Question from a Brother:

Hello. I had a dream last night about two men in black tuxedos that had just been givenawareness that they should leave a room for another for safety. So they ran to a room like one you’d find in a palace surrounded by many guards. It had dimmed lights and a big wooden door that opened from the middle. Inside the room were two of the most comfortable beds that existed. One of them was huge though and could fit so many people on it because of its size, and the other one was too small to sleep on. One man had an open book in his hands and the other a bag hanging from his shoulder. The man with the bag asked if he could trade his bed for the other man’s bed but the other man said no. Then, they both sat on the big bed and the man with the open book started reading my poetry. He read about something noble and majestic. Also above the huge room there was a tower with a loudspeaker like one you would call athaan from. Just by reading the poetry from the room at a normal voice. The loudspeaker sounded out my poetry outside of the palace-like house.

I was wondering if you could please tell me what this dream means. Thank you for your time. Message me back if you know please.

My Answer to the brother:

All i can decipher from what you have seen comes under the dreams which emanates from the ” Rumbling of the Mind” as described by Prophet Mohammad S.A.W. Here is the Hadith

According to Abu Hurara (RA), the prophet said “there are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which cause sadness is from satan, and the dreams from the ramblings of the mind”. (Source: Sahih Muslim vol. 4, pg. 1224, no. 5621; Sahih Bukhari vol.9, pg. no. 116)

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May you find peace and rest in your life brother

Best Regards