Sister sent this from Australia

Asalamu alaikum
1st Dream:

The first one was when i was around 11 or 12 location: at my house Australia
i had a dream that Allah is watching me and i am in a place the walls are all like glass everything is crystall clear Allah is there watching me behind a white curtain, there is an old man there around in his 50 or 60 s he has a beard hes two front teeth are gone and hes pulling me and kisssing me on the cheeks i am telling him to stop but he wont then i ask Allah, i say ya Allah help me from him tell him to stop it, then Allah says to him stop leave this girl alone. then i wake up.

My reply:

This was a very special dream indeed. Allah is watching us all the time but if he wants to speak to us it will be either through revelation or behind the veil. No one, even all the prophets, including Rasul Allah s.a.w and all the angles and jinns combined have ever seen ALLAH face to face and will not see HIM till the Day we are all raised. On that Day and only those who are specially selected or allowed or having Qalbay Saleem ( pious/ pure heart) be able to see HIM.
 The old man at first glance looks like a pervert but he is not. That is because he is being told by Allah to stop and this is happening in front of HIM. This person could be a pious being or one belonging to your family or family friend who is very pleased with what you are doing or he could be predicting that you will grow up to be a pious woman.

2nd Dream:
i am around 11 or 12
i am in this place it looks like a shop, prohet muhamad(saw) is there but he has his back turned around, and he was telling me to cover myself, my mum and one my aunties husband is there to my uanties huband is standing behind prohet muhamad(saw) but there is quit a distance between them, my mum is there she is putting a scarf around me, i have a clothing on which sort of looks like an abaya i ask the prohe(saw) to look at me but he says no you are still not ready when ever your ready i will look at you.



Simple interpretation for this dream is that Rasul Allah is not pleased with you since you tend not to cover yourself. The clothes you are wearing are not appropriate and they invite evil. Unless you change your ways and listen to your mother and cover up your body with proper clothing, you will incur the disapproval of Rasul Allah s.a.w. and ultimately ALLAH.

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah