Sister sent this from Australia

I saw this dream on 8th of Muharram this year .I saw there was Hazrat Abbas’s Hazri at my Nani’s house and my mamu is reading something and i cannot see other people but there are lots of people and then i saw the feets of Hazrat Abbas ( Ibn Abbas radi Allah ho anha) n as he is standing there then i go to this feets and pray to Allah making Hazrat Abbas my wasila. Then after my prayers he goes away than next day some voice comes to give sadka and we give sadka of goat in the dream n then my eyes open around 6 or 6.30 in the morning.


Ok here it is. You saw Ibn Abbas r.z. because you have either been reading a lot about him or hold him in very high esteem.

Seeing a Sahabi or his Shabie/Aks (Profile, Glimpse or Shadow) is next to seeing Allah’s messenger, the most auspicious thing that one can see in a dream.

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas, was the son of the great uncle of Rasul Allah s.a.w called Hazrat Abbas r.z. and was one of the most learned companions of the Prophet and well respected by other companions of Rasul Allah s.a.w. He preserved on behalf of later generations of Muslims, the priceless words of the Messenger of God. It is said that he committed to memory about one thousand, six hundred and sixty sayings of the Prophet which are recorded and authenticated in the collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim. The Prophet would often draw Abdullah as a child close to him, pat him on the shoulder and pray: “O Lord, make him acquire a deep understanding of the religion of Islam and instruct him in the meaning and interpretation of things.”

So when Hazrat Abbas r.z. came to visit your nani’s place in the dream, it had deep implications. The fact that you were the only person who saw anything of him and most importantly his feet, and no one else in your family, means only one thing: Your status is higher than other family members in the eyes of Allah.

(Please don’t relate this interpretation to other family members, lest Shaytan sow a seed of discord among you).

Ok, now when you prayed at his feet, seeking Allah’s help and guidance at that time there was some bad omen that was hovering over your family and the goat you sacrificed in the dream has driven it away. It was actually the Angel of Death which has come to take someone away. So Allah has given reprieve to your family for the time being.

Now, here is the advice for you: without wasting time, you, not the family members, out of your own income must sacrifice a goat immediately and give its meat to the poor and then pray two (2) rakat Salatus Shukrana (thanks) to Allah for saving you from this grief by sending Hazrat Abbas r.z. to your rescue and please also do seek forgiveness of your sins and try not to repeat them. Inshallah your prayers will be accepted. If you cannot afford goat, then one time feeding of ten(10)needy people with the average of that which you feed your family or clothing of them. If still you cannot afford that, then three (3) days consecutive fasting would suffice.

If the interpretation has pleased you, do pray for my Hikmah (knowledge), Sehhat (Health)and Magfarah (forgiveness)

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah.