Sister sent this from India


I’m sorry but I’ve been meaning to meet a Muslim Scholar to help me interpret my dreams but I haven’t managed to come across one yet. I came across your website, True Islam Dreams and I thought that perhaps you could help me interpret my dreams for me. I’ve been having these dreams of different animals for a long time,  a year ago I constantly had a dream about snakes but the animal dreams have disappeared for a few months and now, they’ve come back, this time it consist of dreams that included animals I have never seen or thought about before.

(Content of the Dreams hidden)

Do advise, I am really thankful for your time.

My Reply:

Your dreams have nothing to do with Islam. They are what Rasul Allah has described ” Rumbling of the mind” dreams. Since there are no fear in the dreams for you so satanic dreams can be ruled out.

These dreams are occuring to you because you have been preoccupied most of the time with animal thinking. A lady once told me she has been seeing lots of animal in the dreams; on inquiry she revealed she is obsessed with ‘ animal planet’.

Only solution for you is to preoccupy your mind with Islamic thoughts. Reading life story of the prophets, for example, will infuse good thought to your brain and you would one day be blessed with Islamic dreams or seeing a prophet p.b.u.h.

Try this and write to be after a month.