Sister sent this from Saudi Arabia

AssalamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

I am extremely happy after reading your website. May Allah grant you the Highest status in Jannah,Ameen.Lately i saw dream whose intrepretation i am unable to find. Please help me and advice me. Since a very long time i am in search of a learned scholar who can help me with this. Inshallah,you will be my source of knowledge.

 (Those days i was not performing my prayers on time and was very sad about it)

I saw that the signs of day of judgement are happening,The Holy Kabah has been broken down. There is nothing except a square. There is no more a mosque,a plain land and a few people around the square including myself. I am waiting for the annoucement,sunrise is about to happen. We are waiting to see whether the sun will be rising from the east or the west. I am scared because if sun rises from the west. My time limit to ask for repentence will be over. And suddenly the annoucement is made that the sun has risen from the west. I fall down on my knees and cry hard very hard,i keep asking Allah for repentence. I cry so much that i feel my lungs are paining but i can stop crying. I am telling my sisters to ask for repentence even though now time is over. They act busy or talk about other matters and go away. I feel disheartened after hearing them. Then later i go to the place where Kabah belongs. I see that SubhanAllah the Holy Kabah has been built and is shining soo much that it has never shined ever so much before. I enter the Holy Kabah and i see Late King Fahd. He is so contented and peaceful. I feel he got what he wanted. SubhanAllah! I also see that he is incharge of the cloth to be put inside the kabah on the walls. He has some people under him who are following his orders. i help them from the corner to put the cloth on the wall. Now i am at peace,i come out of the Holy Kabah and i see the floor is white with red spots on it everywhere. Then i say to myself,Inshallah Allah will forgive me. I am having alot of hope. Its the Day of Judgement and the acocuntability time. I go and sit infront of the kabah on the right side,i see the sky(which is red like smoke and Allah is above that) I say to myself,Allah knows when will i meet Him,and inside my heart i am saying (Inshallah very soon).

My Reply

Walaikum Salam,

Thank you for your kind prayers and Ameen to them.

Firstly, as a precaution, please don’t go on asking for different opinions and interpretations from different scholars on this dream. Only thing you will get is return would be more confusion and ambiguity. Secondly, this is indeed a true dream and I would interpret it briefly to the best of the knowledge that is acquired and Allah had bestowed on me.

Allah says in Quran, Surah Nasr “——–Fa-sabbih bi-hamdi Rabbi-ka wa-staghfir-hu Inna-hu kana tawwaba.”(Then hymn the praises of thy Lord, and seek forgiveness of Him. Indeed! He is ever ready to show mercy.) The purpose of showing this dream to you was to remind you of this ayah. You have wronged yourself by neglecting your prayers but at the same time your heart is pure and remorseful and therefore your Lord has forgiven you. Seeing oneself with a king is always a blessed thing in the dream and you will attain the highest status on the Day of Judgment in the Jannah. You will be close to the house of Allah, Inshallah, on the Day of Qiama and all your wishes will come true.

The Kaba being removed from the surface is among the signs of Day of Judgment. I have seen a similar dream when I was neglecting my ibadah (worship of Allah). In the beginning you were shown the dark side that the judgment will soon arrive and you would be in trouble because of your neglect but sincere crying and your lungs giving way has turned the tide in your favor. So always repent and never lose hope. As long as we are human beings, we will continue to make mistakes and continue to be forgiven by our Lord if we sincerely ask for it.

Only negative aspect that I could decipher is that both your sisters would not be of much help to you in times of trouble in this world or hereafter. It is better you don’t tell them about this or any other Islamic dreams. We really don’t know who is close to us among our relatives and friends. Precaution is, at times, our best friend. This is my sincere recommendation.

Stay blessed, chaste and keep up your prayers. May Allah’s blessing be upon you. Aameen YaRubulAalameen.

Wasalamualikum WaramaAllah