Sister sent this from United Arab Emirates

Dear brother,

kindly interpret the meaning of my dream. I am confused and a little worried. I did Isteqara lately and decided to marry,Alhamdulillah. I saw a dream today in the afternoon. I saw i was in mecca. I was telling my self ” I have to circumbulate around the kabah 7 times to do Tawaf. But the surroundings were different. Everything was soo white. Me and soo many other people were doing Tawaf but outside the Haram,on the entrance. We all were on thr right side doing Tawaf but i could not see the Kaabah(It seemed as if the Kabaah was moved from the centre to the entrance area. It is there but that part is not shown in my dream. My dream was more focused about me doing the Tawaf and the other people doing the same. I see my self,fully covered in abaya with just eyes visible. My father is there with me too but he is doing umra. I see him in Ihram. In reality i was deciding to purchase an abaya which will be more appropriate for Hijab. Alhamdulillah i saw myself wearing that kind of abaya. Alhamdulillah i know that my dream means good,everything was so white. But i am worried,why was i not shown the Holy Kabah.
Please advice me,

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

You were not shown the kaba because your mind has been preoccupied lately more with something or someone else than Allah. This particular dream was shown to you so as to remind you that you might be neglecting your ibadah or remembrance of Allah.The need is for you to do Istagfar and remember Allah much and inshallah Allah will show you an acceptable dream which will be pleasing Inshallah.

Happy Eid to you and family