Sister sent this from South Africa

(Name and contents are hidden on her request)

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,

You need to do 6 things. Two were told to you in the dream:
#1 Give sadakah of goat ( if you can afford) every month with the purpose of getting rid of evil. If you cannot afford, then feed the poor everyday or spare some money everyday with the purpose of sadakah. If you cannot afford even that, then fasting for 3 days with the purpose of seeking Allah’s help in warding off evil.

#2 Ayatual Kursi was prescribed to you in the dream. Recite that as much as you can everyday, 
but know the word to word meaning of it while you recite it.

#3, Read the interpretation on my website for the sister from Amman, Jordan. Follow it to the letter to ward of evil kinds of the Jinns.

#4 Stop backbiting and backstabbing anyone immediately, even your sister or her husband. ( your nani’s warning in the dream was for that; if you do not desist from it, severe punishment can be expected in the grave, unless Allah forgives)

#5 Try to be regular in prayers.

#6 Read this ayat from the Quran which is in the shape of dua three times after every prayer and you must know by heart the meaning of it while you are reading it :

 “Rabay najay nae minal quam muz zalameen” —- “Our Lord, Najayna–(save us, give us protection, help us, deliver us and rid us) of the people who are zalameen–” (fasik, fajir, zalim, wrongdoers, sinners, magicians etc.)

May Allah protect you and your family from shayateen and help you. Inshallah if you follow the above 6 to the letter, within a 
month you will be rid of all evils.  I will pray for you.

Wasalamualikum WarahamauAllah