Sister sent this from Jaddah, Saudi Arabia


I had a dream that me and my co-worker were going to my work-building, and as i entered there was many people there that I knew.
i walked up the stairs and entered a room filled with many relatives. it seemed like they were having a good time, clapping and celebrating- using anaseed or madeh.
I looked to where my mother and aunt were sitting and my grandma was sitting next to them. (my grandma passed away 10 yrs ago) I stared at my grandma and was surprised to see her there because she is dead. So i started talking to her (I cant remember what i was saying) and she wouldn’t speak back to me, she wouldn’t reply to me, i got frustrated and threw a piece of crumbled paper at her. later in the dream i seen her sitting and staring at me, but she wouldnt speak, I then looked at her and she was crying saying “Allahu Akbar” and I replied after her and said “Allahu Akbar” i wanted to speak to her badly in my dream but she would say a word to me, however she would speak to other people in the dream.
she looked so real in my dream, her physical features in her face was very details and real.

Does this dream have any meaning?

the night before i went to bed feeling very depressed I made thikr before i went to bed 100 times and asked Allah to take away pain in my heart.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

This dream is one of those dream which Rasul Allah has described ” Dreams from Shaytan” Every time you see dream which is sexual in orientation or you feel down and sad or dejected with life after seeing a dream or you are shown estrangement from one of your blood relatives or close friend, beware that shaytan has entered and corrupted the dream. This is what you should do when you get up:

1, Do not tell anyone about this dream.
2, Give Sadakah according to your Istitat( means or that you can afford)
3, Every time before going to sleep put the palm of your hands together and blow three times each Surah Akhlas, Surah Falak and Surah Nas in them and rub it all over your body as much of the body you can reach from head to feet. ( This was the authenticated way of our prophet s.a.w as described by the mother of the believers Aisha r.z)

Inshallah may Allah protect you from all Satanic dreams and may He shower his blessings on you. Aameen Ya RabulAalameen.