Sister sent this dream

Salaam brother,
yesterday morning about early hours (fajr time) i had a dream in which in my hand i had what seemed to be container in it was zam zam water, but i was giving it to a friend of mine, in my dream i walked to her house knocked on her door, she opened the door happily greeted me and then i gave her the zam zam water, but accidently she spilled it or maybe the container fell on the floor, but then,  she said can you get 10litres more for me? and said ok..i have known this friend along time..
what does this dream it good or bad..?
 not long ago i also had a dream which i was saying again and again..the 1st kalima, shadaah..there is no god but allah and prophet mohammed (s.a.w) is the messenger of allah.
i look forward to hear from you soon.
Asalamualikum Wa Rahamat Allah
Very nice dreams. Firstly, the one at fajr time is very auspicious as Allah in the Quran has vowed by ” the fajr” This is the time when malaikahs (angels) are circulating around the lower heaven. Islamic Dreams seen close to this time are considered authentic.
The one you saw yesterday morning, lets discuss it first.  It is a good dream in the sense that she is happy to see you and you are giving her zum zum water not an ordinary water. It means your friendship with her is strong and her dropping the water means that there will be ups and downs in your relationships with her but the best part of the dream is her positive attitude when she said ” can you get 10litres more for me? and you are saying OK
This will auger well for your friendship. This friendship will become stronger inshallah. Since you know her for long, the friendship will go from strength to strength but there will be hurdles. Mostly hurdles comes due to not understanding or respecting the wishes of your life partner or friend or a family member. Once you get to understand this part, the other person becomes indispensable to you.
The second dream , Alhumduallah, is a gift to you from Allah. Repeted recitation of this Kalaima Sahadah has been prescribed for you. Do it everyday as long as you live, as much as you can. It depends on your schedule at work and home. e.g. If you are a busy lady and gets exhausted after you reach home, then try to do at least 10 times after every fard prayer before going to bed do it 10 times. On the other hand, if you are free and a housewife, then do it as much as possible.
I will give you my example. I use to recite this rukyah ” Subhan Allahay wa Bayhamday he, Subhan Allah ul Azeem”. But in one of the dream I saw written in Gold this ” Subha Allah Wal HumduAllah” So instead of the previous one I started reciting this after every fard prayer 10 times. REMEMBER, When you are shown something in a dream to follow or recite, it is only meant for you not for others. So don’t go telling others do this and do that. If Allah wants to show someone something, He will alhumduallah guide them likewise but this particular kalima recitation is meant just for you. The benefits and rewards for you when you follow this will be immense and only Allah knows how much and to what extent.
This, in my humble opinion, are the interpretation to your dreams.
Allah , however, knows best.
If you are pleased with the interpretations, please ask Allah for my magfara and jannah.
Wasalamualikum wa Rahamat Allah wa Barakatahu