Sister sent this from Indonesia

Salam Alaykum,

My name is Aisha Ibrahim and this is the dream i had; hopefully, Allah will make you will be of great Assistance to me.

In my dream, I saw a very upright cousin of mine who came to me in some form of great hase and this is what he said:
“I have been sent to inform you Inshaallah that you will be the first of the last and the last of the first”

And having said this, he departed in great haste as though he was pressed for time. I then woke up.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

My Reply:

I would not have interpreted this dream if it had not been for the word “inshallah” in the dream.

If your mind is making you believe that this dream could imply that you could be a messenger of God, forget it. Do not even go there because Shaytan will try his best to beguile and misguide you.
Allah has sealed the path to messenger-ship with the passing away of Mohammad s.a.w. and also our prophet s.a.w has made sure people coming after him understand that no messenger or prophet will come after him s.a.w.

Now your cousin in the dream could be referring to anything from you being the first and last of the child in your family having an opportunity to stand out from your family by being pious or knowledgeable in the sight of Allah or the one who would be the guide to the rest of family or the one who would be the intercessor for the rest of the family on the Day of Judgment. There are a number of possibilities The dream is not very clear on that point as your cousin left in haste.

Wish I had more detail or background leading up to this dream.