Sister sent this dream

Hello Mr Azam,
I checked out your website about islamic dreams and all i wanted to ask a question….i dreamt about my own wedding n i kept puttin make up on and i cudnt c it on my face can u intrepret that…i know weddings dont mean good often death..but i still wanna noe, and i have a friend who had an abortion and and she keeps dreaming about a kid the kids always crying and shes always just watching… helplessly…and this has happened like more then twice…i really wanna noe…looking forward for ur reply,
My Reply:
Thanks for your email. You know as I have mentioned on the website that I try my best, the knowledge that Allah has bestowed on me , to interpret Islamic Dreams. But to accept or reject it is unto the person who inquire or wants an interpretation.
Since your dream is not Islamic, I cannot interpret it but can only give you a general inference based on your dream itself. I assume you are single as you have not mentioned marriage.
#1 “you putting makeup on and couldn’t see it on your face” can either mean your wedding, if planned can be put off or you or your family might be having difficulty finding a bride for you or you might be in love with someone but that person may not be suitable for you. Actually there are number of possibilities.
#2 “your friend keep dreaming about a kid” well here again in my humble opinion the abortion has effected her to such a degree her mind is engrossed with the fact there could have been a child that was lost and this creates rumbling of the mind. In this state of mind, she sees the child. The child crying and she couldn’t do anything about it could mean that the child lost was not meant for her and she was not ready for it. There are things we do not know and understand but they are better for us. So she should stay steadfast and pray to Allah to give her another child and Inshallah, Allah will give her a better one.
Hopefully I answered your inquiry. Remember, these were inferences drawn from what you wrote not an accurate interpretation. Sorry that’s all I could come up with whatever you provided in the email.
Best regards