Brother sent this dream

Dear Sir,

I am very haapy with the website you are providing for dreams.In the website you have said Jin’s can also show us dreams to put us in the wrong side. I have seen a dream and I am wondering whether the jin showed me that dream.Could you please tell me whether it is a true dream or a dream which the jin showed me.
Thank you

During the dream I thought it was the jin which was showing me the dream. But as I became suspicious the dream said, look how visually clear this dream is. I must be in a good place to see such a good dream.
I saw a dream, where I thought maybe it was the satan.But in the dream, the place I saw was  very visually clear . I saw a tree, dark green with red fruits.Red fruits I guess indicate jin.
I have seen few dream this clearly.Maybe 3 or 4.(When I was small in  dreams I would see things blunt and I can nt even remember those dreams).
In this dream things were so visualy clear that the dream said “as You are seeing this clearly, you must be seing some place good.”
In the dream I was put into a house on a tree. There I met a female.I thought she might be a jin. But there is a possibility that she was good too.
Since I thought she was a jin , I recited Al hamd and blew it to her.When I recited al Hamd , she did not try to escape or look nervous or try to stop me from reciting.I think When I finished reciting  the dream ended.So I did nt know whether she was evil or good.


Brother Asalamualikum

Your dream was very short and too the point. I did not write the whole letter you sent me because it was repetitive.

Here is the interpretation:

You saw in the dream that there was a woman on the tree and you went up that tree. So far so good. Now comes the question whether she was evil or good and you thought first in the dream she must be evil but when you recited the Al-Humd she did not go away or disappear. This could only mean she is (as proven from your letter she is alive and you know her) not evil or Jinn.

If you were to read my dream # 2 you would see that there was a boy in the room playing with me and suddenly I thought of reading the Quran in the dream and as soon as I touched the Quran I said  ” Aoudibillah and Bismillah ” and that boy turned dead silent and I knew at that moment inside the dream he was Shaytan. So in your case if she was evil jinn, she would have disappeared for good.

No evil or the worst of Jinn can withstand in front of the Qalimaat of Allah or ayah from the Quran. SubhanAllah. They will either give up or disappear and cannot threaten or destroy the person reciting the Qalimaat.

I might add in my humble opinion, it seems from your letter that you two go to the same institute and since you do not talk to her but have been thinking about her a lot, she appeared to you in the dream but weather she is the right woman for you for marriage or not, I cannot tell you. Only time will tell. Do recite Mu’awwithhat before going to bed. They will protect you from Evils of all kind in the dream and while you are sleeping, Inshallah. 

May Allah protect you brother and all Muslameen and Musleemat from the shar of Shaytan.