Sister sent this from Mauritius

Salaam Brother,

I am so pleased that I have found someone who may be able to tell me the meaning of my dream. Since I have been a small child I have always had dreams and in myopinion these dreams have helped guide me in my life. For the past 2 years my husband and I have suffered extreme financial hardship. It is slowly getting better, but life is still a struggle. One night I fell asleep really worried about where life was taking me and I dreamt that I saw Mohammed (SAW) sitting on a horse. He was dressed in green and he had a black Arab scarf around his head. He was very young, maybe 13 because as yet he had no hair on his face. He looked directly at me and then he breaks into a smile, a very big smile. The vision ends and a voice in my head says do you know who that was, that was Mohammed (SAW). I am really sorry but I have remembered a few more details. I cannot be 100% sure, but I think that whilst he was looking at me his nose started to change. He was still smiling at me. I have never been sure of this aspect. Did I really see his nose change or not. But I felt it best to tell you this.

My Reply:


Your dream augurs well for you and your family. First of all, you are of those lucky ones among the muslims who have seen the prophet of Allah s.a.w. in a dream. There are millions among muslims , Aalims, muftis, wali ullahs and saints who have not been allowed a glimpse of rasul Allah (s.a.w) in their dreams. So your status is higher than the rest of your family members (please do not reveal the content of this dream or its interpretation to the rest of your family members like sisters, brothers, relatives etc. You are allowed to discuss it with your husband, father or mother).

Secondly, whenever you see rasul Allah s.a.w. in dream, never be in doubt about it. Abu Hurara r.z. reported that rasul Allah s.a.w said “Whoever has seen me in dream, has in fact seen me, for shaytan does not appear in my form.” (Sahih Muslim, vol.4, p.1225, no.5636 and p.1226, no 5638).

However, what shaytan can do is confuse a person after he/she has seen the true dream. Allah has given him the permission, till the day of resurrection, to beguile human being if he can, so he will try to do his best in this regard to compound the confusion; this is what happened in your case. The nose change is a trick of the shaytan; don’t worry.

What you saw was that rasul Allah s.a.w was on a horseback and in a very young state around 13. That mean a fresh breath of goodness is coming your way and his breaking into a smile means that the hardships you are having will be over soon but you have to preserver a bit longer and your perseverance is appreciated by Allah and his rasul s.a.w. You will definitely have your rewards in this world, and if not here, most certainly in the hereafter.

May Allah rid you and your husband of the financial hardship you are facing. Aameen Ya RabulAalameen.

Stay blessed and pray for increase in my knowledge, health and forgiveness from Allah.

Wassalamualikum Warahamaullah