Sister saw this dream

Salaam Brother,
Thank you for your recent interpretation, i was pleaserd with it, may allah reserve you a place in paradise, inshallah.
this morning i had a dream around about the same, fajr time.. i cant remember much of it i think i was in school or maybe somebody house…im not sure, however what i do remember in detail is that along with other young children i was sat on the floor to study quran, a lady which i do not know.. someone faily old person with white complextion with white clothes, and shawl like normal asian old ladys,  hands me a quran or surah yasin to me, i hold it… but i say to thinkto myserlf and i feel shy to tell her that i am on my menses.. i cant touch them because i am on my monthly menses…but i think i do touch it… not sure..or i do i cant remember..
what does this mean, it was like either i was school or an academic enviroment, i dont see anybody else studying..but i also think they were wearing white.. also..could it be because i did someting wrong…for e.g listening to surah yasin when on menses which i did last week…i  mean i read surah yasin frequently and listen to it nearly every night in bed before going to bed..on my mp3 player.. remember reading a lot of surah yasin during ramadhan…i liker to read it..because it gives me sooo much peace…
before reading or studying quran i do try my upmost best that im  clean and in state of purity..
 I look forward to hearing from you soon..
My Reply:
Walaikum Salam
Mashallah, Fajr time Islamic dreams are always sacred . The dream interpretation is short and to the point.
You are a lady who is pure of heart and chaste so my recommendation to you is “always keep like that”. Whenever a Muslim men or women feels unclean in the presence of sacred things like Quran and Salah, he/she has been blessed by Allah. Allah says in Quran ” InnahAllah ha Yuhibul Mutatahareen”- Allah love those who keep themselves clean”
So when Allah love someone, all angels between the 7 heavens and the earth love him/her and all the prophets and muslameen and musleemat prayer in that person’s favor is accepted. So consider yourself one of those fortunate ones.
You came in the presence of the Quran and felt unclean for the reason you mentioned. So during that time when you are going through that period every month make sure you take extra care to be clean. I believe in the past you have not been and thus you saw all those people in the white robes. They could be angels who came to remind you that you should be careful before you touch and read Quran or Surah Yaseen. 
Surah Yaseen is powerful Surah. If you are accustomed to reciting it, keep it  up and inshallah you will see more of such dreams.
This in my humble opinion, the interpretation of your dream.
But Allah knows best.