Sister asking for Interpretation:

I am a sister and i had a disturbing dream lately and my parents are not too happy with my bf, they do not want me to marry him because they think he is not going to look after me well.  I love him. ANyways the dream i had was about a woman’s womb, i cannot recall all of it but i could actually see inside the womb their was a child,the woman could have been around 5 months pregnant, then all of a sudden,a creature other than the baby starts eating the baby up, the creature was in the womb with the baby but i did not see it earlier, only after a little while did it appear,after it eats the baby it swims around in the womb, looking sated, the creature looked very much like a snake.
could you please decifer this for me?
i am very disturbed by this
around 6 weeks ago my mother dreamt of me giving birth.
thank you for helping me in this

My Reply:

OK it is not Islamic Dream at all but in an indirect way :

” it is a warning to you.” How? Human beings are very week in resolve they get carried away by emotions. Your mother is opposed to your marriage and you love you bf. Result is an implosion which is taking place inside you to rebel.Satan has promised Allah in the Quran that he will have share in the children of Adam. How do you think he can do it? he can insist on lust. Once you cross that boundary and transgress the limits of Allah, you will enter in the realm of Zina (adultry/fornication)and any child born out of zina, Satan will have share in that child.

” the creature in your dream is your not yet born child whose face resemble that of snake. He is Satan in disguise and this dream is been shown to you to let you know what type of child you will have if you go ahead with you decision and transgress the bounds of Allah & commit sin. Naturally a baby of a human would be human but would bring great grief to you in this world and hereafter.”

This in my humble opinion the interpretation of your dream.
Allah knows best.