Actually the center of your attention at this moment on your conscious and sub-conscious level is your husband . You have not forgotton him and that’s why you are seeing all these dreams. The dreams having element of Islam in them is because you are a very pious women and very closely connected to Islam, Quran and Allah.
Dream #1
     I saw a dream. I have quran in my hand. As I pass through my mother’s kitchen I come to know of a black dog that is hiding in the kitchen cupboard. I know that he is dead now. I decide to step out of the back door of the kitchen so that I can read quran sitting outside the kitchen door. I have decide I will recite surah baqarah and some more surats. Suddenly I see a big black dog sitting on the right. His back is towards me. Half of his body is in cage(head) and the other half (legs and arms) are out. He is stretching. I look at him closely and observe that there is not a single white hair on its body. While he is stretching, his leg (does not scratch) but just touches my right leg. I hold my quran tightly and run back inside the house and I warn my mom that the black dog in the kitchen cupboard is dead but dont go outside because there is a big black dog outside.
Answer to Dream # 1
Keep on reading Surah Bakarah it will protect you from evil influences. Holding the Quran tightly doesn’t mean literally. It means to read and understand and follow what Allah has revealed. So do that.
Dream #2
  My mom is saying to me in a dream that while we were taking ring off of your finger you felt sad but then later you felt happy. I start thinking why would I feel sad, I wanted to get rid of the ring. Then I reply that I also saw a dream about this ayat “Faja alahum ka asfimma kool”(surah feel: ayat no.5). A lady sitting next to me says “Oh your enemies have been destroyed”.
Answer Dream # 2
Your enemies have been destroyed. Now move forward not backward. Stop thinking about your past
Dream #3
  I have been told that some digging up of some religious things is taking place. I run to that place. Then I see a glass box in front of me. Inside is a gold sword. I ask someone who this sword belongs to. They tell me. There is some confusion in my mind but definitely  it was either Hazrat Umar’s or Hazrat Ali’s sword.
Answer Dream # 3
If you forget your past and move forward, Allah will grant you with good rewards in this world and hereafter otherwise your confusion will get worse. So stop thinking about your separation . What is done is done.
Dream #4
  A lady writes the following dua on a piece of paper and gives it to my mom to recite. It says “Subhanallah i wabihamdahi adada khalqahi warida nafsahi wazinata arshahi wa midada kalimatahi”. Then she says to my mom give me your lipstick so that I can investigate whether magic has been performed on it. My mom gives the lipstick to her.
Answer to Dream # 4
Hope you know what this dua means. If it is good for you then recite it, your fears of someone doing black magic will disaapear. I don’t find authentic tradition of Our prophet reciting this dua so I  would not recommend it to anyone, I would rather stick to Al-Muwadaat ( surah akhlas, falak and naas). But since this was shown to you in dream, then recite it but don’t tell others to recite it, it might backfire on them.
Hope all these interpretations helped