Sister sent this dream

i read ur stories and website of dream, masha’Allah, might Allah bless u for ur effort, i learnt some words from u like what is the meaning of riba, i read it in Qur’Ran, but do not understand it. I want to share u with my dream, its from Allah s.w.t. it was so BEAUTY

Salam, the dream took about 20th of July in the early morning. Anyway, back home in the UK after my hoilday in Africa, I was in my brothers’ room, i drew Allah’s name on the window and i was smiling and then i saw a man in Saudi Arabic white dress and a red/white cloth thingy on his head outside the window. I couldnt see his face very clearly, his eyes were white, no eye colour or anything. I was so scared, i yelled out to my big bro (his name is Mohammed), he was on bed, he saw what happened and then he brought me to mum’s room, actually we were running, i was under mum’s bed, i was sooooo scared… brothers were on the bed, mo used the knife i brought him from Turkey waved around to procect me anyway Allah wrote on my mum bed’s wood beside ‘Oh Maab That Man is a Prophet’ in a bright white colour, i relaxed bec i trust Allah always do, i stood up, Prophet I was telling u went through the window, very scared part anyway, he was signing, MASHAALLAH, he told me and my brothers very clearly, He told MO ‘Allah is so angry with you bec you are not prayer to him’ and to yousef (my little brother) ‘Stop fighting’ and finally, myself, ‘You are prefect but you need to wear Haijab bec something is going to bad happens to you in Mary hare’. (this is where i go to a boarding school for 6th form) I woke up so QUICKLY bec its soooo T R U E about my brothers… i saw the clock, it was 6 or 7 in the morning. I need you to help me about dreams topic in Islamic. I dont know which Prophet so I have a feel this is Prophet Mohammed well Allah knows the best. Peace

I want to learn the topic of dreams that Allah has send down, but ur website answer my question, u can explain me in a deep detail if u do not mind. Might Allah guide u, Ameen!
Walaikum Salam Wa Rahama Allah Wa Barakah
Here is what I gauged from your dream.
#1 Whenever you see a prophet, you will inshallah know him by face within the dream. It is always revealed to you. Especially when you see Prophet Mohammad you will definitely know (inside the dream itself you will come to know that it is him indeed). I am most certain you did not see prophet Mohammad s.a.w. for the reason I mentioned above and also because you said and I quote “” I dont know which Prophet so I feel this is Prophet Mohammed
“” . So as far as which prophet you saw, I am not sure about it. I have seen Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. and Prophet Isa (Jesus) P.B.U.H. and I knew instantly inside the dream which prophet I was in the presence of.

#2 The prophet of Allah can be a man or an angel resembling a man and dressed like one. Whoever he was, he brought a message for you and your family. This means that Allah knows that there is some good in you and your family. There is a chance of redemption. Only those who are to be guided are accorded a visit from a prophet.

# 3 So for the message to be deciphered correctly you must correct your ways accordingly. Your mother should offer regular prayer. You must insist in a polite way to her from time to time. Also pray yourself together with your brother. 5 times daily prayer is must on every Muslim living. As far as your brother is concerned, sit down with him and ask him “brother what is the bone of contention between us, why do we fight. Tell me brother what I am doing wrong that makes you upset, and I will amend my ways
” Trust me he will listen to you and give in to your request and correct himself. Lastly, you should start wearing hijab. A girl grows very fast and Allah has bestowed her with outward beauty that must be hidden from males’ eyes and only revealed to her husband, once she is married. So you must take caution as beside the eyes of human males there are eyes
 of male jinns which are also on the bosom of a girl when she is growing up. Allah has revealed that “Satan is an open enemy to you (mankind)” so we must take all precautions to avoid satan’s snare which he whispers in our hearts in the shape of lust.
Allah, however, knows best.