Sister from Kazakhstan

Assalamaluikum brother…

I just find out your web-site about true dreams. I was generally searching for any knowledge about true dreams. Because lately I’ve been through a lot of problems regarding my personal life, so i think i had this dream. I am writing to you maybe you can help me to find out the meaning and was is true from Allah or was it just my mind too worried for weeks about this matter. Please, i will be so grateful if you would read my dream attached to this e-mail. I appreciate your help and May Allah bless you.

Thank you in advanced,

Your sincerely Muslim sister


Walaikum Salam,

I am very sorry, but I have read your lengthy dream twice and fail to find any trace of Islam it in. First of all let me say from the onset, it may be a true dream for you but not an Islamic one. I will not be publishing it on my website for two reasons:

#1 It shows your infatuation for your boy friend and your love for him not for Allah.

#2 It falls under the rumbling of the mind category. But there may be other website that would interpret it for you. I only interpret True Islamic Dream.