Sister sent this dream

Asalamu aleikum wr wb brother.

I was in you website for a while ago, before that I was reading a thread you wrote named ”Evil/Jinn Possession in reality- Sleep Paralysis” I had experience the same many times, last time it was last night and I didnt knew what it could be before a sister told me that it could do anythin about my prayers. For a while a thought that was true cos all these started happening when a started bein kind a careless about my prayers, praying on the right time. Alhamdulillah that ALLAH have showed me the truth path again.

I hope you can tell me what those dreams mean inshallah ta’ala.. 

Asalamu aleikum wr wb.

Fi amanillah

Wa’billahi tawfiiq.


Walaikum Salam

Ok, here it is. All your dreams fall under the 2nd category of dreams mentioned by Rasul Allah s.a.w. (Dreams from Shaytan).

Death, destruction, killing, murder, sex, deprivation, dejection, sadness etc are all weapons of the Shaytan. Since he is of the Jinns you have been seeing a lot of them. He and his tribe are there till the end of this world. He has challenged Allah s.w.t and Allah has accepted the challenge in the Quran Al-hijr vv. 36-44:

“He said My Lord reprieve me till the day when they are raised”

“He said “then surely you are of those reprieved”

“Till the day of appointed time”

“He said My Lord because you have made me go astray, I will surely make path of error fair seeming unto them on earth, and will mislead them everyone”

“Except such of them as are your devoted slaves” (single minded slaves whose faith is sure and nothing in this world beguile them from the path of Allah; the shaytan cannot harm them; cannot influence them)

“He said this is the right way with me”

“Surely as regards my servants, you have no power over them except those who follow you of the deviators” (those who turn away from the right path)

“And surely hell is the promised place for all such” (shaytan and his tribe and humankind that follows him)

“It has seven gates; for every gate there will be a separate party of them”

All dreams you have seen have a fear factor dominant in them as they are being influenced by Shaytan and he is creating this disharmony in your life and distrust for Allah. Beware of him. Here is what you will do. Before going to bed read three times each of these ayahs into the palm of your hand, as was done by Rasul Allah s.a.w and then blow them all over your body: Surah Akhlas, Surah Nas and Surah Falak. Rasul Allah has given them a name “Al-Muwadaat” (the protecting ones) and rightly so. They will protect you from any bodily and spiritual harm from shaytan. Inshallah he and his tribe of jinn will disappear from your dreams. Also, please try to stay clean physically and mind you some of the people around you may not be good influence on your mind and this could be another reason for these dreams. Try to detach from them gracefull. Try Concentrating in your prayers.

Wasalamualikum Warahamallah