Brother sent this dream

Assalamu alikum,

A dream was seen by (a brother who is unmarries) in which a muslim female work colleague who is currently married is present in the brothers section of the mosque in a jamia mosque. Although she is dressed well (islamic) she is sat at the front near the side away from the brothers slightly. Does this have a meaning?


Brother Walaikumsalam

I would have refused to interpret this dream if there was no mention of the mosque in it.

This dream calls for alarms. You brother is not married yet he sees this woman, who is married, and  is actually a colleague of your brother in an office, sitting in a mosque slightly ahead of your brother in the men’s section of the mosque.

This dream has some grave implications and I would give my humble interpretation with the knowledge Allah has bestowed on me:

Sometimes a woman can so dominate a man’s spirit and body that he sees nothing but her and is willing to go to any length to please her.

Your brother, if you ask him about her would tell you that ” she means nothing to me” but in reality he has been thinking about her a lot and is infatuated with her. You see brother, Dreams are a reflection of what one is going through in real life. It is no sin for a men to think about woman and vice versa but the thinking should necessarily lead to marriage in order to avoid committing sin. Since this woman is married and your brother has been thinking about her to such an extent that she even came in the mosque in his dream means that she could prove to be a cause of (SHIRK) for your brother.

Allah has warned your brother this way. Be careful and avoid getting involved with her. She might possess he mind and body in such a way that he might even ignore his regular Salah and give more attention and shower more love to her than it is due to Allah. Also, another warning which is hidden is that if this situation is allowed to get out of hand, satan will create such circumstances between these two that they might be carried away by emotions and commit ZINA in reality. (May Allah protect your brother and all muslameen and muslimaat from commiting this grave sin which is a Kabira (great) sin. Aameen)

This is my humble opinion the  interpretation to the dream your brother saw.

WalAllaho Aalam. Please remember me in your DUA (prayer)