Sister sent this from Amman, Jordan

Assalamu Alaykum Brother, I’ve recently discovered ur website, mashallah I’m speechless and all I want to do is ask you about more details on how the Prophets (as) looked, and acted, their posture EVERYTHINGGG, but I won’t bother u with silly obssesion, and ask you about why im having these dreams. 

I just had a dream last night that was terrifying and i looked it up, i dunno if its sleep paralysis or sumthin else, maybe it’s because i’ve been lazy in my prayers, and everything else. I was in dream, when all of a sudden i was back in my room, the window was opened even though i remembered closing it, it was cold, and trees were making scary sounds. i tried to get up n close the window but something grabbed my shoulder/arms and was on my chest that i was suffocatating, it felt real, like i was being attacked, i couldn’t move, then this wave of sleepyness came over me and i felt like letting myself drift away with this thing on top of me…then i felt hands (its felt real) i struggled to stay awake but i was drifting above like i was leaving my body..above was this hypnotizing swirl of colours like some type of portal leading to a strange colours of ..cant explain it sry, but then I thought to myself Allah(swt) is merciful, and then I finally was free. When I woke up, my chest hurt from being sat on and i was completely drained of energy. I prayed fajr to thank Allah (swt), but I never went back to sleep now dat im scared. I sleep on the same bed as my sister too, but Im still scared.
I had another nightmare, this time it was a dream, and then the thing got me, I was so suffocated I thought I was gunna die I could barely utter the words la illaha illalah, but that didn’t work, then I said to my self, “They are no stronger than me” then I pushed them off n was back in my bed with my chest hurting, awake. I noticed this Only happens when I sleep on my back and I don’t purposely do it. Also this brought up memories from my last dream n it wasn’t me saying “Allah’s merciful” that got it off was me saying along the lines of “Im stronger than this, don’t give up”…this is really freaking me I a target for the evil eye?, sihr? please no. I also hafta say dat I did do my athkar before I slept that night..I did it quickly but it was done. Please help me stop these nightmares.
My reply:
Walaikum Salam
Both your dreams have bad omens but these can be controlled and eventually get rid off.

Allah says in the Quran ” We have created that which you know not……”

You are being harassed by evil of the Jinn kind. Allah has created millions of variety of His creatures; some good to look at some not; some are very beautiful while some are extremely ugly and repugnant; some intend good to human beings some harm.

The one you are facing is at once evil and means harm. It is a creature 4 feet in height, intensely black, wearing black rags and with black countenance. It has the power to paralyze your entire body in sleep and no matter how strongly build you are, you will not be able to do anything but watch in horror as only your eyes can see while you are still breathing; Its purpose is to suffocate and kill you.
Very few have been able to observe it in plain view but Allah Subahnaho wa Talla has made me observe it many times and that is how I am able to describe it to you. By the way it is a she kind of the Jinn and she takes on human form.

Rasul Allah s.a.w has given us a potent weapon to ward of all such evils and he has named it  ” Al-muwaddaat ” meaning the protecting ones. These are the last three surah of the Quran –
Surah Akhlas, 
Surah Falak, and Surah Nas.

This is an Authentic Hadis of Rasul Allah s.a.w narrated by Aisha r.z.” Before going to bed, he would put both his hands together and in the palm of the hands he would read these surahs three times each and then starting with his face, hair, his shoulder and the rest of the body he would rub these palms and wherever he couldn’t reach I would use my hands and rub it on his back etc.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

So dear, this is a sure shot way of eliminating this evil. Also try leaving a light on at night time before going to sleep. This creature has a liking for complete darkess. Sleep on your side rather than the back. But you must have complete faith in your heart that after reading these surahs you will be under the protection of Allah and nothing will be able to harm you.Inshallah.

Keep up your prayers, keep chaste and persevere. May Allah ward off all evils from you and make you stand firm in your resolve. Aameen

Pray for my hikmat, health, sustenance and mugfarat from Allah