Sister sent this from Nabraska, USA

I’ve had dreams in the past which have come true Mashallah by the grace of god. I’ve a couple of dreams I want to gain an interpretation of. The first is i’m wearing a long flowing white robe and my hair is open and i’m walking on this vast piece of land. It looks like the day of judgement and the sky is a murky red. The ground is dry, hard and cracked and a sandy yellow. I see people wearing eastern clothes, mostly men scattered around dead against bronze red walls. They have died from injuries like there’s been a war. The dead are muslim. And then i’m walking alongside the prophet s.a.w and he’s wearing the same white robe, he has black hair just past his shoulders, and a beard neither lengthy nor short. And he looks worried and distressed with his hands behind his back. And i’m looking at him whilst walking alongside. He’s looking around and then i cant remember much

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,

This dream has glad tidings and bad omen both. Glad tidings in the sense that you are walking with Rasul Allah s.a.w on the Day of Judgment and you are able to see his profile ( from the side) and able to see his beard and hair. That is a very good tiding for not only you but also for all those who are forever involved in this controversy that the beard should be short or long , hair should be trimmed or left to grow. Further, you will be saved on the Day of Judgment as you are with the prophet (s.a.w); you will be the guide to especially those who are directly or indirectly close to you (family and friend). I can vouchsafe that whatever you saw I saw in the dream: Medium beard and long hair going past shoulder curling up.

People wearing eastern clothes is deciphered to mean that Islam had at last triumphed but the dead being Muslims means only one thing that it will only happen after a period of lengthy war as foretold by the prophet in various Hades and at the advent of Gog and Magog.

The prophet showing dejection, worry and distress over the state of affair on the Day of Judgment is not a good sign. The Muslims being dead on the Day of Qiama is a sign something had gone utterly wrong and his (s.a.w) message of jihad was wrongly interpreted by the succeeding generation of Muslims. They have not only killed innocent human being but have fought and have destroyed themselves (Muslims) in the process.

Let us take a moment to pray that “ May Allah guide all human beings and especially Muslims and may increase them in their knowledge and give them guidance to determine right from wrong before making decision—AAMEEN, YA RUBULAALAMEEN.        

Wassalamualikum WarahamatAllah

PS: Please avoid having this dream interpreted again and again by various scholors; it will only create confusion and give satan an opportunity to sow a seed of discord and suspicion in your heart