Sister sent this dream

Im 28 years old and i’ve just recently started to have sleep paralysis. Its been my 3rd time in a months where i’ve felt i’ve been paralysed and im unable to move any parts of my body or even speak until I read kalima/aytul kursi in my heart but unable to hear myslef. I can just flicker my eyes and thats about it. Today in my dream I heard my cousin brother calling me and laughing but when I tried to look towards the door I was unable to move but I read the kalima and Aytul Kursi and then slowly was able to move. I have noticed I get the sleep paralyse between 4am -8am. I always read Aytul Kursi and subhanallaha, Allhamdilillah and Alluhu akbar before I go to sleep and have never had and any problelms infact normally when I go to sleep I don’t wake up until the next morning. But recently I don’t know why i’ve started having sleep paralysis.

Can you please try explaining it to me from Islamic point of view.

Many thanks!


Walaikum Salam,

Sleep paralysis is a name given to a state of slumber and it has nothing to do with a dream. It is a state in which one finds himself/herself while between complete sleep and complete awareness. I have explained it in detail in one of my thread on Islamic Board. This state is being influenced by Shayteen(evil) of the Jinnkind. The perpetrator is a she Jinn. Before coming into view she will paralyze your whole body except maybe your eyes and you are still able to breath. Very few are able to observe her. I have been lucky or unlucky enough to have observed her. She stands just beside the bed. Short, jet black and horrific. She comes in total darkness. Please read Almuwaddat before going to bed and keep a bulb on in your room if you sleep alone and you will ultimately overcome sleep paralysis. If you sleep with siblings, parents or husband, chances are she will not paralyze you. Her purpose is to harm and ultimately kill you, but with the kalaamat of Allah, she will not come near you. In case you are paralyzed, read whatever you know of the Quran like you are doing now, this will release her hold and you will be able to move you hands and feet Inshallah.